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John's Grill San Francisco, CA
I like this restaurant a lot. I have tried many of the dishes on the menu and they are all good and interesting. Nice wine list too. The waiters seem friendly and professional and the same ones are always there. Must be a nice place to work. The dining room is very pretty.
Tadich Grill San Francisco, CA
Just awfull, service was slow and rude, food was not very good. wife got ciapino and i got a steak, by the time it got to us it was cold and dry. not going back again and will tell everyone i know not to go.
PlumpJack Cafe San Francisco, CA
Its alright. food is good if you havent had better. service was friendly but slow for a weekday. i would go back
Sorrento's Ristorante Italiano San Jose, CA
thought the resturant was excellent with friendly service. The atmoshpere was quite romantic. I would defintely go back if in the area again, The lasagna and butter garlic sauce was quite delicious!
Maggiano's Little Italy San Jose, CA
Still a good place for dining. Had a business diner here a couple of nights ago. The service was prompt, the food was excellent and I enjoyed the dining experience. Recommended. The tri-tip was yummy.
Harris' Restaurant San Francisco, CA
This is a gret resturant. I like the food. The service was also great. You get more than what you pay for.
Jax Steak House San Francisco, CA
Best steakhouse in the City! The service is excellent, and the staff go out of their way to accommodate you. They once seated me after they had officially closed, when I ran up in jeans and a tatty sweatshirt in the rain. I never felt pressured to "hurry" my meal. The filet mignon is to die for.
The Connection Bar & Grill San Francisco, CA
Excellent choice of starters, side dishes, wines and desserts! Ingredients are rich but heck, that's what makes their dishes so mouth-watering. Service is always friendly and responsive. Never felt like I paid more than it was worth to eat here.
Hometown Buffet Newark, CA
The food is fresh and well-prepared, but what I think I remember most about this place is that they give very generous portions (large chunks) of food.
Rue De Main Hayward, CA
Excellent place for an elegant dinner at a fair price. Seafood is very well prepared and nicely presented. The Blue Cheese salad dressing is excellent. Service and ambience leaves nothing to be desired.
Ristorante Il Porcino Fremont, CA
Excellent and friendly service. A very nice place to go for a romantic evening. Not cheap, but definately worth it. I went based on a personal recommendation from a co-worker.
Pezzella's Villa Napoli Sunnyvale, CA
Best Italian food in a long time. The food is excellent!! The place is small so call ahead. The parking is terrible but the food more than makes up for it. Oh yeah, the waiters are GORGEOUS!!!
Toto's Pizzeria Of San Bruno San Bruno, CA
great origianal pizza joint, good crust great combination lots of topings, service is quick if you pick up. Very local atmosphere and a big t.v great for a work party or a game night
Claim Jumper Concord, CA
Portions are huge.Ribs, Steak, Prime Rib, Fresh Fish, sandwiches, pastas. lot like home cooking if you cook like this. i like the prices also. dont gon on a fri/sat the wait is awful but worth it.
Elephant Bar Burlingame, CA
been there with the co workers great mix of food lots of fun big plates friendly and cute staff prices are average nice location and suprisingly no a long wait go and enjoy
Olive Garden Torrance, CA
i have always loved olive garden. im itallian and eventhough its not home cookin its still really good nice portions creative sauces and remakes on classics bread is really good and the endless sallad is worth it
Aqua San Francisco, CA
The soup was something like apple curry...we liked it, but it also had something else in it that made it special. It was served in these small metal cups. Next we had the black mussel souflee (how do you spell this again?). Cafe Jacqueline was fun, but this dish will make you squirm in your seat from how good it tasted...the texture was so soft but still had enough body--hard to describe. Then the foie gras...WOW!!! She's never had this before and I'm not too keen on this---we both loved it!! BUTTERY SMOOTH and oh-so-good! The reduction sauce was also brilliant. I think the mains were ahi tuna and scallops. I'm trying to remember exactly what each dish had, but we were all smiles for a good hour and a half. The food kept coming and the people sitting on either sides commented that we had not stopped eating for what seemed like an eternity. What sumptuous fun!!! Seafood has absolutely no idea what is supposed to be unless it's served here! We also had the dessert sampler...somewhat different in choices from what others had, but definitely included the root beer float. I can honestly say that this platter should be mounted on my wall as a fine piece of art--simply beautiful. The sorbets were delicious and everything else was gobbled up quickly.
La Folie San Francisco, CA
Wonderful foods with wonderful desserts make this location a must for anyone in search of truly authentic french dining experience.I noticed no noise from the outside bustle of Polk Street. In fact, it is an unobtrusive restaurant that will allow you to quickly forget your surroundings and to get caught up in the food, wine, and company. And will you leave anxious to come back
Caesar's Italian Restaurant San Francisco, CA
now this is not your typical in and out expect to stay awhile, since the seven course meale does take time to finnish.unless ofcourse your itallian.
Lalimes Berkeley, CA
The food is great. I really like the family style of presenting food so we can all try a little of everything. I must admit that it is noisy in there, not a great place for conversation. I really enjoyed the pork loin.
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