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La Nova Pizzeria Buffalo, NY
I close my eyes and can still see the faces of our friends when we ordered up for a Bill's game..The smell of wing's and pizza vented through out our home for hours..Tasted great and everyone had there fill..great food, great price..
Mugena African Caribbean Foods Ottawa, ON
Well I was dared to give it a try, Fantastic change to my taste bud's..we will come back to try other dishes for sure.
Ice Cream Patio Toronto, ON
Mega choices and toppings...icecream how it should be.
Lick's Ice Cream & Burger Oakville, ON
I love a burger that squirts back at you when bitten, add some fries and happy patron. I took my icecream togo and was happy to see that I never dropped a drip..
Slices N' Scoops Fenelon Falls, ON
You know if you like pizza by the slice chances are it's not so warm, surprised it was. Again I can't get enough of that's of a snack well.
New York Fries Toronto, ON
We all had fries that were topped with different ingreadients...provided enough energy to get us through till dinner..
The Famous Coffee Shop Niagara Falls, ON
Price was high being in the Niagara Fallsview Hotel, very quick, friendly staff offering a wide selection of luncheon meals..we were impressed..
Castle On King Kitchener, ON
You are treated like Royalty as soon as you pass the door. Many appitizers, many Draft choices and fantastic food...thought I died and went to culinary heaven.
Italian Oven Deli & Bakery Hamilton, ON
I spent a good 20min's deciding on what to grab from the deli, wonderful. The smell of fresh bread makes you want one of each, to bad I dont live around the corner..I would apply for a job..
Bagel Haven Bakery Cafe Thornhill, ON
Bagels, Bagels and coffee...oh so fresh. I dont treat myself often but this could be habit forming.
Maple Leaf Pancake House Hamilton, ON
Well..I dunno where to start, staff was great, clean atmosphere and great prices. Pancakes were fluffy, bacon was was fresh and we were full...We will come back forsure..
China Buffet King Guelph, ON
Incredible selection of food, by the time I had my last plate I was so not ready to leave with out one more bowl of soup. The staff was quick and friendly, very accomidating to my childs needs..great dinner out..
Big Daddy's Crab Shack Ottawa, ON
Seafood lovers dream, whatever you want..Big Daddy has it. We used so many knapkins that I am sure we would be billed for laundry service aswell....But serious..FANTASTIC food and evening out..cheer's
Wally's Family Restaurant Oshawa, ON
Slipped into Wally's early one morning and enjoyed a breakfast fit for a king, kind staff also helped with directions in the plus..
Momma's Family Restaurant Oshawa, ON
Great care has been taken to asure a wonderfull atmosphere here. Food was filling and desert even better..keep up the great work..Families do it right at Momma's.
Love Boat Niagara Falls, ON
Get dressed up and come out to the LOVEBOAT...wonderful food and surroundings..we enjoyed it very much.
Szechuan Szechuan Toronto, ON Yes they have other dishes aswell, and the service is good...These people know what it's about, words can't do it justice, check it out..
Joey's Pizzeria Port Colborne, ON
Pizza that just kick's you in the pant's. We loved the NY STYLE and mega toppings...when will it re-open?
Patrick O Ryans Windsor, ON
An Irish Pub that kick's into gear when the music starts. It's a whole lot of fun..but the morning hangover was way to nasty..But that will not stop me from comming back.
Savana Cafe Ottawa, ON
WE stopped into this cozy cafe, very relaxing and super service. Just watching people come and go with smiles, makes you smile too.
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