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Dolly's Restaurant Frenchville, ME
The name Frenchville wasn't chosen by chance. The residents speak Acadian French, for the most-part, and the cuisine here reflects the culture. This is the place for ployes (rhymes with "boys"), a regional buckwheat pancake with a twist... it is cooked on one side only. The cooked side resembles a firm pancake, while the other side resembles a natural sponge...full of "eyes", tender and delicious! Slather it with butter and then you have a choice: Pure maple syrup or molasses (more traditionale) makes this delight a dessert...put "cretons" on it and it is breakfast or an appetizer. (Cretons, served here and made in-house, is the regional "poor man's pate".) For those that are familiar with traditional French charcuterie, crotons is similar to rillettes du mans, a pork spread rich in fat and minimally spiced with onion, garlic and perhaps allspice or other sweet spice. The owner refuses to share the exact spicing of this dish. Try it once, you will be hooked...I was! The version of cretons here is rather lean and quite delicious. As with any regional dish, cretons varies from household to household, and from restaurant to restaurant. That is the fun of the dish. I would also recommend the "chicken stew". What I received was quite different from what I expected. My grand-mama called this dish "chicken and dumplings". What is different here is the addition of potatoes. Being from Idaho, this was a true treat! Delicious. The wait-staff was delightful and quite informative. They will even demonstrate how to cook ployes. Truely an art in itself. The restaurant offers a full bar, but this isn't the place to drink. Stick with the food, it is the strong point of this oasis!
D'imperio's Restaurant and Courtyard Cafe Pittsburgh, PA
I am extremely impressed with the quality of cuisine at this upscale restaurant. Everything is made fresh. The pastas are excellent: try the crepe style mannicoti. The salmon is excellent, served with a delicate dill sauce. In short, everything is excellent. The wine selection is varied and reasonably priced. A full bar with a fantastic selection of spirits and cordials is also available. The waitstaff are attentive and efficient. The real star, however, is the owner, Tony D'Imperio. He is the ultimate host, who visits each guest at their table. He makes you feel like you are a part of the family. I wish I could give this restaurant more than 5 stars! This is a must try restaurant.
Spinners' Seafood and Steak Chophouse Gold Beach, OR
I was somewhat impressed with this very busy restaurant. The food quality, for the most part, was consistantly good with adequate portions. The atmosphere was dressy-casual. I wouldn't feel comfortable there in shorts and a t-shirt, but would be ok in casual business attire right up to suit and tie. As usual, there are lots of seafood entrees, nicely prepared and served. Also, some pasta and steaks/chops. I had a piece of prime rib that was acceptable...not the best I have ever had, but good. The waitstaff are extremely friendly and efficient. Full service bar and reasonable wine list. I would return again (maybe tomorrow)
Wong's Cafe Gold Beach, OR
Looking for authentic Chinese cuisine? Go somewhere else! This americanized restaurant serves the same gloppy/sweet-sour pap that passes as Chinese food in most towns. The service, while friendly, was hit and miss. I had to ask for utensils. I received the wrong soup (after tasting it) which the waiter tried to, then, deliver to another table (complete with the spoon still in the soup)! I informed him that I had tasted it (awful!!) before the other unwary patron had a chance to share my oral flora. I tried something called hundred blossom tofu. It was spicy, sweet-sour tofu. I paid extra for a bowl of steamed white rice (overcooked). Still, this place is busy, seeing that it is the only chinese restaurant in town. Bewhere!
Nor' Wester Seafood Gold Beach, OR
This restaurant has a good location right on the water. Nice views of the ocean. Of course, the menu is mainly seafood. Everything I have tried is excellent and nicely prepared and served. The wine list is acceptable. Full service bar is also available. Good service and food quality. A bit pricey, but worth it.
Spada's At Gold Beach Gold Beach, OR
This is a fine example of a restaurant that tries to please all tastes, and, in doing so, becomes mediocre. Upon entering, I thought that this was an Italian restaurant. Yet there are lots of oriental decorations, along with seafood motifs etc. It is all of these. You can get sandwiches, pasta, some oriental dishes, seafood, prime rib, salads, pizza etc. None of which are done particularly well. Service is friendly and there is a full bar. Got a family that isn't picky about quality, but each member wants something different? This is your kind of place. It isn't mine!
