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Recent reviews by Thom A.
Restaurant Name City
Red Lobster Paducah, KY
The Paducah Red Lobster is wonderful. Forget the long wait. There are long waiting times everywhere at 6pm on a Friday or Saturday. If you go at the right times, you will get in no problem. The cheddar biscuits are the best, along with the fried shrimp and flounder. The restaurant is clean and service is good.
Cracker Barrel Murray, KY
The Murray Cracker Barrel amazes me how it is such a crap-shoot on how your service and food will be. One night it will be fast, hot, and friendly. The next night, slow, cold, and rude. The menu is the same at every Cracker Barrel, which has a wonderul selection of old-time recipies. Don't go here if you are on a diet however. The baked apple dumpling is to die for as well as their breakfasts. The service on the other hand...well...
Tom's Grille Murray, KY
The girlfriend and I ate here numerous times, the last being early 2006. Each time the food got more and more cold and the service worse and worse. Tom's Grille is clean and has a wonderful atmosphere with a good selection of food ranging from burgers and club sandwiches to pasta and steaks. The service is downright terrible and so slow, that it overrides the wonderful menu. I am still waiting on some ketchup for my fries!!! When we did complain to the manager, here was his exact quote: "You are just trying to get free food from us!" Then he states: "Next time you come in, we will knock some off your bill." Well here's the thing...we won't be back in. Ever. Chalk Tom's Grille up to yet another Murray restaurant with terrible service and terrible attitudes.
Outback Steakhouse Paducah, KY
What's with the steaks at Outback having no flavor? Are you kidding? They are some of the best steaks you could ever eat. They are cooked perfectly and marinated to perfection. You can almost cut them with a fork they are so tender and juicy. My favorite dish is the Alice Springs chicken with Aussie Chips (fries) and a salad. They bring you a mini loaf of rye bread with butter on a cutting board, which is also wonderful. The service is always top-notch and you never have to worry about waiting on a fresh drink. A highly recommended place to eat in Paducah.
Sirloin Stockade Family Steak Murray, KY
Most people go to Sirloin Stockade for thier buffet or steaks or desserts. Not me. I go for the cheesburger!!! This is not known to many people, but their hamburgers/cheeseburgers are the best around. Certainly the best I have ever eaten. They are cooked charbroiled style and taste wonderful. They are so tender and juicy. They service is excellent and it is true that the desserts are to die for. Don't forget to get some hot rolls and strawberry butter!!!
Los Portales Mexican Rstrnt Murray, KY
Yes, there is a large college crowd that I do hate, but the food and quick service more then makes up for it. They serve you with free chips and salsa upon seating and the cheese dip is the best. You can't go wrong ordering anything here. It is all wonderful.
Pagliai's Pizza & Italian Murray, KY
IT'S NOT LIKE IT ONCE WAS WHEN THEY WERE DOWNTOWN!!! Not much more really needs to be said. The food is terrible. The buffet is limited and not stocked fast enough. The pizza is good if you like eating cheese and sauce on a saltine craker. Avoid this place like the plague. You will see alot of people here, however it is Murray and restaurants there are terrible as a whole. If you want good selection, go two doors down and eat at Mr. Gatti's.