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Restaurant Name City
Mc Gillicuddy's Irish Inn New Hyde Park, NY
This is a fabulous place with a great environment! The Surf and Turf is # 1 for sure! A must go for couples on an occassion.
Peter Luger Steak House Brooklyn, NY
Great Steaks to say the least! This is a higher priced establishment but well worth the money! The portions, setting, staff and service are divine!
Royal Canadian Pancake House New York, NY
A hugely busy spot for sure, the food is average and the service can be a tad slow bot all in all, an okay spot!
Night Owls-Club El Morocco New York, NY
Mexican cuisine is always great if thats what you are into for sure! Nice spot with friendly servers!
Mario Pollo's Astoria, NY
Nice menu selection with great service and freshly prepared meals! Great, clean spot!
Cosi Sandwich Bar New York, NY
A great spot to grab a quick sandwich for lunch! They use fresh ingredients and the staff are friendly.
Mesa Grill New York, NY
Busy, Busy, Busy- but great food and service for sure! They also have a wonderful wine menu! A great spot for a romantic dinner and drinks!
Old Homestead Steakhouse New York, NY
Excellent service, Excellent Food, and to die for steaks! A must try!
Wo Hop Restaurant New York, NY
Nice and friendly atmosphere with good food, great service!
Le Boeuf a La Mode New York, NY
Wow! Neat place with great food! I received fabulous service and I will return again when in the city for sure!
Saigon Grill New York, NY
Fresh veggies cooked to perfection, no soggy dishes here! Great service and nice menu!
Curry In A Hurry New York, NY
Spicy and wonderful! The service matches the dishes-number one! If you enjoy Indian cuisine, this is a must visit spot!
Cafe Des Artists New York, NY
Relaxing setting with a great menu, good food and wonderful service! The lamb dishes are divine for sure and the seafood is mouth watering!
Chinese Buffet Wing Hing Cornwall, ON
A very busy spot on the weekends but the wait is well worth it as the food is great and so is the service!
Red Lobster Rochester, NY
This Franchise seem's to be the same all over the USA and Canada, reliable service, fair portions and well the Lobster always makes me do back flip's...Seafood, Seafood..gota love it.
Lloyd's Limited Penn Yan, NY
Bang for your buck here, Great Wing's...Good Draft...alway's a fun place to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere...
Abigail's Waterloo, NY
We all left with a full tummy and smiles. The service was grand, the place was packed and the staff kept it coming..A must touch, taste and experience..
The Palms Restaurant Elmira, NY
Really People the Pasta Sauce is wonderful, we ate so much that we were so content. Worth the drive to the Palms.
Jack Astors Victor, NY
Great Food, Laid back place to take the family, we enjoyed the sevice and food..Jack's got our vote..
Kentucky Fried Chicken Waterloo, NY
Nobody enjoy's chicken more than us, quality never changes..Take-out or eat in the staff here is quick..
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