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III Forks Dallas, TX
We had reservations for a party of 6 for 7:30 on a Friday night. We were seated promptly, were pleased with the wine list (although they could do better), and our waiter was courteous and attentive the entire time. The filet that I had was cooked to perfection, the potatoes were great, as were the green beans (the vegetable of the day). Everyone was VERY pleased with their dinner, the ambience was nice, piano and singing of lounge music was very nice. The prices are excellent, as most of the steakhouses of this caliber are al a carte...the steaks here are served with vegetables, yet are the same price (Between $20 and $35). As for the reviewer who said the appetizer was $68? There are no menu items (with the exception of lobster) that are that price. A VERY good value as compared with the other steakhouses in the area, and just as good. Also, the non-smoking is actually on a separate floor from the smokers, a BIG plus in my book, there is nothing worse than having your dinner ruined by nasty smoke floating in the air.
Simply Fondue Dallas, TX
My second visit here was even better than the first. Very romantic, GREAT atmosphere for conversation...wish they would tone down the music a bit, however. There was a 20-person teenaged birthday party when we were there, which was a little distracting as these patrons were not at all respectful of the others dining here, I think management could have done a better job of buffering that situation. The booths are wonderful, it makes it so much more intimate when you really are not distracted by others in the restaurant (aside from the small distraction listed above). Corkage fee is $10, I suggest bringing your own wine if you are choosy about wines as I am. I cannot stress enough that their 4-course fondue dinner is the best value for the price. One suggestion: if ordering the meat fondues, be sure to use oil instead of the broth for cooking the meats, you will be disappointed if you do not.
Kobe Steak Restaurant & Lounge Dallas, TX
Always expect a wait on weekends! Luckily, we met up with our dining companions after they had waited for 1.5 hours...we had an earlier commitment that evening and so we didn't have to endure that long, crowded wait in their lobby as the others had. The food is delightfully prepared in front of your eyes, but not quite as showy as Benihana. I do, however, like Kobe better than Benihana for its food and atmosphere. Very privatized dining and dim lighting make it a very cozy and pleasurable place to dine. Great prices for the amount of quality food that you recieve.
Hoffbrau Steaks Addison Dallas, TX
This is one of the few family-friendly steakhouses on Beltline. Prompt weekend seating in comparison to other restaurants on Beltline. Although it's not a high-end steakhouse, it certainly has some decent selections on the menu. I typically prefer a filet at most restaurants, but I prefer the sirloin at Hoffbrau, they don't over-season or over-butter their steaks, which is nice. I would actually recommend their fried shrimp platter, which is in a beer batter and is perfectly done. Lots of beer available, but don't go here looking for a decent wine. Our service was good, but not excellent...
Ghengis Grill Dallas, TX
This is actually a review for their restaurant on Beltline...we were seated promptly for a weekend evening, about a 5 minute wait. The high seating is a bit uncomfortable. Good selection of meats and veggies to put in your bowl...make sure you overload it, as when it's grilled, it's going to lose a lot of its size. The gong that they struck every once in a while was somewhat of an annoyance...but overlookable. Overall, you probably need to have a sense of what works well together to ensure that you have a pleasurable dish of food...if you aren't somewhat culinarily-inclined, you might make a mistake of food combinations that would end up with a displeasurable result.
Center Restaurant Muenster, TX
The Center has been around forever, and it's a place I return to about once a year. The German food is great, particularly their sausage and their German potato salad (almost vinegary). Local people regularly go here for pizza, although I must admit, when driving all the way to Muenster, I am looking for German food, not pizza, so I haven't ever tried it.
Houston's Restaurant Dallas, TX
Decent food, good service, very small wine selection, very crowded. A very nice bar area lessens the blow on the typical long wait. I would highly recommend their spinach dip. My dinner companion had their entree special, Crab Cakes, and was very pleased with them. I opted for the Flying Chicken, which is chicken fried in a light tempura batter...very good, very large portions.
Wok-A-Mole Chinese Mexican Corpus Christi, TX
On my annual summer trip to Corpus Christi, I was persuaded by a local buddy of mine to go to this establishment. He said he absolutely loves this place and eats there all the time....yipes! This is the last time I ever dine with him, because the food was horrid (and the premise for this place is idiotic...I mean, a chinese and mexican buffet??)
