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Restaurant Name City
Captain Ds Seafood Columbus, IN
The stuffed crab and the clams are better than expected for a chain. The sweet tea is a nice touch. Move over Long John Silvers, there's a new and better Captain in town!
Red Lobster Columbus, IN
Everything you'd expect from the national chain. They sometimes have difficulty handling the crowds and better management would be a plus, but they do enough right to keep us comming back.
Fazoli's Greenwood, IN
Fast Italian food. Once a fantasy now a reality. This is a welcome chain in this day of running hard and fast. They have done their homework and the food is excellant. Price to value ratio is better than almost any other Italian restaurant. If you like breadsticks and cheese or sauce, these are some of the best. My meals, and there have been many, have never been a disappointment. They are consistant and even have a server going around the tables supplying more breadsticks for free! Heaven for a fat man! They are a great change of pace from burgers or tacos for lunch, and just as quick.
Jonathan Byrd's Cafeteria Greenwood, IN
This is a good cafeteria, unless you have been to Gray Brothers Cafeteria in Mooresville. When compared to the Laughners and Gray Brothers, it comes up sadly lacking. Too close to retirement villages and to the highway has allowed them to still stay busy while serving average tasting foods. The service is slow and the dining room not kept as clean as we desire, but it still is all the things a cafeteria should be: many selections, comfortable dining, and affordable.
Colorado Steakhouse Greenwood, IN
While I have only dined here a few times, it outshines the other steakhouses in Greenwood. I discovered this place after walking out of the Cattle Company down the street {don't get me talking about that place!} I was expecting more of the same, generic foods, mediocre staff, and cramped quarters. I was pleasantly surprised that while crowded, the wait was short. I was seated at a table with ample room to comfortably dine and did not feel rushed. The prime rib was some of the best I have had in Indiana.It was aged to perfection and had the exact consistancies desired, and cooked perfectly. The steaks were thick, but still cooked as ordered. The server who waited on me the first time was great, attentive and knowledgable of the menu and specials. The second time there the server was even friendlier! While cometition is fierce along the 31 corridor, this is my choice for beef.
I 70 Plaza/Gas America Knightstown, IN
This is a truckstop. The service could use some education, but it is what you'd expect for any of a million other truckstops across America...nothing better, nothing worse. It is average in every sense of the word.
Mel's Diner Knightstown, IN
They benifit from a captive audience. Since there is limited competition around, this is the better place to eat while in Knightstown. The only standout from my experiences there, and there have been several, is the pie is always good and the pieces generous. While I don't journey there for the pie, if I find myself in the area and hungry, it is the place I frequent the most.It is clean and inexpensive and rates high when compared to other small town diners.
Damon's Kokomo, IN
As rib chain restaurants go, this is top notch. They do a great job on the food while providing a comfortable atmosphere to eat and visit in. They have the sports chanels on tv along with interactive games to help break the ice when dining with new aquaintances. The wait staff seem to be on the ball and I have never had a bad experience there.
Biff's Pioneer House Mooresville, IN
Best bets are the "Bismarks" or the chocolate chip cookies with coffee. This local bakery and restaurant has been family owned since the pioneers settled the town of Mooresville {well close, anyway}. Since it is a small town bakery the selection is usually limited and as is so common with small establishments they sometimes keep the "goodies" on the shelf just a little past their prime. For the economical diner, this cannot be beat for portion/cost ratio. If your thing is a lot of local flavor and gossip, a sweet snack and coffee, then here is where you should try. If you have high expectatons of top shelf sevice and food, keep in mind the value here is why you visited here. Every town needs a Biffs, and this one serves it's station well.
Poe's Cafeterias Mooresville, IN
This is Mooresvilles secret cafeteria. While it is overshadowed by Gray Brother's Cafeteria, just ask the locals. The Mooresville senior citizens meet here for good reason, as do the numerous local clubs and civic organizatios as well as the many companies who pick them to host their Christmas Parties. Local flavor and gossip, where everyone knows most everyone, and the waitresses REALLY try to make you feel welcome, will keep you comming back. Along with huge portions and economical prices, they specialize in hoosier pie. Whether your tastes lean toward gooseberry or pecan, strawberry or the many cream pies, you will want a slice for there and a whole pie to go. You can usually find one {or more}of the Poe brothers on sight making sure all is right and if you are lucky and the right one is there, he may be found handing out free candy! ----HINT--- Tuesday is customer appreciation day and EVERYONE gets 20% off their meal!!!
Grazzella's Restaurant Mooresville, IN
When you think about an Italian Pizzaria, Grazzella's is the picture that should come to your mind. Quick, inexpensive, good, and exactly what you expect every time. Limited dining, but the sidewalk is open when weather permits, this place is best utilized with to go orders.
Bynum's Restaurant Martinsville, IN
This is the best Steak House in the county and probably one of the top 10 in the state. When one thinks Kansas City Steak, you have to have Bynums in mind. While the boothes are a little close, the romantic qualities offset any discomfort. The portions will satisfy the bear within while the tenderness will not shame you when you are trying to impress the future mother of your children. This can be one of the finer dining experiences found in any small town.
Fujiyama Steak House Of Japan Indianapolis, IN
While this establishment has suffered some throughout the years, it is still the best grill at your table Japanese restaurant in town. Most of the cooks are entertaining and do a great job. More time should be taken on newly hired coks before turning them loose. It is a great way to meet new people since they seat several people at each grill. The cost/portion ratio is better than most of their peers.
Greek Islands Restaurants Inc Indianapolis, IN
Indianapois is not known nor will it ever be known for fine Greek dining.The restaurant is small, but somewhat cozy. The foods are less than they used to be as so often happens when the next generation takes over. The pride seems less as shown by deteriation of the decor, but it still is a nice night out. The wait staff need a little adjustment during the lunch hours, but it still is an alright experience. While it may not be fair to compare what is to what was, Indy has very little else to compare it to along these lines.
Gray Brother's Cafeteria Mooresville, IN
This is one of the top rated cafeterias in the midwest. If you pick a holiday, prepare for an hour or more wait, but it is well worth it. Easter and Mother's Day crowds can be up to 3 hours wait, but they do have a carryout department. People travel 20 or more miles daily to eat there and the service is second only to the taste and presentation of the food. As a restaurant, it is more of a destination than a convenient eatery.
Perkins #3740 Mooresville, IN
The restaurant is understaffed, but the food is average. It is what we think of when we hear of urban sprawl, nondescript food at a nondescript restaurant, in a nondescript place. Nothing stands out about the franchise foods, service or atmosphere. It screams "average" on every level of your dining experience. While there are no good surprises, there are no bad one's either. There is a reason that the parking lot is usually almost empty, there is great potential for improvement here.
Hong Kong Restaurant Mooresville, IN
As Chinese restaurants go, this is a hidden jewel. While hard to find, this mom and pop endeavor is everything a small town needs in an ethnic eating establishment. While small, you get personal treatment and the food quality is excellent. The take-out is prompt and the foods fresh and hot. Lisa, one of the owners, will take the time to explain anything you are not aquainted with and modify the spices to your taste. Like Kung Po Beef but need it mild? This is the place! Want a small snack, but really want something that tastes good? RANGOONS! Well worth searching out.
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