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Bakers Square Restaurant Chicago, IL
I can't decide which pie is my favorite! The banana cream, blueberry, chocolate peanut butter cup, apple, french silk, they're all so good! They have pretty decent coffee, too. I usually get the soup, half a sandwich, and pie deal. It's very affordable and filling.
Fogo De Chão Chicago, IL
I love it! Waiters bring grilled meat to your table on a skewer. The beef and chicken are sooo good. There's a huge salad bar. I'm not a fan of fried bananas but the polenta is delicious! The servers are so friendly. You will leave this place with your gut busting for sure.
Popeye's F Fried Chicken Chicago, IL
All I can say is red beans and rice! The chicken is good but I keep coming back for the red beans and rice! They are the best!
Bresler's Ice Cream & Yogurt Chicago, IL
Good chain store ice cream. Their frozen yogurt is very good. I usually get vanilla and top it with fresh fruit. The prices are a little high, but it's worth it on a hot day.
Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop Lansing, IL
Loved the fried green tomatoes and peach glazed wings. The po' boy was divine. This is probably some of the best southern food I've had north of the mason-dixon line.
Mei-Shung Restaurant Chicago, IL
Fast service. I tried the chicken and yams. It was different but good. Very flavorful and spicy, just like I like it. Their egg rolls were pretty good, too, and I don't usually like egg rolls.
Vietnamese Thai Binh Restaurant Chicago, IL
The food is ok, but I've had better. It's not that the food is bad, it's just that they could kick it up a notch as far as flavor and variety. They do have great service, though.
Sushi Pink Chicago, IL
They have great daily specials and free delivery! They have a huge selection of sushi and great lunch specials. The prices aren't too bad. The service could be a little faster, but overall, very good food.
Rock Bottom Brewery Chicago, IL
Tons of delicious, freshly brewed beers, ales, and lagers. I'm not even a big beer fan, but I loved their Line Drive Light. They have really good, fresh baked pizzas and huge burgers. The hickory burger is especially tasty. This is a great place to hang out and meet new people.
Taste Of Jamaica & The Caribbean Chicago, IL
Very good jerk chicken. It had just enough heat and spice. The prices are just right. My favorite jamaican restaurant is in Philly but this place is a close second.
Arbor Vitae Java and Juice Naperville, IL
They have some really good coffee blends. I also like their hummus. It's almost as good as home made.
Egg'lectic Cafe Wheaton, IL
Check out their website before you go. Sometimes they offer coupons on there that you can't find anywhere else. You really can't go wrong with anything on their menu. Every thing I've had was very tasty, from the pancakes to the belgian waffles to the french toast. I'd like to try them for lunch sometime.
Cousins Restaurant Chicago, IL
Excellent home cooked meals. Their fried chicken with mashed potatoes is out of this world! The staff goes out of their way to make sure you're taken care of. The prices are great, too.
Paris Family Restaurant Paris, IL
This place was ok, but I've had better. I think it's probably gone a little down hill, but it's still probably pretty decent if your in the area. The food was ok, nothing to rave about. The service was a little slow and it took forever to get drink refills.
Steak and Shake Hoffman Estates, IL
I had THE best vanilla shake here. Just thinking about it makes me want to go right now. It was so thick and delicious! This place has the best shakes. The burger meat could be a little thicker, but still very tasty. I don't go here that often, though. Their prices are pretty high just for burgers and shakes but it's high quality.
Psistaria Restaurant Lincolnwood, IL
Very good food, great prices, great service. This place is definitely underrated. They give you huge portions, too.
Udupi Palace Chicago, IL
Very no frills but pretty good. The prices are right and it's a nice change from fast food. Their curries are very good, especially their vegetable curry.
Bistro Ultra Chicago, IL
A very nice, cute french bistro. The service is excellent. The servers will take their time to explain the menu and specials to you. This is a great date spot.
Murphy's Red Hots Chicago, IL
Great cheese fries. They're so ooey gooey delicious! They gave great brats and Chicago dogs. Great prices, too!
Lou Mitchell's Chicago, IL
This place is always busy. It gets tons of customers from Union Station. It's located at the start of the classic Route 66, so that brings in a crowd, too. Everyone here is so friendly and the food is pretty good. They have great diner specials. The stuffed green peppers are delicious! And of course, no diner meal is complete without a slice of pie.
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