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Restaurant Name City
Mcdonald's Restaurant #8770 Thunder Bay, ON
1 big mac, 1 medium fries 1 large coffee and i added two creams
Always Fresh At Mr Chinese Thunder Bay, ON
it's always fresh food! take out or delivery. beef and greens are a favorite
Golden Wok Chinese Restaurant Thunder Bay, ON
awesome dinner for one thank god it was late. delivery service available
mongo's grill Thunder Bay, ON
awesome steal sandwich, great fries and love the salad
excuria Thunder Bay, ON
friendly staff, restaurant looks great, great cocktails and drinks. casual dressware. outdoor seating.
topper's pizza Thunder Bay, ON
gift cards available, delivery available, open 11:00 am to 12:30 am
hoito restaurant Thunder Bay, ON
the coffee and eggs with bacon and potato hashbrowns
hoito restaurant Thunder Bay, ON, open 8:00 am to 7:30 pm. if you call leave a message. try the pancakes with sausage you'll love them.
Robins Donut Thunder Bay, ON
ever try a pecan butter tart there baked fresh daily. wanna try one.
Robins Donut Thunder Bay, ON
i just love those butter tarts. bake fresh daily. they taste so great
Robins Donut Thunder Bay, ON
time check the balance and buy another coffee. with double cream.
Robins Donuts Thunder Bay, ON
gift cards available! large coffee with a double cream
dairy queen Thunder Bay, ON
try a chocolate fudge shake, there kinda real awesome.
dairy queen thunder bay, ontario
awesome shakes! hmm there great the cherry shakes it so beautiful
tony roma's restaurant Thunder Bay, ON
not bad at all, boy before i walked in i thought it was italian. steakhouse is great
Tim Hortons Donuts Thunder Bay, ON
i like the specialty donuts, strawberry shortcake. few large coffee's double cream
Robins Donuts Thunder Bay, ON
just great 2 for one pizza. oh and a large coffee and a few cokes and maybe a few donuts
burger barn Thunder Bay, ON
walk ins welcomed, good for kids, take-out, outdoor seating
tim horton's Thunder Bay, ON
chili and cheese potato wedges. and a medium coffee
Tim Hortons Donut Thunder Bay, ON
two strawberry cream donuts a specialty donut just added to the menu . what a nice taste.
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