Ocean City Restaurant Seattle, WA
I am addicted to Dim Sum and try to eat it wherever I travel. Ocean City is the best I know of on the west coast. I've tried many other dim sum restaurants in Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, LA, etc., They don't compare with the authentic jewels available here. Try the sticky rice in a lotus leaf, or the chicken feet. Both are fantastic. Duck feet are sometimes available if you ask. There are also other teas available if you ask. (Jasmine is served if you don't) Don't be afraid to try a new dish here. You might be surprised...you might just like it! Best to arrive between 11 and 2 if you want dim sum. Expect to wait a bit to be seated. This is a LARGE restaurant with at least 3 large separate dining areas. It is noisy and hectic...just what you want when you eat dim sum. Don't be surprised if you are the only anglo in the dining room. Also, don't expect the waitstaff to speak much/any english. Pointing and nodding works everytime. Smiles are free!
Port Hole Cafe Gold Beach, OR
I've been to this restaurant a few times. It is reliable with OK entrees and salads. The place is clean and the service is average, not fast or extremely slow. The pies are varied and tasty. This is your basic cafe, nothing fancy, no great cuisine. It will do in a pinch, but don't expect fantastic service or food.
Smokin' Joes Elkins, WV
I drove by this place twice. It really didn't look like the kind of place that would serve anything but greasy BBQ. Boy was I wrong! Not only is the food excellent, the colorful personalities of the owner, waitstaff and guests round out the experience. I'm a duck lover. (not literally, but you get the idea) Marty served me a duck half with a balsamic reduction that was unbelieveable!! The duck was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Bravo! I returned to find even better food, if that was possible. The filet mignon could be cut with a fork. The jerk chicken was straight from the islands mon. The only thing I didn't like was the crabcakes. Mine turned up well, well done. The inside didn't taste too bad, but burnt crab isn't my favorite thing. My only other complaint is that the presentations lacked flair. No plate was garnished, just the meat and potato. It didn't look too nice, but tasted great. This restaurant is truly a diamond in the rough. A little polishing and my-oh-my!
Pepe's Fairview Inn Bridgeville, PA
Lots of sandwiches and italian specialties. Large portions and great service. May be a little hard to find at night. I drove by it the first time I went there. Good food at reasonable prices.
Burgh's Pizza & Wing Pub Bridgeville, PA
I was really impressed with this restaurant. Portions are HUGE. I had the calzone. It could have easily fed three people. The ingredients were fresh and the crust was outstanding. Tammy, our waitress was fantastic. She was efficient and attentive. They have an enormous selection of draft and bottled beers (both imported and domestic). Prices were more than reasonable. I highly recommend this restaurant. It is worth the drive.
Sakura Virginia Beach, VA
I was really impressed with this sushi restaurant. There are three chefs working plus who knows how many folks in the kitchen. Sakura is a little hard to find, I passed it by three times before I found it. Look for the Wachovia Bank and the ABC Store. The restaurant is in the little plaza behind these businesses. When I ate there, the place was packed with about 50/50 asian and anglos. The sushi was fantastic. Lots of daily specials...check the board for those. The Spicy City Roll was great, huge and delicious. Best sushi I have had outside of Japan. Try it and see for yourself!
