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Restaurant Name City
Hot & Hot Fish Club Birmingham, AL
My friend took me here. I thought the seafood was very good. I would definetly go back.
Jim 'n Nick's Bar BQ Birmingham, AL
Good BBQ. So far one of the few Bama-BBQ's I have tried.
Jim Bob's Chicken Fingers Opelika, AL
Very good chicken at a very good price. Go for it.
Tgifriday's Destin, FL
How can you go wrong with TGIF anywhere. One of my fav places. I love what they do with that Jack Daniels BBQ.
Another Broken Egg of Fl Destin, FL
Every one talks about how great this place it. I thought it was pretty good, not fantastic and I would not drive out of my way to eat here, but it was good.
A J's Seafood & Oyster House Destin, FL
Stop by here on a mini-vacation. Good food and a very fun atmosphere. Good place to meet and have a major time.
Back Porch Destin, FL
My work buddies took me here for lunch. It was fantastic. The sandwiches were awesome and the service was excellant. Got our food very quickly. It was so good I wanted to stay for another meal.
Harbor Docks Seafood Market Destin, FL
I always have to find the local seafood place so I stopped here. I was not disappointed. Great food, good service. I am a scallops fiend!
Mc Guire's Irish Pub & Brewery Destin, FL
Came here for the shepherds pie and it was sooo time I am in the area I will come back. Quaint place too.
Downtowner Saloon Waterfront Steak House Fort Lauderdale, FL
Very nice place. I like setting outside like most people I guess where I can see the water and eat. The steak was very tender and tasty. I enjoyed it very much. Good appitizers too.
Charley's Crab Restaurant Fort Lauderdale, FL
The name Crab caught my attention and I treated the family. My kids can't get enough of the crap. Most excellant. I wanna go back many times.
Independence Restaurant & Brewery Fort Lauderdale, FL
Sorry I am not a microbrewery fan. I got taken here with some work people who loved it. I thought it was ok, just another microbrewery to me. If you like that sort of thing you will probably like it.
The River House Fort Lauderdale, FL
Good place for a couple or a family. Good Selection, pleasant atmosphere and the food was excellant. Thumbs up!!!
Sawadee Thai Restaurant Fort Lauderdale, FL
I thought I would try the Thai food to be different. It was pretty good, I was impressed. The atmosphere was only so-so for me. But it was a pleasant treat.
Barnacle Seafood Fort Lauderdale, FL
Good food, not fantastic. Maybe it was a bad night. Service was fair. They had a good selection. I will give them a benefit of a doubt and try it again.
Sunflower Chinese Kitchen Fort Lauderdale, FL
Nice lil place. I enjoyed the food. I like chinese food as a change of pace. I was well pleased.
Himmarshee Bar & Grille Fort Lauderdale, FL
Very nice place. A little upscale for me, but I was treated this time, so no complaints. Very good food. Great atmosphere. Service was fantastic.
Osaka Japanese Steak House Tallahassee, FL
I have to agree wit one guy here...absolutely the best sushi I ever had. The rest of the food was awesome as well. Little pricey but what a special treat.
Carrabba's Italian Grill Tallahassee, FL
How can anyone not like Carrabba's. I stop everytime I see one. Their food was so good.
Wing Zone Tallahassee, FL
Wings OOOOOO Yeah. Love them wings. Lots of flavors to enjoy. Go, go go
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