Slogar Bar & Restaurant Crested Butte, CO
Our yearly Christmas (and sometimes Spring Break) trip to CB would not be complete without a trip to the Slogar. Home-cooked meals are great after a long day of skiing when you're just too exhausted to do it yourself. Service is good, atmosphere good, food just average, but decent. The slim pickings of restaurants in town make this one a must-go.
Wooden Nickel Crested Butte, CO
A great after-ski hangout and very popular place for the 20-30 crowd, the hunting lodge atmosphere makes this a great place. Great stew, and a great burger...a Bison must have these when you are trying to warm back up after a day on the slopes. The in-house brewed beers are wonderful, do not leave without trying one. Some spiked hot chocolate topped in whipped cream for dessert will keep you warm while you head back to your place for the evening. Service is a little slow, but not too bad.
Antlers Crested Butte, CO
Right at the bottom of the slopes sits this inviting hotel restaurant...a very large place with tvs, fireplace, and a very large bar. That's where the novelty ends with this place. The service was AWFUL. We waited for over an hour for our food, and even after this lengthy wait, two orders were completely wrong, and the orders that were right were cold and unflavorful. Don't go's not worth it.
Avalanche Bar & Grill Crested Butte, CO
This place, tucked neatly in the back of the main entrance alley to the slopes, is a nice place to go for a cold beer or a hot chocolate...but you had better get there early. You will ALWAYS have a wait...if you want lunch, go at 11, if you want dinner, go at 5 (and still expect to wait an hour). They are always packed into this place, and so if you are wanting to grab a lunch and head back to the slopes without missing too much ski time, don't try it. Food (traditional bar fare) is decent, but to me not worth the wait.
The Original Pancake House Dallas, TX
Whilst getting ready to wait in line for my holiday Honey-Baked-Ham (located in the same shopping center), I always make it a point to stop by the OPH for you guessed it, pancakes. It's usually pretty crowded, but the pancakes are worth the wait. One sticky point for me, however, is the unavailability of real maple syrup...the maple-flavored stuff just does not top a pancake the way I'd like it. Good service.
Mercado Juarez Restaurant Dallas, TX
Decent food, very good prices. The beef chimichangas are great, as are the enchilada suizas. Margaritas are very, very good, don't leave without trying one. My only qualm with this place is that you always smell like this place when you has a funny smell, and it just does not come off. I won't dine here for lunch as a result.
The Londoner Addison, TX
A great expat bar, they are relocating right now and I await their return at their new location so I can get my fish-and-chips with malt vinegar fix. Traditional British pub style place with quite a few expats. Decent service, and just a great atmosphere, hope the new (and larger) location is just as good...
Cabo Fort Worth, TX
This is a very hip place with cold steel tables and is great for a hot summer stays cold in there unless you sit too close to the behind-the-bar grill. A very small menu...I HIGHLY recommend the shrimp quesadillas, they are great. I hear the ceviche is very good, too...but have yet to try it. Prompt service, fast-moving place.
Dave and Busters Dallas, TX
The dining at Dave & Busters is OK...typical bar fare and a few signature dishes. Service tends to be slow in such a fast-moving place. However, I love the game's really like a Chuck E. Cheese for grown-ups, so it's a great place to take a date just for an evening of giddy fun. I'd recommend eating elsewhere, then going to D&B for the remainder of the evening, as the prices and the service can be beat at many other nearby establishments.
Texican Grill Denton, TX
I was pleased to see the drastic renovation of an old building and the attention to detail that was put into this establishment. Unfortunately, they did not put ANY time into menu planning and put no money into hiring a decent cook staff or wait staff. My date and I were served (if that is what you call it, the "service" was horrible and unattentive despite a nearly empty restaurant) the absolute worst meal I have ever received from a restaurant. The margaritas were so sour that they actually burned my tongue. The shrimp with verde sauce was obviously frozen (and freezer burned)...the verde sauce was bizarre, it had NO flavor (would have done just as well by dipping it in water). Email me for my full description...I have dined my first and last times there.
Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House Dallas, TX
Attentive service, great wine list, impeccable quality. Great for business dinners, although it can be a little loud sometimes. Absolutely worth every penny.
Simply Fondue Dallas, TX
Make reservations...reserve a booth, it allows for wonderful seclusion during a great (romantic) dining experience. I would highly recommend the four-course fondue dinner ($20 or so per person) will take a long while (reserve 2 hours for this), which provides a great time for over-dinner conversation. I've given it just four stars only due to their wine list which was lacking in selection and quality. Wine is a must with a lengthy dinner, I would suggest calling them about a corkage fee and bringing your own.
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