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Restaurant Name City
Little Caesers Pizza Vernal, UT
Their pizza is some of the best from a chain restaurant. You get a lot for the money and their crazy bread is to die for.
Tequila's Mexican Restaurant Glenwood Springs, CO
I really enjoyed the food. there were good portions. The service was really slow however. and it was very crowded.
Italian Underground Glenwood Springs, CO
Aside from the cost and the wait to get in, this restaurant is one of the best italian restaurants in the area. The service is excellent and the good was awesome.
Baja Tacos Sterling, CO
The quality of the food here is second to none. They give you a lot of food for the price. The wait staff are very friendly and professional. Could do some work on the atmosphere.
Bino's Pizza Kiowa, CO
For a little place out in the middle of nowhere, this place really offers a good dining experience.
Harvest Inn Canon City, CO
I ate breakfast here and compared to the other restaurants in the area, this place is deffinately nothing to write home about. The food was pathetic at best.
Mr Ed's Family Restaurant Canon City, CO
This restaurant is a legacy of canon city. It has been around for a long time. The food is pretty good but it was a little expensive for what you get. The service is very good though.
Janey's Chile Wagon Restaurant Canon City, CO
Every time I have eaten here, it has always been quiet. The service has been good, and the food has been better than average. It is worth the visit.
Le Petit Chablis Canon City, CO
If you want a well prepared, professionally served dining experience and are willing to pay a little extra for it, then this is the place to go.
Pizza Den Alamosa, CO
Their pizza is better than most places I have ever been to. The service was not bad. It could have been better. Overall, I was pleased with the experience.
Bufmacks Family Florence, CO
This restarant had a nice homey feel to it. It was not overly expensive and the service was very pleasant and helpful.
Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant Dillon, CO
I have been to my fair share of mexican restarants but this one is probably one of the better as far as quality of food and service.
Red Lobster Pueblo, CO
I really appreciated the service we recieved here. They went out of their way to provide things the kids would like to eat. It was a little expensive though.
Nacho's Restaurant Pueblo, CO
This is a nice place to just relax and have a good meal. The food has been good every time. The service has been a little slow especially on the weekend.
Giuseppe's Depot Restaurant Colorado Springs, CO
I think the food here is excellent. The service on the other hand was a little slow to the crowd. It was also fairly expensive.
Mr C's Restaurant & Lounge Penrose, CO
If you like mexican food, this is a good place to stop. They have a variety of other selections as well. The service has always been excellent.
Red Robin Colorado Springs, CO
Every time I have eaten there the service has been excellent. The food has been good. There has never been a wait to get in and eat.
Breckenridge Brewery Breckenridge, CO
The whole area is pretty so you can't do much to take away from that. The food was good. The service was excellent.
Frisco's Bar & Grill Frisco, CO
All things considered, this place had a lot to offer. The food was good and it was a nice atmosphere.
K-Bob Family Steak House La Junta, CO
I have enjoyed this restarant for some time. The service has always been good. And the food has always been good.