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Restaurant Name City
Papa Joe's Junior Avon, IN
The outward appearance deceives, once inside, it rivals any Italian restaurant near or in Indy. The Shrimp and Crab fettuchinni alfredo had more meat than any I have ever had before. The salads are absolutly huge and filled with tasty morsels. Try to leave room for one of their fantastic canolies. I highly recommend this as my new favorite Italian restaurant.
Perkins #3740 Mooresville, IN
This restaurant has finally breathed it's last and is closed. See my review for the reasons.
Fisher's Bar & Restaurant Zelienople, PA
This is what all other small town bar and restaurants strive for. What a surprise, sandwiches were fresh, drinks were plentiful and cold. I stumbled onto a small jewel hidden away that others need to try.
Kaufman House Zelienople, PA
What a nice surprise, yet again. After a dismall day of traffic, road construction and stress, this is really a nice place to eat and relax. The food was great tating and the service was fine. The price was less than expected, a good value. Another one of the lessor known jewels of the area.
Hibachi Japan Steak House Cuyahoga Falls, OH
For those who claim this as too pricey, try to remember the entertainment that comes along with the food. The cooks put on a great show, you sit with other couples, getting to know your neighbor, and the shrimp I had was great. Another trip I had the chicken which was great, and the show was even better. Compared to a dinner theatre, I had more fun and it was cheaper. Relax and just go with the flow. It really is more for a fun experience than just a meal.
Shula's Steak House Indianapolis, IN
Other than the wine steward being a bit pushy and snobbish, This is one great restaurant. The steaks are to die for. I took a few clients there and they are still raving about the food. What a great evening with just the wife and myself. Every time I have been there, they did a better job than the time before. Move over St. Elmos, the fat man has a new favorite beefery, well just barely. Where DO they get that beef? The best in town.
Willow Valley Resort Lancaster, PA
Although it is located near "tourist Central" so to speak, the buffet is great. Probably not worth the long wait for a friday or saturday night for me, but they are doing something right to have so many people willing to wait.
Lancaster Roadhouse Cafe Lancaster, PA
They do many things well and have a varied menu for many tastes. Comfortable and extremely friendly, a fun time. We tryed several items and all were excellent. The spicy cajun food was better than expected for the area.
Horse Inn Lancaster, PA
As a beef eater extrordenaire, this is my favorite meal in pennsylvania so far...beef tips....They came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. A wonderful ending to a romantic evening, will impress the goddess of your life or even your wife. I'm hard to please but walked away happy.
Applebee's Neighborhood Grille & Bar Lancaster, PA
Great place to relax and visit with a few friends. One of the better clone restaurants we visit all over the place. Refreshing wait staff, vibrant and attentive. I really like those multi snack trays, a little bit of several things, instead of the entrees.
El Serrano Lancaster, PA
You see it, one of those rare 5 stars the fat man awards to the few, the deserving, the surprising. I have made several attempts over several trips to the area to find flaws in this place. The only flaw worthy of noting is that too many other people have discovered them which sometimes makes it crowded. They have reached that fine balance between heat and taste so often found lacking in other mexican restaurants. The wait staff couldn't have been better trained, being attentive enough without bothering the party. The price to value ratio is excellent. The food...especially the beef dishes...have always been fantastic.
Bob Evans Restaurant Lancaster, PA
Ok, I'm a sucker for bisquits and gravy. I have been to the Bob Evans chain restaurants all over the place. This one was clean, the waitress was quick, the food hot and could be used as a model for so many sister restaurants as to how to run the place. The breakfasts I tried were second only to Cracker Barrel. Thats quite an accomplishment. This is where I will continue to go for breakfast whenever I come to town.
Overlook Restaurant & Lounge Leavenworth, IN
This is the only reason to come to Leavenworth. People come here from Louisville to Indianapolis for the view and meals. It has always been well worth the the travel for me.
Mcdonalds Lebanon, IN
This is not your every day McDonalds. They do things different here and do it well. This may be a look of things to come chain wide, if the experiment works well enough here, why not? Great lunch.
White Castle Restaurant Lebanon, IN
Day or night, 24/7, these little square burgers always hit the spot. They are very clean, like most of the chain brothers, the local management does a good job of keeping it fresh and the prices are the best in class.
Outback Bloomington, IN
One of the finer chains for steaks around and this local spot is no different. Some of the best goodies are a bit costly, but most are good value for the buck. Sometimes the wait is a bit much and one must wonder if it is worth it. good luck.
Texas Road House Bloomington, IN
A good second choice, behind Outback. The service needs adjusting and the food, while ok, was nothing to write home about.
Taco Bell Washington, IN
This is what is known as an average TacoBell...could be cleaner, needs better workers, as most fast food dives do, and still serves the basic TB items with the standards the chain is known for, fair portions, fair prices, quick service.
Joe's Family Restaurant Mitchell, IN
A great place to eat while visiting this historic area, home to 3 astronauts and 1 great state park, Spring Mill! Friendly and clean, the food is home cooked tasty!
Jack's Lounge & Restaurant Mitchell, IN
If you are in the area and want steak...don't believe the looks of the place, just go in and let the food do the talking! This is THE place for steak in many miles.
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