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Restaurant Name City
Natraj Indian Restaurant San Francisco, CA
avg. kind of a place, not very good ambience. service was decent. food taste was average. quite economical too.
Pasand Madras Cuisine San Francisco, CA
nothing great about this place. go here if you want to try south indian stuff, something that's not available in most places in san francisco
Mela Indian Restaurant San Francisco, CA
average kind of a place. not very appealing too. good for a change but not a place to be frequented often. try out the matar paneer, its nice
Sir Taj Indian Cuisine San Francisco, CA
excellent place to go for indian food. good variety of food - the non-veg stuff especially the kadai chicken is very good. reasonably priced for the food you get.
Original Joe's Italian Restaurant San Francisco, CA
excellent place to go to for italian cuisine. has been around for quite some time and is very popular with the folks. dont miss this one for anything.
Tommaso Famous Pizzeria San Francisco, CA
great place for italian pizza, crisp and served hot. they dont serve pizza by the slice though. nice place to go to.
Chef Jia's Restaurant San Francisco, CA
nice and cheap place to have a quick meal. nothing great about the ambience but the value for money scores over everything else here.
Henry Chung's Original Hunan Restaurant San Francisco, CA
nothing very great aboutn the food here. not much variety either. wouldnt go here again if given the choice.
Betelnut Pejiu Wu San Francisco, CA
good place to go asian grub. is quite popular aas can be made out by the waiting time. expensive, but great variety here. must go.
Ceresio Cafe San Mateo, CA
good food, excellent service. menu choices seem to be lacking though. but an overall nice experience
Up Town Cafe San Carlos, CA
excellent place to visit. good music in the weekends. service excellent. cant miss this one
Prince Of Wales San Mateo, CA
great plaec to chill out. nice ambience, great live music. this area needs more plaes like these
Rainbow Pizza San Mateo, CA
good place, pizzas are huge though, different settings than normal, place witha difference
Windy City Pizza San Mateo, CA
nice place to go for a pizza. chicago style pizza served here, good place to sit and enjoy the surroundings, slightly expensive though
Rasoi San Francisco, CA
great place to dine in. nice stuff too. the sabzi was nice, and so was the rice. nice ambience too
Maharani Restaurant San Francisco, CA
great place to dine in. good variety of dishes, chappatis were hot and crisp. must go
Star India San Francisco, CA
go only for the food, ambience sucks. home delivery possible so maybe thats a good idea
Gaylord India Restaurant San Francisco, CA
u must be nuts if u ever go to this place after reading this. lousy food and expensive too, no value for money
New Delhi Restaurant San Francisco, CA
quality of food was average. maybe u can try the buffet they have, is better than the normal stuff