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Recent reviews by Dr. Aaron L.
Restaurant Name City
Passage To India Harrisburg, PA
This establishment is very good. An acquaintence of mine, Deep Gupta advised me on the high quality of this place. He was very right. He is an authority on good food of this variety.
My Place Camp Hill, PA
Good Pizza. It gives the Italian atmosphere.
Philadelphia Steak & Sub Co Camp Hill, PA
gritty entoxicating If you eat only one thing this week make it from HERE
Casa Chica Restaurant Harrisburg, PA
I have eaten Mexican Food in Cancun, Mexico. Chi Chis and Chillis being chain restaurants are of no comparison to the Mexican food from Mexico. This establishment offers Mexican food much closer to the quality of the real thing than the chain Mexican theme resteraunts in the area. El Rodeo is better though. This one is worth a try. If you've never been to Mexico, but like spicy food you should like this type of seasoned food.
El Rodeo Harrisburg, PA
This is a very good restaurant if you are in the mood for mexican food. I have been in Cancun, Mexico before and El Rodeo simulates the atmosphere very well. There is a large selection of Authentic Mexican food.