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Restaurant Name City
Sushi Zono Campbell, CA
Nice little spot. very friendly. the sushi is ok and the bento boxes are pretty good. worth checking out if you live in the area.
The Garret Campbell, CA
Pretty good service. fast service. the food isnt bad. i usaully get the bbq chicken pizza which is pretty good.
Blowfish Sushi to Die For San Jose, CA
Nice spot. You go more for the atmosphere then the food. The food is still good. but what you really get is atmosphere. Very nice set up. Good drinks to. A dinner here can be pretty pricey.
Yuri Japanese Restaurant San Jose, CA
Yuri's is one of the best sushi spot in sj. very freash and high quality sushi. the service is friendly and the food is good. The bento box portins are generous. the lunch boxes are a good deal. But whats really good here is the sushi. theres a wide selection to choose from.
Ray's Sushi Hayward, CA
This place has great sushi and meals at a reasonable price with gereous portions. The food here is good. The lunch bento boxes are a bargin and they are very generous with the portions. The sushi here is fresh and the rols seem a lot larger then most japanese resturants i've been to. i highly recommend going here.
Everett & Jones Hayward, CA
This a small little spot with great bbq. Very friendly service. There are a few diffrent combos you can choose from. mix and match. the food is all really good. fast service. and friendly.
Pizza My Heart The Movie Santa Cruz, CA
pretty good pizza if your in a rush. they sell pizza by the slice which was pretty good. and at a good price. nice place to stop by for a quick bite while downtown.
Sushi Lovers Japanese Cuisine Milpitas, CA
adverage sushi place. checked out this place cause we were in the area and wanted to try a new japanese resturant we haven't tried yet. its nothind special. there's a alot more better places to go then this one.
Pasta Pomodoro Sunnyvale, CA
good food at a great price. the portions are a good size. nice atmosphere. friendly service and fast. i got the gemelli. it was good.
Luccas Italian Delicatessen Castro Valley, CA
Nice little deli shop. great sandwhiches very fresh and there cheese selection is great. friendly service.
Zachary's Chicago Pizza Oakland, CA
amazing pizza. nuff said. crowded but worth it. i haven't had anything that wasn't good on the menu.
City Pub Redwood City, CA
good food and good service. the burgers where great here and pretty large. the pizza wasn't bad either. nice atmosphere.
Johnny Rockets San Jose, CA
Ok burgers. nothing to special. service was friendly. i didn't care for the atmosphere. a bit pricey for what you get in my opinion. i think i'll rather grab a in and out burger.
Una Mas Palo Alto, CA
americanized mexican food. another chain. the food there is ok. had better. i had a burrito. its adverage. good size. nothing to rave about. service was fast and its clean.
Elephant Bar Restaurant Campbell, CA
place is crowded and always busy at night. food is ok. a good place to go if you want a wide variety on the menu. but the food is nothing special. it has a large party atmosphere more then a quite evening out. good for large groups but expect to wait. service is friendly.
House of Prime Rib San Francisco, CA
great prime rib. good portions.. a bit pricey. its a "nicer" resturant. the food was good. ans the service was friendly. when i went i was with a lrage party and the wait was a bit long. worth checking out. but don't think i'll be going back. to pricey for me.
El Pollo Rico San Jose, CA
The food is ok. you get what you pay for. pretty cheap. but clean and fast. typical chain. i like baja more.
Tony Roma's San Francisco, CA
Nice atmosphere. great views. and good service. but i was dissapointed in the food. i heard all the hype about the ribs and when i got it i wasn't impressed. maybe i caught it on a bad night when i went.
Aqui Cal-Mex Grill San Jose, CA
great food and great service. very clean and in a good environment. the service was very friendly. good place to go out with a group of friends. price was vey resonable for what we got.
Pizza My Heart San Jose, CA
good pizza. friendly and fast service. nothing really to special or outstanding. but what you get for the price is really good. in a nice clean environment. if your in the area and in the mood for pizza. i would highly recommend it. but wouldn't drive out of my way for it.
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