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Tropicana Bar & Grill Niagara Falls, ON
Just in for drink's and it was very pleasant. Not to busy but enough to see many others enjoying themselfs. Maybe we can have a snack next time because the platters looked yummy.
Not Just Muffins Niagara Falls, ON
Before we headed out on the road we stopped in for a muffin and java. Ever had a muffin take your breath away, I did. They were so fresh I could not just have one..go see for yourself.
Subs Plus Niagara Falls, ON
The place was busy and could have used another staff member. The server was polite and gave us just what we wanted, a good turkey sub that was very fresh....Sandwiches are only as good as the artist, she did well.
Marcello's Pizzeria Toronto, ON
Fabulous Pizza and Pasta! I don't know what their secret is, but whatever they use in the sauce is divine to say the least! Very nice spot to take friends and/or family!
Istanbul Kebab House Toronto, ON
The Kebabs and pizza are great! The staff and service here is equally as good. A must try for everyone!
Panzerotto & Pizza Toronto, ON
Great pizza every time, whether it's eat in or take-out. The service is speedy and the atmosphere is pleasant which is a big plus!
3 For 1 Pizza Wings Toronto, ON
The wings are great! An average pizza spot if you ask me....But the service is fast and its a clean spot..
Boston Pizza Burlington, ON
As with any, this Boston Pizzas food is great! A nice spot to take the kids out for dinner. Mine love it! Service and staff are great too!
Tom Jones Steakhouse Toronto, ON
Dress code here is enforced strictly! The prices are high but the food is to die for! The service and overall rating of this place is top notch to say the least!
Bangkok Garden Restaurant Toronto, ON
Authentic Thai food at its best! The service and staff are impeccable! A must try for sure.
Chatters Eatery & Bar Niagara Falls, ON
Nice spot with a clean atmosphere, fast and efficient staff....and good food too! A nice spot to take a friend.
Skylon Tower Niagara Falls, ON
Higher in price than your everyday eat-out spot...but the view makes this terrific spot one that will stay in your memory forever. The food is divine!
Hard Rock Cafe Niagara Falls, ON
Great spot! Nice outdoor seating area in the warm months! Fabulous entertainment matches the meals and the prices. I will visit this spot again and again!
Wild Mushroom Sports Bar-Grill Niagara Falls, ON
GREAT spot for drinks with friends or a game of pool or darts! The food and service here are great aswell.
Flying Saucer Drive-In Niagara Falls, ON
I LOVE this spot! Nice place to take the kids for a meal out! They also have a great early bird breakfast special for the whole family! The Belgian Waffles are especially yummy!
Table Rock Restaurant Niagara Falls, ON
The service and food here are fine. Nice view of the falls too!
Jade Garden Restaurant Niagara Falls, ON
The Dinner Buffet here is always fresh and tasty! The staff are very friendly and fast to serve! WONDERFUL spot....I will visit again very soon...
Montana's Prime Rib Steak Niagara Falls, ON
As with all of these, Montana's has great food, great prices and a fun atmosphere!The ribs are divine for sure.
Classic Thai Restaurant Niagara Falls, ON
This spot is no longer open!
Yank's Old Niagara Bar & Grill Niagara Falls, ON
Fantastic place for friends to unwind and enjoy a beer and wings. Foresee many more trips to Yanks..
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