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Restaurant Name City
Del-Co Pizza Delaware, OH
One of the best pizza places in town. Our neighbor orders it every single Sunday for supper and got us turned onto it. While we aren't quite as "dedicated" it is still on the top of our area pizza selections.
Little Mexico Ada, OH
If you don't want to travel very far, then this isn't a bad place to eat. There are better places in Findlay and Lima, but this does in a pinch.
Hickory House Powell, OH
We stopped because we had coupons the first time and went back because of the quality of foods.
Friar Tuck's Fond du Lac, WI
Had our first ever family reunion in Fond du Lac and this is where all the family members took us for our "first meal" in the city. <br> Was so good that they had to convince us NOT to go back for lunch every day. The menu is great with a wonderful collection of variety and lots of great food. I really enjoyed everything -- so hard to identify the favorites. We had a party of about 8-12 and ate here twice and not one person had a negative thing to say!
Rio Hotel Las Vegas, NV
Maybe my expectations were too high. After seeing all the shows on Vegas and that this was the best buffet in town -- I decided to make the walk and enjoy a great meal. <br> Or so I thought. First, the price hit me like a ton of bricks. Looks like all the great press was hitting the pocket-book really well for the Rio. That soured my taste immediatly and I held the food to the level of a top-notch restaurant -- and was very dissapointed. At $10 this would have been an acceptable buffet, but at the price it was not worth it. Will not return.
Tumbleweed SW Mesquite Grill Heath, OH
The restaurant's atmosphere and people were nice -- pretty standard chain restaurant fare. But the food was okay. Wife liked the shrimp our first trip, didn't reall care for it on our second visit. I had steak the first time and was very unimpressed, so I tried the chicken and it was averge. Not a lot of taste, but decent.
Ruby Tuesday Heath, OH
This is one of those chain restaurants that I wonder how it has become so popular. The salad bar is nice, but the rest of the food is average at best. We've had bad experiences at this one on both occasions with the wait staff forgetting us or our food. <br> Personally, there are better choices in Newark/Heath than Ruby Tuesday.
Hartville Kitchen Hartville, OH
This is a classic "amish style" restaurant that is rare outside of Holmes County. The food is of homemade quality and the desserts are grand. I love the fried chicken and any time I'm in northeast Ohio, this is a must-stop for us. <br> The crafts are a nice addition, but sometimes when your waiting in line you wish they would have made that extra seating space so you wouldn't have to wait so long for a seat!
Red Lobster Zanesville, OH
We love seafood and on the way back from our honeymoon in Daytona Beach and already missing the beach -- we stopped at Red Lobster in Zanesville. <br> Maybe it was the great meals in Daytona Beach or just this location. But the food was far from being what we expected. It was not anywhere the quality that we had anticipated and seemed very expensive. The wait-staff was average at best. Personally, we haven't ate at a Red Lobster since.
Beachy's Country Chalet Sugarcreek, OH
This was a favorite of my college girlfriend's dad...and you know I never complained when he suggested it. <br> The place is clean, the wait staff is usually very good, and the food is almost home made. The Swiss Steak (surprise) is a favorite of mine!
Dutch Valley Restaurant Sugarcreek, OH
The atmosphere is okay; but I am not a big fan of the food. If this restaurant was in Delaware County or anywhere else other than the heart of Amish country it would be a favorite. But comparing it to Der Dutchman, Amish Door, and the one in Mt. Hope that is escaping me at this moment makes it just an average place to eat. The pies taste store bought, the meal tasted more like a chain than home made. <br> Personally, it has to be Sunday for me to eat here -- since it is the only place open!
Swiss Hat Restaurant Sugarcreek, OH
Swiss Hat is a great place for a burger. Not the quality of "real" food that you get at the other restaurants in the area -- but the burgers are wonderful. Price is right and the only problem I've had is the normal hassle of getting into the restaurant that can be faced at any of the Holmes/Tuscarawas County restaurants.
De Rienzo's Italian Foods Salem, OH
Went there with a large group while in College. The food wasn't bad. It was better than the Italian you can get in Alliance - so we would have considered going back. But the service was very poor. We had 10 people and did one bill to make it easier and they still couldn't get it right. Soured us enough that we never make another trip.
East of Chicago Pizza Co Sycamore, OH
East of Chicago Pizza has a tendancy to be greasy and just above average. Personally, I don't care for it - but a lot of people do. We've ordered from this one a couple of times and were not overly impressed. It was just average pizza. Would have a hard time staying business if there were more than two pizza shops in town.
T N T Pizza Sycamore, OH
An average pizza shop. I've had better pizza but in this small town with limited other options if you don't want to drive 15-20 minutes -- it is the best option. The pizza is more a New York style and is okay.
Bistro-On-Main Findlay, OH
A little over priced but the food is good and worth the trip. I like the sandwiches, but have had a couple of "okay" experiences there - but others were off the charts.
Cheddar's Restaurant Findlay, OH
Your typical chain restaurant. The food is okay and the price is okay -- but it lacks the "atmosphere" of being great. The chicken strips are a favorite but nothing to right home about.
Waldo Peppers Findlay, OH
I really like the faijitas at this place. The service is okay and the atmosphere is fun. Have to admit, the first time I got the faijitas and loved them, so that is all I've ever gotten! My various dinner partners have enjoyed the chicken, but not always been overly impressed by it.
Belly Busters Waldo, OH
Little pizza joint. Nothing special, and in a town with J.Angelo's Italian and the garlic bolognia at MR there is no reason to bother with Belly Busters.
W G Grinders Westerville, OH
Used to have a W.G. in Delaware and when it went out of business, the wife and I started travelling down to Westerville for a good sub. The subs here are always excellent and the workers are usually college or high school kids -- so they have fun and bring a good attitude to work.
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