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Steak & Burger Restaurants Niagara Falls, ON
Have you ever sent a steak back because it's not how you ordered it?..No worries here done right the first time, and just melted in my mouth..When Family visit's, steak it is..
Falls Sushi Korean Japanese Niagara Falls, ON
A group of us went to this amazing place. I am not one for a Japanese dish. I was willing to try many things. The food was okay, but the service was grand.
Courtyard Motel & Restaurant Niagara Falls, ON
We found this place quiet, maybe it was the time of year. Staff was very good to us since our children were (preocupied). The food was average but good all the same.
Pilgrim Restaurant Niagara Falls, ON
A place to stop and have a meal if your hungry after seeing the sight's. They were accomidating to our Older Parents, very picky eaters. Food was great, just what we need after such a long day. PS...Find a babysitter for elder parents next time out.
Roosters Niagara Falls, ON
Well, it was nice to get out. Just wish next time we would get what we paid for...a decent portion. Found staff to be a bit snobby. Oh well now we know.
Holiday Inn By the Falls Niagara Falls, ON
I have always been a big Fan of Holiday Inn. I guess because it's in Niagara the prices were crazy. Food was great, service even grand...and having a room to sleep it off was even better.
Tony's Place Niagara Falls, ON
A late afternoon snack and lunch with the gang was fun. Staff treated us like we were Royalty..
Sparks Steak & Seafood Niagara Falls, ON
Okay seafood and steak, I died and went to heaven...It was so good, we shared items off the menu and ate it all. Sparks flew with my partner and the staff could tell we enjoyed our visit. They just made our experience that much better.
Hard Times Restaurant Niagara Falls, ON
A very quiet place to dine. Simple items to choose from the menu. Just a in and out meal, no fuss. Server was very nice, food was plain.
Big Anthony's Restaurant Niagara Falls, ON
They do it all Big at Anthony's. Meal was huge, hot and so good. These people know how to make a couples stay a nice one, so friendly. A few drinks after dinner and we paid our tab knowing it was a great time out.
International Beer House Niagara Falls, ON
We like to have a pint or two and this is a place to enjoy. Not to loud, a good bunch of staff to see that your well taken care of. They even offered a hangover cure for me since I was a bit tippsy when I left...Called a cab and walked us out. Thank's.
City Garden Chinese Rsrnt Niagara Falls, ON
You know we had this dinner delivered to us. They triple checked our order and said it would be 45mins...well 30mins later a cheerful delivery driver showed up and the food was so warm we had to wait a few minutes to eat. Thinking typical chinese food but was abit above the normal...
River Bar & Grill Niagara Falls, ON
Nothing Special here for a drink and a bite to eat. Not a place where I would go all the time, but hey everyone is different. Staff was kind, but it did not have the vibe I was looking for.
Keegan's Bar & Grill Niagara Falls, ON
This place can be very quiet at times, loud at night. Typical appy's and well cold beer. Wonderful sites there, worth checking out.
Frank's Pizzeria Niagara Falls, ON
Everyone loves Pizza, these pies are so good. I called in and it was just 20min's, Done, and we were heading home to watch the game. These guy's know there crust.
Gino's Pizza Niagara Falls, ON
We thought Gino's sauce was incredible, they dont slack one bit on topping's. Writing these has just sent a wild craving for extra cheese and bacon..oh onions too...
Flamingo Pizza Niagara Falls, ON
Our kid's love pizza and had a small, we enjoyed a simple combination plate of chinese food. Very clean, friendly place that did not mind packing a few slices up for our children...when we left...
Ted's French Fries Niagara Falls, ON
Ted's got the snack for you when your on the go. Short wait and big on the order, large is large...good stuff.
Kelly's Winghouse Niagara Falls, ON
If you like your wing's hot...or not, Kelly's has what you want. We ordered a party platter and it was fantastic..Check them out we did and it was worth the drive.
Your Neighborhood Pizza Co Niagara Falls, ON
After coming home from a busy Sat, we called and ordered what we thought would be a typical pizza. Wrong. It was so dripping with sauce and items that we had a midnight slice because we could not eat it all. Makes me wonder if I live in the wrong Neighborhood. Its so good.
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