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Restaurant Name City
Cold Stone Creamery Tempe, AZ
The concept is great. Pick a flavor, add in whatever you want, and watch them mix it all together in front of you on a marble slab. Great! But not worth the price at all. It's ice cream for Pete's sake. You want to keep the price down, then you just got plain ice cream. If you're rich, or you like to waste money, then this is the place for you
Tcby Morgantown, WV
A good place to stop if you traveling on I-68. Just off the main road in a shopping center. They have gas, all kinds of food, and rest rooms. Good for a break.
Mary Coyle Ice Cream & Yogurt Phoenix, AZ
The environment at Mary Coyle Ice Cream is definitely old-fashioned ice cream parlor. This family-friendly place has been in the Valley for more than 50 years. Mary Coyle Ice Cream is a family business. There are lots of choices, combos, and huge specialties that several people can share.
D & D Bbq and Fish Jackson, MS
Great homecooked food. My favorite is the BBQ beef sandwich. The BBQ sauce is the best I've ever had. The catfish, ribs, pan-trout, hamburgers are also excellent. I suggest the baked beans as a side. It's all real good food at a real good affordable price.
Blimpie Tcby Tampa, FL
Stopped in one afternoon for a Blimpie Roast beef Sub, had a hard time finding it because from each entrance you will see a either name. the manager is trying to get approval to add both names o both sides, anyway, lets talk food. my sandwich was made just how i ordered it and then some. the manager made good sugggestions which i tried. very sociable with the guest also. told him we would be back the following weekend. sorry, but i did not try any of the TCBY items.
Applebee's Gulfport, MS
I love the Gulfport Applebee's. The atmoshere is lively and they have great food for dinner time. A great place for the whole family to enjoy.
George's Giant Hamburger Walnut Creek, CA
I must agree, excellent hamburgers. Clearly the best hamburgers I have tried in Walnut Creek, and one of the best in the area. The good things are: They will actually cook a rare burger; They have an excellent condiment bar with sliced red onion, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, plus both sweet relish (yech) and sliced and quartered dill pickles; They?re grilled onions are wonderful. The down sides: The meat is not quite as excellent as In & Out. The fries are of the frozen, pre-sliced variety, and are thus quite inferior to In & Out; and they are slightly more expensive than In & Out. Overall, since they are closer to me than In & Out, I plan to become a regular of this place. I REALLY like a good burger, and this place provides just that. I love fresh slices of red onion, tomatoes, and pickles on my burger, and they have it all. Best of all the burger was rare. A wonderful little hamburger place.
Mcdonalds Keyser, WV
Typical Mcdonald's food and service. The only problem is they a located on a very busy road, so making a left turn off of the parking lot is a problem. Also. the building is loacted very tight against their lot. They have a lot of parking on one side, but the side the drive thru is on is very narrow, They also have an outdoor play area. They're also open 24 hours.
La Bamba Columbus, OH
La Bamba is a Mexican restaurant on the Ohio State campus that boasts “burritos as big as your head”. They even have a trademarked "Burrito Man" logo who boasts that La Bamba's food is "Hard to handle, but easy to love." It's not necessarily hard to handle, but it's easy to love
Nations Giant Hamburger Pleasant Hill, CA
This Nations is very small and uncomfortable, so it's better to get your food to go. The chilies hamburger is pretty good and is what I usually order. The apple pie is just OK, I prefer the tart lemon meringue pie. I don't think that this place deserves the five stars that the two previous reviewers gave it. It's just another Nations Giant Hamburgers
Top Dog Berkeley, CA
If you're about to go home drunk from the bars, yes you UC berkeley students, you must stop by top dog, the best hot dogs in the greater bay area. no this is true. I like the hot links, its a louisana style sausage, that has a kick but its great. potato salad is amazing too! open late, real late!!!
Mission Burger Fremont, CA
Great place to get burgers. I wouldn't call it fast, but they make it as fast as they can. It's very crouded at lunch time, you'll be there for 10-15 minutes but its well worth the wait. The burgers are excellent, so are their sandwiches. Great tasting food. Better than any fastfood place including IN-N-OUT. Very, very tasty. If you're Korean be sure to go there and ask for the "Korean Discount" to get a free drink or fries.
Ben's Burgers Livermore, CA
This place is real close to where I live.. Very good burger.. I have to agree the Shakes are the best the fries come second.. Small place seems to be and older guy and his wife very nice people. Worth the stop
Kentucky Fried Chicken Keyser, WV
Me and my wife..recently were vacationing with the kids , when we wanted something quick to eat..we were all hungry so we stopped by here..we were very well satisfied ..Also, KFC has recently added new menus too..prices are not bad either..
Best Burger Hayward, CA
The absolute best burger I have ever had. I always get the Bacon Cheeseburger, bacon is thick and plentiful. Being a lover of potatoes...their fries are the best, a meal in itself.
Take Five Feeding Hills, MA
A good bar restaurant. The menu has a good variety from ribs to steak. I'm am partial to the ribs. The bread is fresh, the soup is excellent.
Ray's Boathouse Seattle, WA
Just as the 50-foot tower next to the restaurant, with its red neon R-A-Y-S relentlessly flashing on and off, dominates the landscape at the south end of Shilshole Bay Marina and serves as a beacon for seafarers, Ray's Boathouse has assumed a similar role in the local seafood scene. Both the main dining room and upstairs cafe (where entrees are about half the price and therefore a terrific place to bring the kids) feature one of the most awesome views anywhere: unobstructed views of Puget Sound, Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. Cafe patrons enjoy an additional advantage: the possibility of scoring one of the coveted spaces on the outdoor deck.
Pete Mileer's Steakhouse Evanston, IL
Serious steaks and seafood in a clubby, romanticly lit atmosphere. Live jazz starts at 8:30.An attached billiard room and another bar. Fine cigars, ports, extensive wine list and attentive wait staff make this the ideal "in" place to be.
Aniello's Pizzeria Corning, NY
Possibly the finest pizza I have eaten in the past 387 years... OK, so I'm only 49...yet you could live to be 1000 years old before you come upon such a fine pie!!! We were coming back home to central PA from the NY wine country when we stopped in Corning for several hours and found the Pizza of our dreams. It is over 2 hours away yet we are about to take a trip back for a pie or two, and I don't even like GLASS!
Bombay Cafe Los Angeles, CA
A gem of a restaurant in a large city. They have some of the most delicious indian food I have ever tasted. You cannot go wrong with anything you choose from the menu. Fascinating atmosphere and friendly staff. I cannot wait to go back.
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