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Restaurant Name City
Samira Bloomington, IN
This is the international flavor that is becomming more common in Bloomington. Reminds one of continental dining. Fine wines, gormet selections and an atmosphere meant to impress. They create an air of high expectations and then meet them. This will impress the boss, be it the mayor or the wife. They use spices that are rare in the midwest, but flavor the food well.
Red Sea Bloomington, IN
From the land of starvation. When people are used to eating rocks, grape leaves and goat meat tastes great. Desert vegatables are just not my forte. The service was fine, but the tastes were strong, even to my experimental pallette. To be fair, one of the four guests who joined me was pleased, they had more experience with mid-east and north african fare than the rest of us.
Bartholomews Fine Foods Madisonville, KY
This is the premier restaurant in Madisonville. They do an excellant job at every aspect of what they do. While pricey for the area, this is a great place for those special occasions. One would not expect such a fine establishment in this corner of the state, this quality is usually found only in the largest cities. I recommend dining here.
Forkey's Restaurant Martinsville, IN
Nice homey smalltown restaurant. Inexpensive, attractive to locals and seniors. Food is a step above average and the servers remind one of the sayings about Hoosier Hospitality. Great value to price ratio.
Golden Corral Family Steak Houses Martinsville, IN
Hot fresh dinner rolls and honey butter are enough reason to make the trip. It is hard to believe this is a chain. The local management does a terrific job keeping it fresh, clean and friendly. They are very attentive to the buffet, and it has more choices than most. They keep the hot rolls comming to your table and if desserts are your forte' you are in the right place. They usually have no less than 15 different desserts to choose from, all kept fresh. This is one of the cleanest restaurant of the chains I have frequented. Martinsville should be proud.
Cracker Barrell Seymour, IN
Always good, always the same. This is the highest rated family dining chain and this one doesn't disappoint.
Fred & Toby's Restrnt & Bar Seymour, IN
Between Columbus and Louisville, this is probably the best dining to be had. They do many things and all of them well. I am impressed by their mushrooms, the biggest and tastiest I have had. Go beef and you won't go wrong. Very attentive wait staff, professionally run restaurant.
Bavarian Haus Restaurant Shelbyville, IN
This is a better than average German restaurant, of which there are way to few of now days. They have a family atmosphere, attentive wait staff and good food. They are less appealing than they were, as the years go by, but are still worth the drive.
Country Table Nappanee, IN
Leave the speacials alone! Go here for the simple foods and they will surprise you with their consistant quality. Breakfast, while hard to mess up, is great. The further from Amish and Hoosier fare you order, the iffy-er it seems to get. What this establishment suffers from is lack of close compitition. This allows the management to become lax on the details they once were known for. While not near as good as a few years ago, they still do a good job most of the time.
Frosty Boy New Palestine, IN
A little bit like a Dairy Queen. Best bet is the mixed cone, half softserve ice cream and the other half either orange or pineappple sherbert. This is the treat they are known far and wide for. They are not open year round, so call first as they may be closed for the season.
Jim Dandy Restaurant North Vernon, IN
This restaurant benifits from lack of close competition. without the drive to Columbus, this is the best eatery in the area. A Mom and Pop place that has been bought by a chain, they still do a fine job on the price to value ratio. inexpensive, but basically a good family restaurant. Best bet is the breakfast buffet, limited in size but a nice touch is the custom fixed eggs with the buffet. Coffee is great.
Abe Martin Lodge Nashville, IN
A stand out restaurant in an area full of tourist traps. They do a lot of things right and the buffet is bigger and better than most. The atmosphere adds tremendously to the dining experience and nature lovers will enjoy the sights. Makes a daytrip to see the turning fall leaves complete when supper is at the Lodge!
Nashville House Nashville, IN
What was once the premier restaurant inside downtown Nashville, it has gone as far on it's reputation as possible. While the fried bisquits are still good with apple butter, it has dropped off the "gotta stop there" scale for our daytrips. Prices have gone up and the tourists will keep it alive, but there are many better options. The chairs are uncomfortable for ample Americans, though smaller people will have no problem in this crowded dining hall. The tables are too close together, and the servers are given too many tables to be able to give the diner the service they need. Refills or dessert are gonna be from the icecream parlor down the street other than waiting for the server to get back.
DOG n SUDS Drive-In restaurant Plainfield, IN
This curb side diner has now been changed to a Sonic. The car-hops are still quick and the '50's music still plays. The best bet is the coneydog, no one does it better. Rootbeer floats are the way to wash it down with some onion rings or fried mushrooms.Worth the stop.
Rita's Fine Italian Dining Bargersville, IN
This is a well kept secret in Johnson county. The foods and ambiance here give Greenwoods, more expensive restaurants a run for their money. Authentic Italian selections not expected in such a small place and the chrystal, china, and tablecloths add much to the meals. A place I reserve for romantic dinners. It has consistantly been a great experience each time I go.
Early Bird Cafe Bedford, IN
This is the same cafe you find in any of the generic small towns across America. Nothing is great but everything is good. Great plase to put your finger on the pulse of Bedford. Local flavor and gossip with every burger. Great place for lunch.
Covered Bridge Restaurant Cayuga, IN
You are here, there are few choices, it's small and not well advertised, but this is Hoosier cooking! Country fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy... need I say more! They could franchise this out it is that good. If you are daytripping or just driving close by, it's worth your time to try their speacials.
Cloverdale Travel Plaza Cloverdale, IN
Truckstop.... need I say more? They cater to truckers and do it well. What they lack in quality, the make up for with quantity and friendly chatter.
Chicago's Pizza Cloverdale, IN
Best pizza in the area. They need a pizza chain to assure quality and consistancy in this area to keepthe competition on their toes. It is what you would expect, every time, I have had no bad meals here.
Pizza Den Coatesville, IN
Convenient only if you live in the area. Do not go out of your way for this place, it will disappoint you unless you compare it to a trip to the big city.