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Recent reviews by Diana B.
Restaurant Name City
Al-Mediterraneo Hummelstown, PA
Went here for 14th Anniversary - it was so very good. Gnocchi was light and with good flavor, pork was immense and cooked perfectly. Cheese plate was wonderful and loved the Goat Cheese Torta (a rather unusual dish for dessert, but it was really, really good!) Recommended wine paired wonderfully with dinner, a full-bodied, slightly peppery red. Loved everything!
Hill Top Inn Ephrata, PA
Have gone twice. Food unintersting. Nothing interesting about the atmosphere and second time at lunch found a very long hair in my salad (ewwww.) Would rather deal with slow service at Lily's than go back here. Would probably go to Applebees sooner than here, and I am not a fan of Applebees at all (may be the worst food chain ever, frankly).
Gibraltar Lancaster, PA
Okay, who is thinking the below reviews were written, posted and reposted by someone who either works for Gibralter or has a financial stake in it? While I have heard good things about the place [scratch kitchen, etc.], when they had a table at Taste of Lancaster - they were offering little baby octopus appetizers, which I just couldn't bring myself to eat, since the octopus was whole. Think they would have been smart to have had other options for those of us who "just can't go there." Even among open-minded foodies, there are those of us who would have preferred another option. Will post a full, unbiased review once we have gone there. Stay tuned....
Crab Barn Reading, PA
Much less excited about Crab Barn than previous reviewers. I come from the "more not necessarily better" perspective. Food is average, nothing exciting. Atmosphere doesn't thrill me. If I were already in Reading, might go back. Would not be destination dining though.
Tony's Mining Co Restaurant Cornwall, PA
The review of February 22, 2003 was also mine. We returned to Tony's in July 2007. Still dark. Still expensive. Food quality still not bad, but crabcakes now TINY and expensive. That evening the garnish was also microscopic grapes (to make the crabcakes look bigger?) - which actually were cute and tasty, but would rather have had something substantial on my plate. Service: Hostess awesome (she is my neighbor); server, not rude, but not performing at the level she should have been for this more semi-formal establishment. Even with the lack of great seafood options in our area, I would probably skip Tony's at this point, since they are not trying to improve, and make the drive to a place that cares more about their patrons.