Soundview Restaurant Roper, NC
Being so close to the Outer Banks of NC, one would believe that local seafood restaurants would serve up some fresh and tasty fish. Not so at this restaurant. Soundview Restaurant is unbelieveably mediocre. I ordered the crab stuffed flounder on the recommendation of my waitress. What I got was a scoop of mushy crab flavored bread seasoned liberally with green pepper and celery, wrapped with a piece of flounder fresh from the freezer. The fish was OK, the crab mush was lukewarm and frightening. This was accompanied by some commercial cut French fries and the "all I could eat" salad bar. All I could stomach was the cottage cheese and a few sliced vegetable toppings. The lettuce was water-logged and limp: inedible by most standards. I tried to resurrect this disaster by having a cup of New England Clam Chowder. It looked OK, but tasted metallic and scorched. I fished around in the cup, only to find minute bits of clam and mushy potatoes. So much for my seafood meal. Now the kicker: the chef/manager is a 1966 CIA graduate! Nowhere was there any evidence of the touch of a classically trained chef. I met the man and asked him what, in his opinion, was the best item on the menu. His response was the weekend prime rib. I was shocked that he didn't recommend any of his fish dishes. I guess maybe I should only order prime rib at this restaurant in the futureā€¦.I probably won't return to give it a second chance. Other comments: the waitstaff are kind, but slow. Don't ask too many detailed questions and you'll be alright. The wine list is mediocre as well: Fetzer Sundial Chardonnay by the bottle and others like it. Jug wine is available by the glass for the daring.
J.j's Bbq El Dorado, AR
Without a doubt, this is the best restaurant in El Dorado, period. I was really impressed with the quality and quantity of great BBQ available here. The ribs are to die for: moist, tender, fall off the bone, eat without teeth, you get the picture. The sliced pork shoulder is wonderful. If you're hungry, try the all you can eat catfish and ribs dinner. Unbelieveable!! The decor is interesting, with lots of memorabilia, old newspaper clippings and the perfunctory moose head. The food is great, the spicy BBQ sauce is fantastic. Make sure to talk to the owner/chef while you're there. He is a master of BBQology and a great guy to boot. Well worth the drive for the best BBQ in Arkansas!
Mast El Dorado, AR
The preceding reviews had me ready for a really fine meal. I tried the lasagna and found it to be tasty but nothing special. The vegetable side dish was cooked until it could do no harm to anyone...the broccoli was gray and mushy. My companion had the half pound burger steak with a side of fetuccini in a cream sauce. It was tasty and the serving size was good. Three hours later, he was vomiting and had diarrhea. This food poisoning lasted another day. In retrospect, he recalls that the temperature of the sauce was tepid. I was spared. I would probably return again for pasta...but no cream sauces for me.
Glacier Brew House Anchorage, AK
I was really impressed with this brew house. Yes it is packed...there is a reason. It's a good place to eat and drink. I liked all the beers I tried and the service was acceptable considering it was very busy. My wife enjoyed the duck entree while I stuck with the halibut. Both were prepared to perfection. Our waitress was extremely attentive and efficient. It is a great place to go, but get there early or you will have to wait. Parking in the area is a nightmare.
Mamasita's Restaurante Mexicano and Cantina Edenton, NC
This seems like a chain restaurant. They have the requisite combo platters for about $7, carne asada, burritos, etc. Surprizingly, they also have carnitas. Maybe I'm spoiled, since I live in an area with alot of authentic Mexican restaurants. The food here seemed to be prepared for the American palate. The salsa was terrible. It seemed like canned tomatoes blended with a lonely jalapeno. The food was OK, but hardly authentic. One plus for this restaurant is that they are open on Sunday. If you like Taco Bell, you will like Mamasita's.
Aiberto's Mexican Food Stayton, OR
This is a great place to eat. They are open 24 hours a day and serve authentic mexican food. This is a ma and pa fast food restaurant. No waitstaff, just paper plates and plastic utensils, but the food is great. They serve a mean burrito, available with chile verde, chile colorado, or about anything else you may want. The food was hot off the grill and there was plenty of it for a reasonable price. Well worth a try next time you are in Stayton. If it's cold outside, it will be so inside, apparantly, they don't use heat for the dining area. Wear your coat and enjoy!
Pump House Restaurant & Saloon Fairbanks, AK
I enjoyed my meal at this restaurant, but as another reviewer stated, it was nothing special. The seafood was fresh, and the Alaskan ceviche was especially good. Portions were large and the decor was interesting. Prices were typical for the area. The waitstaff was attentive. The bar was quite large and served pretty stiff drinks.
Ugo's Pizza Stayton, OR
Ugo's has exceptional pizza and calzones. Their prices are high but so is the quality. Lots of toppings, a good sauce and friendly waitstaff. They have a really huge 24 inch diameter pizza for parties. Also at a huge price. Probably the best in Stayton area.
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