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Restaurant Name City
Cornerstone Lounge Warren, PA
Wings, Wings, Wings or chicken Lips (yes they call them chicken lips), I always hit Cornerstone for wings when in town. Very smoky on the bar side, but non-smoking on the other side of the wall.
Ponderosa Steakhouse Warren, PA
You are better off buying a steak at the store and fire up the grill. The steaks have always tasted processed, but they usually keep the salad bar full.
Legends Warren, PA
Average food with average service. The decor is the attraction and the locals hit it for wings and beer, you don't want to drive downtown.
J & D's Diner Russell, PA
A good place for breakfast if you are in the area. The biscuits & Gravy are good and they can fry an egg. Everyone will say Hi when you walk in the door.
Blueberry Hill Golf Club Russell, PA
Weather you have just finished 18 holes of golf or need a nice Friday evening dinner, you will be happy here. Very attentive staff that understands service is critical to add to the quality of the food.
A J Texas Hots Jamestown, NY
I don't personal care for the Texas Hots unless I dump Tabasco on them, however, my wife would kill for a sack of these things. If you like Texas hots than be sure to stop. I personally recommend the Milkshakes.
Tim Hortons Jamestown, NY
A good place for soup and a sandwitch at lunch time. Be sure to grab a dozen for later!
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