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Restaurant Name City
Poppa Rollo's Pizza Waco, TX
Talk about "Old Waco" (well, not pre-tornado days)... My friends and I went to PR's back in our 1960s high school days (RHS, class of '71). The location has changed, but not much else. The cold beer, the movies, the ambience all contribute to the total dining experience. And did I mention the pizza? This is still a great "take a date" restaurant; you're guaranteed to have a good time. Want to pretend that pizza is health food? Try the whole wheat crust! Want to impress that date? Ask for a heart shaped pizza! Baby boomers love it for the memories and kids love it for the atmosphere and the pizza is great!
Buzzard Billy's Waco, TX
Even the name says "atmosphere", and BB's is full of it! What a fun place! Maybe not "fine dining", but very good food (and plenty of it) coupled with real ambiance and a unique menu. This is definitely a place that will make an impression on out of town guests.
La Fiesta Waco, TX
La Fiesta is a Waco tradition (I've been going since it was located on 18th Street!), and one that I am proud to say has only gotten better. Famous for their margaritas (the Sangrita is to die for!), but their Tex-Mex is excellent and innovative. Lobster enchiladas, jalapeno stuffed shrimp, chicken & spinach enchiladas...I could go on and on. Just know that this is the standard that Tex-Mex is measured against in Waco, and it is a tough one to beat!
Applebee's Neighborhood Bar And Grill Waco, TX
Relaxed & friendly atmosphere, good service, excellent food...what more could you ask for? Every time we go we find a new "favorite", but I always end the meal with a Blondie! Yummy!
Tamale Inn Mexia, TX
Tamale Inn is as authentic as it gets! The Chapa family has been serving up the best darn chicken enchiladas in Texas for over 20 years (anybody remember the "original" location?). This is worth the drive for anyone to eat those enchiladas. The restaurant is across the road from the airport, and I actually know people who fly in just to eat here! Yes, it's that good!
Drillin' Rig Restaurant Mexia, TX
Recently under new management, and cleaned up considerably! They even have tablecloths on the tables for Sunday (pretty fancy for Mexia, Texas!). Feed your family and get full to the brim on buffet nights, or enjoy a good old traditional, Texas-style chicken fried steak.
Krispy Fried Chicken Mexia, TX
Health food this is not! But it is the standard for fried chicken in this part of the country. Don't ask about Anna Nicole; yes, she did work here, but it was A LONG TIME AGO and nobody really remembers her. She was pretty much a nobody back then. The chicken is good, the CFS and fish fair, and the veggies make good sides to round out a meal. Oh, and the rolls are excellent! Family coming? Call ahead and order several boxes of chicken and a couple of big orders of fried okra--after all, this is Mexia!!! (Personally, I like the fried chicken livers--you can get gizzards, too--just order ahead, these are cooked to order. Don't forget to order cream gravy; it isn't standard with these, although it ought to be!)
Snack Shack Mexia, TX
The Snack Shack has been a fixture in Mexia for longer than I can remember. The hamburgers, fish sandwiches, and all the traditional baskets are excellent, but it is the Patty Melt basket that is my favorite (ask for the curly fries, they're excellent!). For something really good, and a little different, I recommend the taco salad--however, unless you really like black olives, ask them to hold the "spare tires"; they really put a LOT on there!
Mercado Mexico Restaurant Tyler, TX
We sought this place out because of all we had heard about it. As predicted, the place was packed but we decided to wait...again, because we had been told that the food was excellent. Well, the service was mediocre, the food was OK, and the check wasn't too bad. However, we won't put ourselves through that again. Our next visit to Tyler will find us eating somewhere where we can actually walk in, sit down, be waited on, eat our food, and leave---all within an hour or so!
Don Jose's Restaurant Corsicana, TX
Don Jose's restaurant chose to locate right across the street from what they must have known would be their chief competition. I think they've made a good showing! The chips and salsa are a good start, I recommend the Sangrita (but the tea is good, too), and they feature a wide selection of authentic Tex-Mex food. Overall, a good place to eat with quick and friendly service. Oh, don't miss seeing the famous "hole in the wall", but don't ask about "the shot heard 'round Corsicana". Just use your imagination!
Old Mexican Inn Corsicana, TX
OMI is the standard for Mexican food in C'cana, but it serves the old-fashioned, greasy, cheesy, onion-covered style of 20-30 years ago. If this is your style of Tex-Mex, this is your place! Their famous "secret salsa" is another feature that has remained unchanged over the years. Whatever you remember about OMI, it is probably still the same, and if you are looking for the old fashioned Mexican food of small-town Texas, you will probably find it here!
Sam's Original Restaurant Fairfield, TX
Sam's is the most famous eatery on I-45 between Dallas and Houston, and it is still going strong. Big place, big buffet, big servings...great stop for travelers looking to fill up and get back on the road. Some locals think it's great, but I'm not overly impressed. Big buffet offers lots of choices, and you can get all you can eat....of pretty good food. But, for me, it is all about the pies!!! These are the old fashioned type--chocolate, banana creme, coconut--just like your grandma used to make, and with a tall topping of meringue, to boot!
Ponte's Cafe Fairfield, TX
This spin-off of the famous Interstate stop--Sam's, is a smaller, quieter, less obnoxious version of the same good food. No big buffets here, but you don't have to negotiate the cheesy gift shop to get to your table (or the restroom), and they serve pretty darn good hamburgers too.