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Recent reviews by Pikky G.
Restaurant Name City
Udupi Palace Sunnyvale, CA
This is still one of the better SOuth Indian restaurants in the Bay Area. And, with the economy in a slump, you don't have to wait to be seated!
Mandarin Gourmet Cupertino, CA
The food and ambience at this restaurant are good. However, the waiters are a bit snobbish and appear to be doing you a favor. I musch prefer Loon Wah.
Rangoon Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
This is one of my all time favorite restaurants especially during lunch. For a little over $5 you can get a soup, egg roll, rice and entree. Whats more, the food is really good. I'm a vegetarian and usually go for the Kala Hin which is exquisite. I think the only negative at the restaurant is that it is kind of small so, its not that conducive to provate conversations and, sometimes, the wait can be long.
Loon Wah Cupertino, CA
The food at this restaurant is every bit as good as the top rated Mandarin Gourmet and the servicee is much better. It is also a much bigger place so you rarely have to wait to be seated. The owner is very friendly and will accomodate special requests. He makes you feel at home. Its almost like a diner in a small town. My favorite dish is the Dry cooked string beans. Their hot and sour soup is excellent as well.
Bombay Oven Cupertino, CA
This is your average North Indian Bay Area restaurant. Dinner is usually better than the lunch buffet which can be hit or miss. Occasionally, the lunch buffet can be excellent but usually it will be mediocre. I can stand this restaurant no more than once a quarter.
Pizza Hut Cupertino, CA
What do you expect...its a Pizza Hut. Remember to ask them to make the Pizza Well Done otherwise it will be undercooked. And, its much better to take out rather than dine in.
Florentine Italian Foods Cupertino, CA
I find it hard to rate an Italian restaurant. The food here is actually quite good, as it is in most Italian restaurants. I object to the high prices however. Compared to the Chines and Indian restaurants in the Bay Area, I don't understand why the Italian restaurants are so highly priced.
Thai Basil Sunnyvale, CA
Food is excellent and, once seated, the service is quick. Unfortunately, especially at lunch, the restaurant can become very crowded with vcery long waits.
P.F.Change's China Bistro Sunnyvale, CA
The ambience, the service, the decor at this bistro are all excellent. Unfortunately, the food is only average. I guess that has to be expected in a chain. I wish they could retain the distinctive atmosphere and give the food some more character as well.
SNEHA Sunnyvale, CA
This restaurant started off with a bang a few years ago as th eonly Indian restaurant serving a dinner buffet and, in fact, what used to be an excellent one with both good North Indian and South Indian dishes. Over time, the standard of the food has fallen however. Now, once you eat there, you can't think of going back for a few months. Used to be that my children would ask to go to Sneha. Now, you'd have to drag them there kicking and screaming.