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Restaurant Name City
Denny's Restaurant Belleville, ON
Always there when the hunger stir's, good variety and pleasnt staff makes Denny's a cool place to eat...
Gus's Family Restaurant Picton, ON
Gus's has the full menu for all tastes...I enjoyed the hot hamberger with gravey...Nice staff and great location..
Almonte Pizzaria Almonte, ON
The pizzasa here are succelent to say the least! Thye service is superb as well..
Burger Bar Goderich, ON
This is a nice spot to stop for a quick lunch if deep fried and quick is what you are after! Typical burger spot! The service is efficient and friendly!
Candlelight Restaurant & Tvrn Goderich, ON
The food is well prepared and was very fresh. The service was fast and friendly. A nice clean spot with a nice menu! A nice place to enjoy a family dinner.
Park House Tavern & Eatery Goderich, ON
Great view! Nice lunch spot with good food and good prices! Grab a friend and head to this spot for lunch!
Robindale's Fine Dining Goderich, ON
The prices here are on the expensive side and they do have a dress code....but if you are dressed up and desire fabulous food...this is the place to go.
Lone Star Cafe Pickering, ON
Our family enjoyed this casual atmosphere, still the dish price seemed fair for the portion's..
Liverpool Fish & Chips Pickering, ON
Fish has never tasted so good, so happy to have found this spot to settle a craving...
South China Buffet Restaurant Oshawa, ON
To have such a variety of dishes made our mouth's water. Fresh food, warm plates....more please..
Golden Gate Restaurant Oshawa, ON
Wonderful service and great food, just the right fortune to keep us coming back..
Haugen's Chicken & Rib BBQ Oshawa, ON
Nobody say's chicken like Haugen's...the sauce was just the right side to complement our taste bud's..
Casey's Grillhouse & Beverage Oshawa, ON
Stopped bye for drink's and appitizers...good service, fantasic enviroment....
Halibut House Fish & Chips Port Perry, ON
Ah...are fish and chips glad we stopped in to taste the menu of the Halibut House.
Emiel's Place Restaurant Port Perry, ON
Variety on the menu was a pleasure to see, after dinner drink's by candle lit table nice.
Mr Sub Port Perry, ON
Hey, this sub was what my doctor ordered...and fast service will keep me coming back..
3 For 1 Pizza Gloucester, ON
Great prices that keeps well with any family budget! The kids are gauranteed to love this pizza! The toppings are plentiful and the service is fantastic!
Hung Fatt Chinese Food Gloucester, ON
Great spot for take-out! The service here is very fast and the food is wonderful. The menu selection is quite extensive as well.
Aunt Gussie's Grand Bend, ON
A wonderful breakfast spot to take the family. The coffee is by far the best offered anywhere. The service here is fast and friendly, I will tell all I know about this location.
Bridge Tavern Point Edward, ON
Fabulous home baking with a wonderful selection of steaks and seafood! Wonderful veiw to boot!
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