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Terrapin Grille Niagara Falls, ON
Very expensive but a pleasurable place to go for a grand meal. Top notch staff made the dinning experince enjoyable..
Double Double Pizza Chicken Niagara Falls, ON
While staying the night in the Fall's, Double Double was swift to bring our Pizza and Chicken to our Hotel room.
Cheaters Bar & Grill Niagara Falls, ON
Another great place for friends to enjoy munchies and drinks, fun staff always makes the difference.
Denny's Lundy's Lane Niagara Falls, ON
Maybe it was the wrong time of Day, but we thought the service was slow...Food is always great, maybe it was me cause it was my turn to pay...
Subway Niagara Falls, ON
This was a heck of a lunch, the fresh cut meat, fresh bread...mouth watering...A plus for a quick grab and go meal..
Subway Niagara Falls, ON
From the time we walked into Subway, you could feel the clean. The place was spottless and the food. Nothing can beat a Subway sub...
Montana's Prime Rib Steak Niagara Falls, ON
People if you can, stop by Montana's and bring a bib. The ribs were tender/moist and my son's steak was cooked to perfection. If I was rich we would eat here once a week.
Simon's News Stand & Coffee Hs Niagara Falls, ON
Breakfast was just what I expected, it filled the empty spot and did not break my bank....The muffin's..I took one for the road. mmmm.
Portage Bakery Ltd Niagara Falls, ON
We picked up a loaf of Italian Bread and could not help but grab some other goodies aswell....Stop in and you wont leave empty handed.
Suisha Gardens Niagara Falls, ON
The elegance of this place was eyecatching, the staf was there for every need. Personally not big on raw fish but the company that was with me just loved every moment of this experience.
Continental Pancake House Niagara Falls, ON
Well now, can you say get stuffed? This was a wonderful setting for a family brunch. Smiles abroad when the food arrived...
Mick & Angelo's Eatery & Bar Niagara Falls, ON
Stopped in for drinks and treated like we were a fixter of the building, very comfy. The snacks held us down till Mothers dinner time. Can't wait to enjoy a main meal here.
3 For 1 Pizza & Wings Niagara Falls, ON
They checked and double checked the order to be sure it was to our liking, fast delivery and very smooth wings..
Daily Planet Tap & Eatery Niagara Falls, ON
What can we say, leave it to your way. Place was fun, staff were curtious and the food....great.
Bella Pizzeria Wallaceburg, ON
This spot has the best pizzas in town, bar none! A nice clean spot with friendly and efficient staff! A must try for sure.
Ho Ho Chinese Food Dryden, ON
The buffet here is amazing, always fresh and hot with many good selections! The staff are great too!
Drifters Clain Prime Steak Dryden, ON
A little higher priced, but well worth it for sure! The steaks are divine, as well as everything else they have to offer!
Boston Pizza Nepean, ON
The pizzas are excellent, as with all Boston's! A wonderful spot to dine with the kids, they love it!
Subway Sandwiches & Salads Nepean, ON
The staff here are great, very efficient and friendly! A great spot to stop for a quick and healthy lunch! As with any Subway, the food is excellent!
Nickels Restaurant Nepean, ON
This is a very busy spot, but the service was wonderful to say the least! The food was hot and fresh, also tasty!
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