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Joe's Dog House Herndon, VA
For cheap eats it's hard to beat Joe's. The dogs are excellent, the brats are very tasty, so's the kielbasa. They even have a veggieburger on the menu in case you bring along that vegetarian friend ! Fill your own soda-pop, great toppings for the dog of your choosing. You can usually get out of there for about $5, unless you go for dessert -- at least I've seen cake's on display that look great, they're not on the menu but I'm sure you must be able to buy a slice. The service is friendly and typically fast. They do get busy at lunchtime during the noon hour, but it's not too bad before or after that. For a quick lunch or a change of pace from the costly lunches in this area, Joe's is a great choice. I'd give it 5 stars, but, I mean, it's a hot dog place and 4 is the max for those :)
Backyard Grill & Bar Chantilly, VA
I've only gone to Backyard for lunch. It's a great place to have lunch. There's just enough variety on the menu to keep everyone happy, but the menu is limited enough that you don't spend your entire lunchtime going through it trying to decide what to eat. Their burgers and fish dishes are the ones I've liked the best so far. The Barbeque sandwiches are good but not the best I've had -- but then taste in what constitutes good Barbeque are as varied as the millions of barbeque recipes out there, so your mileage may vary. When the weather is nice, there's an outdoor area that's well maintained and is quite pleasant for dining. I've heard that they have bands playing there on the weekends but I haven't been there for that yet. When meeting people that work out towards Chantilly, this is where we always meet and so far everyone has liked it and requested a return visit.
Hunan Lion Vienna, VA
Hunan Lion is a very good Chinese restaurant. The menu has a lot of what you'd expect and a few things besides, especially in the Seafood section. I thought their Hot & Sour soup was one of the best I've had in the area, the Chicken Hunan style was also very good. I've also enjoyed their Mu Shu Pork -- excellent. The atmosphere there is very nice, good enough to take a first date (or second if Chinese isn't a favorite :) Yes, it's a little pricier than many Chinese places but worth it when you want a little better Chinese fare.
Old Brogue Irish Pub Great Falls, VA
Each time I've eaten here it's always been a part of the Winter Celtic Concert on the non-smoking side of the house. I did enjoy the Shepard's Pie and the Fish & Chips in the past. The food along with the great beer, pub atmosphere and wonderful music combine for a very enjoyable evening. Easily worthy of a casual date, especially for someone that loves Celtic music. Of course, I have no clue why they have fajitas on the menu -- why would I go to an Irish Pub and order fajitas ?
Amphora Vienna, VA
Years ago this was the place to come grab something to eat at 3AM after partying was done for the night. They always had great sandwiches, gyros, etc. As you can tell by the name, the food has a Greek slant to it. The American fare that they have is average, but the Greek and breakfast foods are excellent. Yes, you can get that French Toast or Omelets at 3AM and be in breakfast food heaven. Most people rave about the desserts from the in-house bakery. They do look wonderful and the few times I've allowed myself to indulge I've enjoyed them. Still, although the desserts are good I just can't put them into that "great" category. The cheesecake and chocolate cake I've had there were missing that certain something that make them just melt in your mouth. Overall though, for good Greek food or breakfast, this is a great place to visit.
Uno's Chicago Grill Reston, VA
I've only gone to Uno's for lunch. The sandwiches are excellent, and the pizza's are pretty good. For a pizzaria I'd have expected better, and some people I know swear these are great pizza's -- but they're just not quite what I like. The main complaint is the whole tomatoes on all pizza's. I like tomato sauce, not tomato slices -- ick. So, knowing that many others really like that on a pizza I won't take away from them for that. Naturally, at this point, I stick with their sandwiches and salads. All of which have been excellent. The service was prompt and courteous and when you get there by 11:30AM or after 1PM you normally don't have much of a wait. They can get very busy right at the noon-time rush.
