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Charlie Brown's Montclair, NJ
This is a good steak, family restaurant, because of its location, its a family restaurant until 7pm and then after 9pm its more of a couples or date restaurant. If you stick to food that is grilled such as steaks, burgers, fish fillets you won't go wrong. But I would not recommend much experimenting, because when they try to get fancy it doesn't work. I would not ask for a Bernaise sauce here, but I also wouldn't want the mushroom sauce either (too much thickener, less mushrooms). The high rating is for the food they do best, if I were to rate the whole menu, deduct 1 /2 star.
Moonstruck Ocean Grove, NJ
Its a nice high class restaurant in downtown Ocean Grove, the prices are high, maybe a bit much for what they offer, but there is little competition. It's good for a first date, or a night when you want to do something special and not worry about the check, the food is good, but not as good as it could be for the prices charged.
Ocean Pavilion Ocean Grove, NJ
Its a diner with a great location. The prices are fair and because of the large size you don't have long to wait for a table. The burgers and the fried foods are good. Some of the other combinations are not always as good, such as some of baked seafood, pastas, etc. The menu does has a lot of variety, maybe too much variety, in any case, you won't be disappointed if you don't order out of character i.e., filet mignon, or broiled lobster. Enjoy a day at the beach, then go in and have a cheeseburger and fries and enjoy the ocean view.
Blue Sky Cafe Montclair, NJ
I've had friends that absolutely raved about this restaurant, I did not find it so. It is a good classy place in downtown Montclair on Bloomfield Avenue. The food can be both good and mediocre. That's within the same dish. This tells me that more than one person is preparing, or something is prepared too much in advance. Which to me is inexcusable for such a small restaurant with limited seats. Perhaps the chef took the night off the Wednesday we dined there.
Just Jake's Montclair, NJ
The food is underrated and good. It is 1/2 a bar and bandstand, but the restaurant tucked in back is quite nice. The food is not too complicated and is done well. There is also a Sunday Jazz brunch which is great, when we get a sunny Sunday, then you can sit outside and enjoy life, not to mention seconds and thirds.
Mexicali Rose Montclair, NJ
If you like a festive atmosphere, you will like it here. The food has mexican influence, but is too Americanized for me. Enjoy the burritos and enchiladas and think California, not Southwest. That's my take, what do you think?
Office Beer Bar & Grill Montclair, NJ
It's a pub and diner combined, that's not a bad thing, it's a most successful thing! Stick to burgers, sandwiches and finger foods you won't go wrong. It is a great place to meet someone, because it has a wraparound bar, and some lounge seating. If the items featured have more than four ingredients skip it, then you won't be disappointed. High cuisine, it's not, but is a nice pub with pub-type food.
Princess Diner Wayne, NJ
Great place to go if you are on Route 23 and it is after midnight. It's a typical diner with a wide range of choices. (How do they do it?) But stick to the essential, burgers, fries, fried finger foods. Diet another time! It is afterall, after midnight. It is a welcome place and the coffee is good.
Romano's Macaroni Grill Wayne, NJ
For a mass market restaurant it does a pretty good job at selling itself as a small neighbor Italian restaurant. (Which we know it isn't.) Make sure the pasta is "al dente" and has plenty of sauce and the ravioli isn't too soft so it breaks when you pick it up. Why open one of these type of restaurants in Northern Jersey? Beats me.
Romano's Macaroni Grill Wayne, NJ
For a mass market restaurant it does a pretty good job at selling itself as a small neighbor Italian restaurant. (Which we know it isn't.) Make sure the pasta is "al dente" and has plenty of sauce and the ravioli isn't too soft so it breaks when you pick it up. Why open one of these types of restaurants in Northern Jersey? Beats me.
Bennigans Parsippany, NJ
It struck me a teen singles place the Saturday night we went. Do not go then. The meal was anything but quite, and the food? It was pretty forgettable. Someone must have a sweettooth, because many of the the dishes had that sweet aftertaste that comes from adding sugar not caramelizing the meats or vegetables. It is part a chain, but this chain should be broken. I would not stop here again.
Harold's New York Deli Rstrnt Parsippany, NJ
It's not Katz's or the Second Avenue Deli, but it is also much closer. The cornbeef was quite good, the pastrami was a little too fatty for me. The pickle bar is a great touch so are the different sizes of sandwiches. The difference, 1 and 1/2 hours to Manhattan and parking, etc., or a ten minute drive on Route 46 and almost have the same thing.
Triangle Hofbrau Restaurant Pequannock, NJ
Good German cuisine, but you have to be in the mood. The meats are best, don't forget a Mosel.
Nevada Diner Restaurant Bloomfield, NJ
Good average Jersey diner, stick to the simple stuff, (No more than four ingredients) and you won't go wrong.
Warrenside Tavern Bloomsbury, NJ
Stick to grilled meats and fish or fried finger foods, you won't go wrong. You don't have too many choices in this neck of the woods.
Island Diner Brigantine, NJ
Another Jersey diner, have a cheeseburger, fried and shake, its near the beach too. Don't order anything you think might be frozen.
Frenchtown Inn Frenchtown, NJ
Good outpost for classic French cuisine. Good atmosphere and good, well prepared food. It's a diamond surrounded by paste imitations.
Alain Ducasse At the Essex House New York, NY
Everything you would expect in a truly four star restaurant. If you have to ask how much is the meal, you can't afford it. The food if great, but uneven. Sometimes great mixed with very good. It's hard to expect perfection, this is largely done. But when it is missed, it is very apparent.
Tick-Tock Diner Clifton, NJ
If you keep to simple foods, you won't be disappointed. That is hamburgers, sandwiches and certain fried foods like chicken. Do stay away from steaks, ravioli, and any seafood that is not battered and fried. The service can be good or apathetic, it depends on the time of day. I haven't eaten breakfast, only late lunches and early dinners.
Alexus Steak House & Tavern Clifton, NJ
The steaks are usually good if you order them medium to medium rear, sometimes then are tender and sometimes they are tough, that comes with less expensive grades of meat. For the price it can't be beat if you get a tender piece. That is why this review is rated as good. The atmosphere is noisy, don't go there on a Friday or Saturday.