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Buffet Delight Kingston, ON
We arrived for the Lunch Buffet, shown to our table and we had food in our Belly's in less than 5min's. Not one item was cold, wonderful. Good value.
Texas Burger & Donut Shop Fenelon Falls, ON
When your hungry, stop here. The burgers are large and so juicy. Many sides to choose from, we took a coffee and doughnut to go..Fantastic.
ABC Bakery Shop North York, ON
Depending on what you want, many choices here. Oh so fresh, we bought pasteries and a softest loaf of good.
Taco Villa Mississauga, ON is fast food and if you like a good taco stop by. Prices are fair and the food was hot..
Great Steak & Potato Nepean, ON
Dad always said..Steak and Potato's are the way to go..This place gives you so much more. Great eats, good atmosphere and fair prices.
3 For 1 Pizza Wings Kingston, ON
A perfect place to order from when your just not in the mood to cook. Pizza the way you like and Wings the way my Husband likes..I cant go wrong trusting them to show up with smiles.
Albert's Real Jamaican Toronto, ON
HOT HOT HOT...A late night snack after a evening out was wonderful. It was a pleasent experience and the value was there.
Fisherman's Wharf Meaford, ON
We enjoyed a variety of seafood. A party of six offers you a real taste of the Wharf. Staff was great and the food was even better. Seafood lovers should visit...Time well spent.
Robbie's Italian Restaurant Ottawa, ON
First and foremost..Great Staff, Great food....On busy nights be ready for a wait, call ahead for swift service. Very Happy.
B B Ques Toronto, ON
Wonderful portions of Food...Very tastey, good service and Fair pricing. Take out and Delivery too...Good to know..
Fifth Wheel Truck Stop Ltd Cornwall, ON
Breakfast was great, fast service and just what I needed to get rolling...
Great Canadian Bagel Kingston, ON
How many types do we really need?...All of them, so hard to choose..I am now hooked..There doubt
Ernie's Coffee Shop Sault Ste Marie, ON
Burger and side...Tremendous serving. Friendly staff, good price.
Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken Toronto, ON
Well I cant help but compair to KFC, both were good but the value was not there, maybe just a bad night.
Smitty's Drive Inn King Kirkland, ON
Traveling in the North Country..stop in. It's worth it, large portions, varied menue..and nice staff..
Louis California Wraps London, ON
Variety, Variety...If you like wraps you must stop in. Quick and Tasty..
Lick's Burger & Ice Cream Shop Barrie, ON
Family fun here, burgers then Ice Cream...beat that..
American Tavern Waterdown, ON
It just average, but the meal was good and service was casual.
Canadian Bar & Grill Toronto, ON
Wow..Busy, Busy and Busy. The place seemed to have a life of it's own, food was grand and the selection of wine (wonderful). It's a fun place to get social.
Hoagie House Kingston, ON
I hope your hungry, wrap your mouth around this sandwich and you know you have a meal. Dive into the fresh Buns, cold cuts and salad for a filling eat.
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