The Vienna Inn Vienna, VA
If you're looking for hot dogs and chili, the VI is a great place to go. Get their early or late because it does tend to get packed at lunchtime. Yes, the service is surly -- but that's one of the main attractions. At this point, the waitresses do it almost as theater. The service is typically prompt and for many years you were on the honor system as to what you bought when you paid on your way out. The chili and the dogs are quite good -- and even better when you have them together. This is not a "date" destination -- take the work gang or some buddy's. Go, and enjoy some fine cheap eats.
Barefoot Pelican Grill & Bar Sterling, VA
Good music, nice location (we need more places for bands to play in this area). We've gone here for lunch several times and if it were less smokey I might have enjoyed the food a lot more. If they turned it into a non-smoking eatery at lunch and dinner time they'd get repeat business from me (I'm not the one that will choose this location for lunch). The lunch menu has your usual selection of sandwiches and bar food and they're quite good compared to a lot of other places that prepare the same type of food. If you're a smoker maybe you'd give it a higher rating ? On Fri. & Sat. night it's a fine place to see some good bands though, and the open mike night usually quite good.
Fuddruckers Annandale, VA
This was the first Fudd's I'd gone to and we used to visit this location from Reston -- now there's one in Herndon too. The food is great at either location. If you like burgers they make good ones, and I like their pub fries and they make very tasty onion rings -- some of the better onion rings I've had in the area. The bread for the buns is one of their biggest selling points. The buns are large, fresh, grilled in butter or oil and taste great. They have other sandwiches if you're burgered-out (chicken sandwich and hot dogs). The fixin's bar is fresh and looks more appetizing than most salad bars at most other places I've been. If you have a hankerin' for a burger, this is the place to go.
Tgi Friday's Herndon, VA
Hmm, I've never had problems with the service here, though I've only eaten there 10-15 times so far. The menu used to be a bit better, but it's still passable now. The menu is pretty much the same as Bennigan's and Ruby Tuesday's. Burgers, steaks, fried shrimp, salads, etc. The food is good. If you like your basic American fare without many surprises, this is the place. Still, with the American Cafe in the same location we usually choose the AmCaf unless it's too crowded because the menu and food are just a notch better.
Romano's Macaroni Grill Reston, VA
There are a few dishes I really love at Macaroni Grill. The Chicken Scaloppine is really excellent. Unlike some other "Italian" places I've been to in the area, they actually put real capers in their Scaloppine. Plus, they have the butter to lemon ratio just right. This is the dish I get almost all of the time. Beyond that dish, the salads are good, the tomato sauce is one of the better ones I've had out which helps make the pasta dishes taste great. The atmosphere is pretty good, a large open area with large round tables with paper tablecloths that the waiter/ess writes their name on with a crayon. Cute. The have enough things for the kids too so it's a good family place to go.
Bertucci's Brick Oven Pizzaria Herndon, VA
I have lunch here quite often. Why ? Well, the lunch menu has pizza (of course), pasta and sandwiches to choose from. All of which are very good. The sandwiches are what they call "Panini Sandwiches. My current favorite, the Delicato, on either the cheese bread or onion bread is excellent. The use of mixed greens on their sandwiches and the fabulous bread and very good cheeses used makes for an excellent sandwich. The Chicken Pesto sandwich is also excellent for the same reasons, plus a very tasty pesto makes it one of the best sandwiches you can get in the area. The pizzas are pretty much excellent across the selections. The pasta dishes are very good but I have been slightly disappointed in some of them. I had to really search to find any capers in my Pasta Puttanesca (and I love capers), and I had a hard time finding the roasted peppers in the Rigatonni Abruzzi. But otherwise, they taste very good. The atmosphere is nice and open and the service is normally prompt and pleasant. It's a good place to take a date for lunch.
Ned Devine's Herndon, VA
OK, the food is a bit of a mix of what is trying to be Irish food and American food. The sandwiches are good and the Irish Stew is decent (but it doesn't quite have the right flavor, it's good but it just doesn't taste Irish quite). The best things about Ned's are the music and the crowds. Go there on a Fri/Sat night, get some chicken fingers and beer and enjoy the great local bands that show up here. You'll have a great time and after a few beers chicken fingers taste like ambrosia. The service is a bit slow when it's crowded, but whose in a hurry on a Friday night in a bar with a band ?
