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Restaurant Name City
Stratton's Ashland City, TN
Great for a snack, but limited for meals. Givin so few places for dining in the area, they are one of the best bets around.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Cookeville, TN
They seem to do all things well at this location, like most others. This is one of the few sure things in life, safe bet! breakfast is great!
Outback Cookeville, TN
Best evening meal in the area. The local management deserve cudos for the excellent job running the kitchen and wait staff. Though a chain, they seem to treat the place like they own it themselves, Great job! All I can say is one word...STEAK!!!
O'charley's Cookeville, TN
As so many yuppie overstated overpriced new breed of restaurants are springing up everywhere, I had reservations on even trying it here. I am glad I gave them a second try, it was much better than the local counterparts from "back home". The crowds are here for a legitimate reason. It is worth the wait but the local management needs to better train the seater/greeters.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Chattanooga, TN
I go to Cracker Barrel whenever I travel and they never disappoint. This one is no exception. They do all things well. the wait can sometimes be long, but it is worth it.
Provino's Italian Restaurant Chattanooga, TN
While Chattanooga will never be known as the hotbed of european cuisine, this place stands head and shoulders above the crowd as a great Italian restaurant. I know food (at close to 400 lbs, I should) and I really know Italian food. They could compete in New York and hold their own! The one place they beat their counterparts is in the friendliness of the staff. I say "Well Done!" Well worth any wait I have encountered.
Logan's Roadhouse Restaurants Chattanooga, TN
They do a great job with steaks, the service is compitent, but they are a chain. This is one of the better one's in the chain, but it shows in the details. Still a fine place to eat.
Mann's Grille Indianapolis, IN
Blue collar heaven. If you like big portions and low prices, they fill you up in style here.
Leatha's Bar-B-Que Inn Hattiesburg, MS
This is THE hidden jewel of Hattiesburg. Hidden behind a RV dealer just west of town, This family run restaurant is great! I have sampled BBQ from Florida to Texas and the sauce here (secret recipe, of course) is the best. They do sell it online, but the ambience is truly southern cookin' and southern hospitality at it's best. Hint: Ask Larry to sing anything from the 70's on up and he knows most of the songs by heart and sings them at your table. This is more than a meal, it's a dining experience. Be ready to wait a few minutes, as they are becomming better known they are attracting bigger crowds all the time.
Red Lobster Anderson, IN
This is a great seafood chain and the management at this locale does a better than average job maintaining the goals and expectations developed throughout the many locations. For the location so far from the ocean, it is surprisingly fresh and good.
Bob Evans Restaurant Anderson, IN
Breakfasts are their forte. They have a great selection and their waitresses do a great job. The dinners have a "microwaved" taste, and are too pricey for the meager portions.
Chi Chi's Mexican Restaurant Anderson, IN
Great food, large portions, and many selections. They do a great job creating an atmosphere of celebration. Great for birthdays. The food isn't too spicey, made for the masses, but they have real hot sauce available, just ask. The chips are usually warm and fresh, and the fried ice cream is a novel treat.
Captain D's Anderson, IN
This is a great alternative to Long John Silvers. They have a much better selection, better taste and the sweet tea is a nice touch.
Fazoli's Anderson, IN
They are the only italian restaurant to get fast food right. It doesn't taste like fast food, but they are quick and it is great. The breadsticks are supurb. They challenge Olive Garden with the Fetticcinni Alfredo. One third the price and all the flavor!
This is the best of the new crop of Yuppie bar/restaurants to open. They do a great job providing a good time. The food has good taste, friendly service is the order of the day the several times I have been there.
Pizza Stop Brownstown, IN
The best pizza in town. Small town atmosphere, friendly and better than the drive to Seymore. Just what every small town needs, convenient and predictable.
Green Street Station Brownsburg, IN
Friendly and competent. They serve a relaxing fare, are attentive, but not rushed. The food is better than first expected, and the selection greater than one would think. Evenings are better spent here than taking the drive to Indy.
Opie Taylor's Bloomington, IN
As the crop of yuppie sports/gathering places blossoms, this one stands out. They seem to offer less expensive fare in a friendly atmosphere. In a college town full of choices, this one has yet to let me down.
Red Lobster Bloomington, IN
This is one of the top 5 Red Lobsters I have visited nationwide. I've been to over 50, and they do it right every time I've been there. Kudos to the management.
Irish Lion Bloomington, IN
When one realizes that Bloomington has become the second best city for dining in Indiana, this is one of the reasons why. This Irish pub is the best west of Boston, that I have been to. You better like Beer, and the selection is great.