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Sombrero Mexican Food Rstrnt Panama City, FL
My mother and I decided to eat here because she was told it was a good place for Mexican... Mexican is one of my favorite types of food and I am keen on the elements that should go into it's preparation. This was NOT Mexican. It was American made to look something like Mexican. While I was sitting down I noticed an extremely large cockroach crawling on the wall next to me. I told the waitress and she moved us. I looked over and there was another one on the wall beside another couple. Even from looking at the menu I could tell this was not going to be savory. When the waitress brought the food she infomred me that the plate was hot. I thought, "Ok, so the plate is hot like in any place." So I didn't touch it. About five mins later I accidentally touched the plate. It burned me so bad that it left a mark, lol. My food was burnt on it. Besides that fact, my food was a trashy combination of Kraft sliced American cheese, Bush's backed beans, Hormel Chili... The only thing that may have been Mexican was the tortilla. From then on, I have been describing my exact experience to friends looking for good Mexican. As far as Panama City goes, Los Rancheros on 23rd is the most up to par, even though they are still a little Americanized.
Pana Roma Panama City, FL
It is hard to find good pizza in Panama City. And it's all about the bread for me. Pana Roma's pizza'a are fresh, delicious, and the bread is the perfect texture. I put this place right under Mellow Mushroom for pizza. Try the spinach and tomato pizza.
Uncle Ernie's Bayfront Grill Panama City, FL
Uncle Ernie's is one place you should eat at least once. The view is great from any seat, the wait staff is, dare I say, "hip" and very friendly. The food is super fresh and always delicious. The prices are a little steep, but you pay for quality. They brew their own beers, which is cool. Try the Blueberry Ale. The crab cakes are a must.
Luigi BG Pasta & Pizza Fctry Panama City, FL
Very substandard Italian food. I think this places embodies what Americans think Italian food is... Some tomatoes and pasta. Eat the salad bar if you like canned vegetables and soggy lettuce. The bread rolls are pretty good.
Corams Steak & Egg Panama City, FL
The heavenly hash is unbridled, unadulterated, pure indulgence. Order an egg over easy on top. I avoid the dishes with meat in them because I once got bad, bad food poisoning from this location.
Tally-Ho Drive In Panama City, FL
The burgers are juicy. The wait staff is good. You might wait up to half an hour before you get your food. Try the sour cream log and watch out for the seagulls, for they are the eaters of the dead... and fries.