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Restaurant Name City
Belvedere Restaurant Clifton, NJ
Good classic Italian cusine. The seafood is very good. The pasta, as expected is also very good. The wine list if good and has some good values, stick to the Italian labels. It is an Italian Restaurant right? Some of the prices are high but the service is good.
Rutt's Hut Clifton, NJ
You've got to love hotdogs, because that all you get. This institution is a landmark and they still cook them the same way they did thirty years ago. Try a ripper, but don't take anyone there for a first date.
Lutece New York, NY
The food is good but not exceptional. The restaurant has changed a great deal since Andre Soltner retired. It is no longer classic french, and I don't think of this place for fusion cooking experiments.
L'Ecole the French Culinary New York, NY
The food is great, especially for the price, sometimes the seasoning can be spotty, but usually the dishes are spot on. As a training ground it can't be beat and it often beats a few more well known uptown restaurants. It's a hundred dollar meal for thirty. Can you name a better bargain in New York?
Jean Georges New York, NY
The atmosphere and food is exceptional, but the value for that food is not. Some of the fusion examples work very well and some should have stayed outside of the kitchen. It is a place to see and to be seen, especially on a Friday night, but try to get reservations if you are not famous. It is worth going to if you can get a seat and price is no object for the bill.