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Gaido's Seafood Restaurant Galveston, TX
This seafood restaurant still maintains it quality after generations of families have dined there. There service is excellent and the atmosphere is relaxed.
Landry's Seafood Inn & Oyster Galveston, TX
Landry's just keeps topping itself. They really have some unique seafood dishes that you simply have to try. Why not have everyone order something different and sample several different items while you are there. Way to go Landry's!
Samurai Japanese Seafood & Steak Galveston, TX
I went back to this restaurant and they never disappoint. The quality of the food is impeccable and the service is there to inspire. Welcoming atmosphere and a wonderful place to dine with family or friends.
Di Bella's Italian Restaurant Galveston, TX
If you are in the mood for great italian food this is the place to check out. The pasta dishes are cooked to perfection and their sauces are numerous in variety and will satisfy any craving. Definitely worth the extra cost.
Casey's Seafood Restaurant Galveston, TX
Seafood abounds in this seaside restaurant. From the time you enter the restaurant your nose tells you that you are in for a tasty treat. You can choose from dishes that are grilled or fried and anything in between. Fried shrimp is still one of my favorite items and the portions are generous.
Willie G's Seafood & Steak House Galveston, TX
If you are looking for a fun place to dine with family or friends, you have just found the perfect location. The service here is entertaining and speedy. The atmosphere is casual and inviting. The only problem will be choosing between their steaks and delicious seafood items. Why not have a combination of both? Everything we ordered was cooked to perfection and seasoned just right. Highly recommend.
Harborside Grill Galveston, TX
Sometimes you just have to splurge and have a really nice dinner with your sweetie. This place will definitely fill the bill. Their fish dishes are phenomenal and many different choices of fish are available. The salad was some of the freshest and most delicious I have ever experienced. The service and atmosphere were comfortable yet definitely upscale. Wow!
Saltgrass Steak House Galveston, TX
Beware outback, you better watch your back because this place is aiming to take steak to another level. Many times it is difficult to get someone to cook a steak that is truly medium rare, but this place prepared it just as requested. The meat was some of the tenderest cuts I have ever experienced and will definitely be returning again soon! Thank you for such an awesome experience.
Happy Buddha Galveston, TX
Delicious food and a great value for your money. Chinese food at its finest. One of my favorites is Pepper Steak and they prepared it wonderfully. You won't leave this place hungry unless you choose to. Great place to dine with the family.
Flagship Hotel Restaurant Galveston, TX
You owe it to yourself to dine in this restaurant even if you are not staying in the hotel. They have a wide variety of food to suit everyone and the prices are reasonable. Even if you have children in your party, you will find something on the menu they will enjoy. While you are there, take time to go out on the pier and enjoy the view.
Denny's Classic Diner Galveston, TX
I love to dine at restaurants where you can have breakfast anytime of the day you want. There is just something about having breakfast for lunch that makes you feel good. The omelets are incredible and are a generous portion. Their pancakes are fluffy and hot and just melt in your mouth. Yummy!
International House of Pancakes Galveston, TX
I think they must be paying attention to customer comments, because they have definitely improved their service. This is still one of the best places to get a meal 24 hours a day. You can have anything from sandwiches to meatloaf to pancakes, and anything in between. Once thing that I have always enjoyed about IHOP is how they leave a pot of coffee on your table so you don't have to keep asking for refills. Way to go IHOP!
Sandpiper Restaurant Galveston, TX
Wonderful casual restaurant that is not far from the beach. Quick food that tastes delicious and the portions are plentiful. Leave the coat and tie at home because this place is best when enjoyed in a pair of shorts and flip-flops.
Tortugas Galveston, TX
If you are in the mood for Tex-Mex, you have just found the place to be. They start you off with a large bowl of chips and their famous salsa and keep it coming until you say stop. Their tacos and tamales are incredible. You might even want to try their chicken taco salad. Be sure to save room for dessert because there are several choices to suit everyone.
Gino's Galveston, TX
You know, sometimes you just have to try a really great pizza and not one of those chain pizzas will do. Gino's sauce is spiced differently than many other places and even has chunks of tomatoes and not just tomato sauce. The cheese is loaded on and whatever toppings you can think of are available. Try this place and you may not want to go back to the chain pizza places.
Western Fried Chicken Galveston, TX
We call this place "fried chicken with a kick". They have some incredible flavor to their batter and it is not just the same old fried chicken. Be sure to try their fried okra while you are there. The mashed potatoes are homemade and the gravy is to die for. Friendly atmosphere and excellent service.
The Taco House Restaurant Galveston, TX
This place may have "taco" in its name, but don't just think they have tacos. They have some of the most incredible guacamole and salsa you have ever tasted. You can choose what kind of tacos you want and you can even have a taco salad if you choose. Save room for their churros!
Peppercorn Restaurant & Grille Galveston, TX
Friendly atmosphere and excellent service. Great variety of foods to choose from. Their sandwiches are fantastic and very fresh and prepared just the way you want them. Prices are reasonable and the portions are plentiful.
Queen's Barbeque Galveston, TX
Barbecue the way it was meant to be served. Generous portions and lots of variety. Your nose will let you know that you have entered a special place as soon as you walk in the door. Sometimes you go to barbecue restaurants and their food does not taste as good as it smells, but this place won't let you down. Just be sure to hang on to those ribs and don't throw them across the table because they just might slip out of your hand. Comfortable atmosphere and superb service.
Nash D'amico's Pasta & Clam Bar Galveston, TX
Did someone say date? Yes, this is just the place to take that special date. The service is impeccable and not bothersome. The pasta dishes that are complemented with seafood are what we recommend. You cannot go wrong with Shrimp and Linguini with cream sauce. You might even want to savor a delicious glass of wine with your meal.
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