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Restaurant Name City
China Town Louisville, KY
I thought the food was good.I also hate seafood, so I was kinda relived it actually tasted good somewhere~
Wonton Express Louisville, KY
Chinese food is great, and so are the people.I loved being there for a good family dinner~
Bootleg Bar-B-Q Louisville, KY
Food is fantastic, but very very crowed.Would not recommend going on week ends mostly, because of being so crowded.But is great place to go eat~
Rafferty's of Louisville Louisville, KY
Food is incredable.Most definatly their bread.It is wow.I love breaded food.I also liked the surroundings~
211 Clover Lane Restaurant Louisville, KY
Decor is simply fantastic.Service is wounderful.I liked eating outside better then inside, because I love the fresh air.Food was terrific~
Hungry Pelican Louisville, KY
I don't do seafood, but I tried just for this survey.It was ok, and this is comming from the one person who doesn't eat seafood.The food was good~
John E's Restaurant & Lounge Louisville, KY
We found it nice, but we went during a busy day and had to wait for a seat.The food was worth the wait.The service was nice~
Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant Louisville, KY
This place was family got to order their seafood while I had my mexican.Wounderful food and service.Decor was exceptional~
Fishery Louisville, KY
I did the fish thing against my stomach and taste, but I would say my family liked it.That gets 4 stars from me.If my family is happy then so am I~
Stan's Fish Sandwich Louisville, KY
It was fish so I stomached it.I don't do fish sorry.But I liked.Good people, and my family liked so good place to eat~
Jerry's Restaurant Louisville, KY
great place to hang with friends.I like the coffee and food.The surroundings are quit/mello.Great place to just be with friends~
Covered Wagon Family Rstrnt Mount Washington, KY
Nice place if your not in a going all out night, fantsy night.It's good and cheap.So if your like my dad it's a great place for you.The surroundings are cool~
Mamma Grisanti Louisville, KY
Nice service and decor.The food is to die for.I say it's a good place for a family, or diner for two~
Dooley's Bagels & Deli Louisville, KY
It was ok.Their delivery is suckybut if you go in and eat the service is good.The food is alright~
Napa River Grill Louisville, KY
The food is delightful....just simply wounderful.The service was quick and nice.The atmosphere was awsome~
Carolina Shrimp Louisville, KY
I don't eat anything that is not cooked.....except cookie dough.I watched my family eat~
Fishery Station Louisville, KY
Good service.....I just don't eat raw meat.I also don't eat fish!nice surroundings~
Frazoli's Mount Washington, KY
Friendly nice place.Food is excellant, but their breadsticks are the best.Great place to take a family, or a date~
Ice Cream Factory & Restaurant Louisville, KY
wanted more of an Ice cream style shop then a Resturant. Was good but not impressed~
Bearno's By the Bridge Louisville, KY
Is a good place for pizza but for me a bit of a drive.Service was good and attmisphere was nice ~