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Recent reviews by Chris M.
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China Emperor Austin, TX
The food is sub-par: Excessive use of MSG and some are not fresh. I came to eat there with my cousin who lives quite nearby and I was shocked to see that some of the food are from the night before. You can taste the difference and see that the vegetables have that distinct look, more wrinkly than the fresh ones. Basically they only reheat them and serve them again to customers. The staff are average for a buffet restaurant, slow in refilling ice tea and taking away the dirty plates. Perhaps because they're too busy eating themselves, I happened to see two of them eating and chatting in their waiter station while I was grabbing the food from the buffet table. This is one of the worst chinese restaurants I've ever been to. I'd suggest everyone to avoid this place and find a better place to eat.
Wanfu Chinese Restaurant Austin, TX
Quality of the food is inconsistent. If everything is good, it's good. But sometimes they really mess things up. I've been there a couple of times with my family and we used to order almost the same food, until we stop going there due to this inconsistency problem. One time, one of the dishes is way too salty. I complained this to the waiter who can barely speak english (From where did they hire these guys anyway?) and it took them another 30 minutes to replace it. By which time we have already lost our appetite. Another time, the tofu in the dishes has already expired. Regardless to say, 2 bad experiences are enough to make us never again go there.
Musashino Sushi Dokoro Austin, TX
A bit expensive, but where can we find a cheap good quality Japanese restaurant?? In any case, it's money well spent. Their selection of sushi is quite enormous and the food quality and freshness are first class. They have one of the best unagi I've ever had. The staff are a delight to deal with. As the reviewer before me has already told you, it has no sign, which I find a bit strange. No big deal, it's the food that matters.
Mandarin House Austin, TX
This is to comment on the quality of the food in the menu. I happened to see buffet tables when I went there so I assume they also serve buffet but I can't comment since I didn't have it. Everything was good and the waitress was quite helpful and responsive to our needs. Their fried duck with special sauce is superb. One of the place to eat affordably.
Z Tejas Grill Austin, TX
One of the 'more' expensive restaurants that I've ever been to. Nice atmosphere, and the restaurant itself on upper level Arboretum blvd. But the food doesn't reflect all the good things I've said before. They should do better than that and improve the efficiency and courtesy of the staff. For the amount of money this place charges, I'd rather eat somewhere else.
Pao's Mandrin House Austin, TX
Very nice atmosphere, not to mention its strategic location in the downtown. I wholeheartedly agree with the previous reviewer. While this restaurant is pricey, the food is excellent and the staff are very courteous. So I have nothing to complain about. One of the best Chinese restaurant in Austin.
China Bowl Cafe Austin, TX
Unusual, but welcomed, approach of a relatively new (2 year?)Chinese fast food establishment. Many can be improved here and there, but it looks quite efficient. Food is quite good considering it's basically a fast food.