Zeffirelli Herndon, VA
Zeffirelli's has the best Italian food in the area. Now, with all of the Italian food in the Northern VA area that's a pretty bold statement, but based on the dishes I've had there and the number of other Italian restaurants I've tried and my Italian heritage that's the conclusion I've reached. Their veal chops are wonderful, the pasta's have been perfect and their sauces are delicious. It's a great place for a first date with a very nice atmosphere and a decent wine selection. I'm working on becoming more knowledgeable on wines so if their selection is weak someone else will have to point it out. What I've had there has been quite good. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
Marie's Restaurant Reston, VA
Marie's is in that Greek/Italian style restaurant mix where it has ambitions of being Italian but it's Greek roots show through. In Marie's case this is not a bad thing. My favorite there right now is the Pastichio. It has just the right mix of flavors, the bechamel sauce, tomato sauce and spices are just right. It tastes as good or better than my own pastichio. Many of their other dishes are just as delicious -- though their Italian dishes don't hold a candle to their Greek or Lebanese entrees. I've never tried their steaks or fish -- someone else can cover those I suppose. Overall, I've always found Marie's to be a friendly place to get some good eats for a reasonable price -- and that can be tricky to find in most of Reston.
Siam Asian Bistro Herndon, VA
Actually, Siam is no longer in Herndon. It was bought out and the name changed to Khun Ya' -- but it's still a Thai restaurant. The food is still excellent though the service isn't quite as good and the prices did go up. The menu still has vegetarian selections, but the menu has changed from what Siam had. Some of my favorite dishes are no longer there but I have had the "Fried Tofu with Thai Curry and Asparagus" and it was quite good. The Thai iced tea is middle of the road, I've had better and worse at other Thai restaurants. If you're in the mood for Thai Khun Ya' is still a fine place to go, but it's not Siam....
Pacific Sterling, VA
I mostly have lunch here when I can drag people out to Sterling for lunch. Once they've eaten here I don't have to drag too hard to get them to come back. Great food, great atmosphere, great service and a great place to have a conversation. It's a great "first date" type of restaurant. The pork satay is one of my favorites. Give it a try, 'nuff said.
Anita's New Mexico Style Mexican Food Vienna, VA
Anita's has decent New Mexican style food. I know some people that love it and think it has the best Mexican food around. I think the food is good but not special. The spices are watered down for the average American's taste buds but have enough flavor to taste good, just not great. To be honest, I haven't found a great Mexican restaurant in the DC area. Not like some of the ones I've been to in New Mexico and Calif. In fact, the best thing made at Anita's are the breakfast burritos. Now, for a fast breakfast meal there's not much out there that's better. Skip McD's for breakfast and hit Anita's.
The Cincinnati Cafe Reston, VA
I mostly eat at Cinci Cafe for lunch. I'm on a Blackened Tuna Melt sandwich kick right now. I love the dressing they use on it and the mix of greens on the sandwich is very tasty. I have had a couple of very average sandwiches there, but most of the menu is quite good. You'll have to go there a couple of times and expermiment (unless you just go for the BTM mentioned previously). The wait staff is mostly friendly and attentive (I haven't seen the one guy that wasn't for awhile....so maybe the mostly can be taken out). There is a lot of wood throughout the decor that gives it a slightly old-time pub feel, only it hasn't aged enough to fully evoke that feeling. Overall, it's a great place for lunch though because it doesn't get loud so you can carry on a nice conversation and the food is generally good to excellent.
Euro Bistro Herndon, VA
I love this place. It's one of those restaurants that we go to for a special night out. It's a cozy place with a European menu whose Austrian/German dishes are fantastic and the Asian and Italian dishes are also very good. The soups are eclectic and very tasty. Since I first tried the Red Pepper cream soup, I've gotten each time since. And like most great restaurants, the desserts are heavenly. I agree with another reviewer, get the Creme Brulee. I love the flavor of this one.