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Grahams Grille At the Loop Saint Louis, MO
It's a decent neighborhood grill place. The prices are'nt terribly high and the food is very decent. I was a little unimpressed by the location however. And the atmopshere was'nt too inviting. But its a good bang for your buck.
John D Mc Gurks Irish Pub Saint Louis, MO
You must go here on St. Patty's day! The atmosphere is great and there is plenty of guiness beer flowing. It is a very popular bar on Soulard so be prepared to wait awhile for your drinks on a busy weekend. The prices are quite reasonable and there were terrific deals available on St. Patty's day. A must visit place!
Robata of Japan Saint Louis, MO
I was'nt too impressed by the food that you get after paying quite a pocketful. True the atmosphere is great and cooks prepare your food right in front of your eyes. But the prices could've been toned down a little. I recommend Mr. Sushi over this place. Its better value for money.
Jakes Steaks Saint Louis, MO
I like the bar and drinks here better than the food. It's a great place to hang out with friends over a lazy weekend. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. The bartenders are extremely friendly and generous. The barbecue ribs is the only item I've tried here and its quite delicious. I was taken aback by the decent prices of this place.
Clancy's Rib Co Saint Louis, MO
This place is'nt exactly rib heaven. The meat is undercooked and bland. Their selection of sauces is meager and uninteresting. They do however have some house specials. But after my less than sumptuous dinner I'm disinclined to try them. There is also excessive smoking, something which the management refuses to admit. CCould'nt finish my dinner without suffocating.
House of Chu Saint Louis, MO
It's a great place for cheap Thai food. I was impressed by the large proportions and waitstaff who could actually speak english. You have to see the prices to believe them. They're absolutely rock bottom. Cant' go wrong here.
Wildhorse Saloon Nashville, TN
If you like southern food and country music then this is the place for you. The atmosphere is great with plenty of dancing and singing. It's primarily a bar and a hot tourist attraction. The great food is an added incentive to visit this place. I personally recommend their barbecue wings. They're the best I've ever tasted. The prices are not too cheap but worth every penny.
Norman Couser's Country Cooking Nashville, TN
It's a wonderful place to experience southern warmth, hospitality and food. It's a family owned restaurant, meaning you get that extra home made touch to everything you order. The prices are very reasonable and atmosphere great. I was somewhat diappointed by the seating arrangement however. There was barely any space between the smoking and non-smoking areas. The working hours and days are also a bit off so I suggest you call before going.
Applebee Nashville, TN
It's typical applebees- Quick and plentiful food at reasonable prices. I dont' understand how the other reviewers felt otherwise. The waitstaff seemed friendly and decent enough with us even when we went there on a crowded friday night. As in any applebees check out their specials before ordering, they usually have some great entrees at specially discounted prices. Their beverage selection is quite appealing as well.
The Melting Pot Nashville, TN
If its your anniversary and you dont' mind spending $30 a head on dinner then Melting pot is the place for you. We went there exclusively for the dessert so I cant' comment on the dinner. But from the menu it looked pretty pricy. The dessert however was out of this world. I highly recommend the ying-yang. It has a couple of different varieties of chocolate which make up the fondue. Best of all you can make your own fondue with a wide choice of items including hazelnuts, raisins etc. You also get to choose the chocolate. The atmopshere is great and the booths are very comfy. Perfect place for a first date.
Golden Dragon Restaurant Nashville, TN
Definitely the best and cheapest buffet in Nashville. The selection of dishes is endless and every dish is steaming fresh. The atmosphere is decent too. It however tends to get really crowded over weekends so make sure you get there early. The prices are almost too good to believe for the amount and quality of food you get.
New Asia Nashville, TN
Watch your food get cooked on the spot right in front of your eyes. It's a great place if you love woks. I highly recommend the hot sauce. It makes every dish mouth watering. The prices are very resonable for what is offered and you can have several items made. It makes for a great lunch experience with co workers.
Szechuan House Chicago, IL
Szechuan place is one of the best places to dine on Michigan Avenue. We went there after a an exhausting day of shopping. The food is relatively expensive compared to most cheap chinese places around town but for a good reason. The food is delicious and cooked to perfection. Definitely worth a visit.
Green Hills Grille Nashville, TN
This is one of the best grill places I've ever been to. The atmosphere is great and service excellent. The proportions are unbelievably huge..!! I was totally taken aback. It was in true southern style. Even the waiter came by and said "How're y'all doing?". I suggest you make reservations if you're planning to go over a weekend as spots fill up very quickly.
Pancake Pantry Nashville, TN
No visit to Nashville is complete without a trip to Pancake Pantry. It is located right by Vanderbilt and is busy 24/7. If you intend to visit over a weekend, I suggest you make reservations. The pancakes are great. I'm too impressed by the hasbrowns though. The proportions are slightly less than expected but it's delicious. Prices are very reasonable and the place has a nice laid back college atmosphere. I would personally recommend the chocolate delight.
Vandyland Nashville, TN
It's a wonderful Nashville tradition. It has an authentic american atmosphere and menu. The prices are very reasonable for the massive poportions that one gets. The burgers are my favorite and I strongly suggest their honey mustard. It's delicious on everything. The shakes and sundaes are great too. I was really impressed by the prompt and friendly service as well as the good alcoholic beverages selection.
El Ranchero Nashville, TN
Yes genuine mexican restaurants do exist in the south! It is one of the best places in Nashville for some home made enchiladas and hearty guacomole dips. It's a family owned business so you're assured of quick, sumptuous entrees in a homely atmosphere. I personally recommend the carne. Prices are decent and the service prompt.
Hacienda Mexican Restaurant Saint Louis, MO
It's quite a good place for mexican dining in St. Louis. It is'nt as authentic as some west coast folk would find but it's close. The food is great and prices are reasonable. I was however appalled by the service over a busy weekend. They took forever to seat us and did'nt seem apologetic. I understand that Manchester is a busy part of town and restaurants have to cope with large crowds but I did expect a little more consideration on the part of the restaurant management.
Ramon's Salsa Grill Mexican Saint Louis, MO
It's a wonderful bar/restaurant on Olive. The crowd is very lively specially on weekends and mexican holidays. There is plenty of great latin music and flowing margaritas. Food is great, specially the ground beef enchiladas. The prices are quite reasonable and the waiters are very congenial. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.
Tropicana La Distributing Saint Louis, MO
It's one of the few places where you can enjoy a stuffed beef burrito alongwith a juicy barbecue rib. It fuses mexican and american traditions in the seasoning process. The prices are'nt terribly high though I was surprised by the relatively small proportions compared to most mexican places around town. The service however is great and the atmosphere lively. There is always a spot open so dont' worry about reservations.
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