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Cheddars Hendersonville, TN
The way was horrible, yet the service and food were great. I'm not too sure if it's worth waiting for almost an hour to eat, I'd have just as soon gone to one of the other restaurants just a few feet away but the food was good either way.
Osaka Japanese Restaurant Las Vegas, NV
I already love Japanese food as it is but this was extremely delicious and the environment was great. I would definitely suggest eating here if you're visiting.
O'charley's Madison, TN
I've never came out of this restaurant disappointed. We always go here before grocery shopping on the weekends and get the same waitress every time. The service is very friendly and the food has never disappointed! I would definitely recommend!
Las Ceballos Mexican Restaurant Madison, TN
I'm crazy about Mexican food, and when a friend of mine introduced me to this place I fell in love. The service was quite friendly but the food is just utterly amazing. I tend to eat the Fajita's and the Fajita taco salad when I go there. You should definitely try this place.
Ihop Madison, TN
I love this place...they serve breakfast all day and dinner all day. It's open 24-hours and even on most holidays. The food is a bit more expensive than Waffle House but it's well worth it...but they always seem busy when I go to eat there.
Checker's Drive-In Madison, TN
I love this place, I ate here with the family growing up in Evans, GA. My roommate and I ate here for the first time since we've lived here and the burgers and fries are just so good! I would reccomend this to any fast food lover.
Captain D's Madison, TN
I think of Captain D's as a more top of the line fast food. The service is alright here but the food is always very good. I love the seafood sampler more than anything.
Sapporo Japanese Restaurant Madison, TN
This place is delicious. The food is ALWAYS fresh considering they cook in front of you...the chef's have a great sense of humor and the food is just delicious. Of course it's a little more expensive than your fast food joint but it's worth every penny.
Panera Bread Madison, TN
I love this place. I have no idea of the physical address but it's located right by Books-A-Million near the Rivergate Mall. They have some delicious bagels and my personal favorite is the cinnamon crunch bagel!
Sweet N Sassy Bakery Madison, TN
This place carries cookies, tiny pasteries, cakes, you name it...the service is very friendly the mini cake that I bought when I went in was fresh and delicious. I would highly reccomend stopping in to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Dairy Queen Campbellsville, KY
I ate here quite often when visiting my Grandma, we LOVE ice cream. We recently were up that way to bury her and stopped in and had ice cream. My father told stories of how he used to work there YEARS ago before they built the dining area. The service was wonderful, we got in there a little late and they didn't seem to be hurrying us out to close...and as always the Blizzards are delicious. The Pumpkin Pie blizzard was awesome, if you like that kind of stuff try it.
Pizza Hut Campbellsville, KY
Ok, now I love Pizza Hut, but when I go into a Pizza Hut and simply order breadsticks and it takes them 40 minutes to get it to me...that's just ridiculous. The food was great, don't get me wrong but the wait was awful.
Mr. Gatti's Campbellsville, KY
This is another place I ate all the time when we would visit my Grandma...the pizza was always good but sometimes it wasn't HOT like most people love their pizza. The breadsticks and dessert breadsticks are delicious but so was the pizza! I would reccomend this for you to take your family as well.
Huddle House Campbellsville, KY
This is actually the first time I've been to a Huddle House, not TOO much different from a Waffle House but this one was clean and the service seemed much friendlier if you ask me. To top that off they had a nicer selection of foods to choose from and that's a good thing. I had the waffle with strawberries and whipped cream on top, it was delicious!
Wendy's Campbellsville, KY
This is your typical Wendy's of course. They do serve breakfast and where I'm from the Wendy's doesn't do that! The breakfast is pretty durn good for a fast food joint! Of course it's a cheap way to eat with their expanding 99-cent menu so you could eat nicely and save money.
Druthers Campbellsville, KY
Wow this place has been around for a long time. It's definitely a good place for the whole family to sit down and grab a decent meal. I would reccomend it. Though I hate to say it closes quite early.
Garcia's Campbellsville, KY
For a Mexican restaurant their meals were a bit pricier than the ones I've been to and they had a very tiny selection of Mexican foods for that matter...where is variety??? What I did order was the nacho's with the beef, beans, cheese, jalapeno's and sour cream. It was a very tasty meal.
Orville's Campbellsville, KY
This is one of those less popular Cracker Barrel type restaurants. Of course it's a tiny town but this place packs a punch. They have some amazing food in my own opinion. The service is very friendly and with the food you feel right at home. I reccomend about anything on the menu and it's all at a good price.
Phillips Lanes Campbellsville, KY
My grandmother lived right across the way from the bowling alley and she used to take us there. Of course it's the typical greasy bowling alley food but it's great for wonderful memories.
China Fun Woodstock, GA
If you like Chinese, this is a wonderful place. One of the very few Chinese restaurants that is not a buffet but you still get plates and plates full of chicken or any other meat you order. If you go for lunch you really get your moneys worth. They give you the meat, the rice you choose, a chicken wing, soup and an egg roll for a very low price. For dinner you don't get the wing or the soup but you get bowls full of rice and a huge plate full of the meat of your choice. It's VERY worth it and you'll know if you try it. I wasn't too fond of the egg rolls they have too much ginger in them, but some people like that.
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