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Hong Kong Flower Lounge Restaurant Millbrae, CA
I love the variety and quality of dim sum at this restaurant! I am Caucasian but I have been in love with dim sum for over 30 years and have tried just about all the good ones in the greater Bay Area. Yes the service leaves something to be desired; however last time I went, the maitre d' offered insight into several dishes and even allowed me to try a black lotus seed bisque for free. You can find traditional dishes and nouveau creations both. I find Ton Kiang on Geary St. in San Francisco to be slightly high quality but very close (and their service leaves something to be desired as well). It can get a bit pricy, but if you stay away from the speciality dishes carried around by hand under the domed plated lids, you can get fairly full for $30 - $40 and try quite a few plates as well. The quality is evidenced by the number of diners who choose this restaurant every weekend - mostly Asian.