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Recent reviews by Karl S.
Restaurant Name City
China Buffet Fort Dodge, IA
This restaurant is great. The buffet will fill you completely up. I love chinese food, and i recommend this restaurant to anyone who also likes chinese food.
Hickory Park Ames, IA
I am sorry, but this one of the two best restaurants I have ever eaten at. Every single thing is good here, from appetizers to dessert. Plus, the price is reasonable. Sometimes you have a long wait, but for the amount of food you get, its worth it. So when you are in need of a great meal, go to this restaurant. Plus, i recommend any type of ribs on their menu. You'll be glad to spend you money and will feel it's worth every penny!
Back Forty Manson, IA
The food here is not that bad as some reviews have mentioned. The Back Forty provides a friendly atmosphere and good service. There are games to play to pass time like pool and a minature golf game. The food is marginal, but the restaurant is mainly a bar, which is why people go there. I do recommend the salad bar is you go there or the philly steak and cheese sandwich. That is you best bet.
The Pizza Ranch Manson, IA
The Pizza Ranch is a great restaurant to get pizza. Their chicked and ranch stick are also great. Thats about everything that is good from there. The sandwiches arent good and the buffet isnt good. So, if your looking for some good pizza, try the pizza ranch!
Lighthouse Rockwell City, IA
This a great restaurant. I have liked just about everything that i have tried. I recommend this restaurant if you live in the twin lakes/rockwell city/manson area.