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Restaurant Name City
Silver House San Mateo, CA
food is good, but gets crowded at times. you'd do well to book in advance. sevice is lacking though.
China Village Restaurant Belmont, CA
food is average, seems to be frequented more by the oracle building guys. you could here for the variety.
ABC seafood restaurant San Mateo, CA
when you go there make sure you have an empty stomach as the servings are quite large. food is delicious, what is lacking is the service though.
Uncle Chen San Mateo, CA
good food, nice ambience and decent service. try out the soups here because they're quite well prepared.
Joy Restaurant San Mateo, CA
food is excellent and cheap. place is small though and gets crowded. must go here, its quite good.
Little Sichuan San Mateo, CA
food may be nice but the staff isnt. seems like they're always full with customers so they've stopped caring. but its still worth oging for the food.
Fon Yong San Carlos, CA
good food, nice service. has good variety and if you like vegetarian stuff this is the place to go to.
China Bee San Mateo, CA
good food, and its cheap too, but quantity is quite less as compared to other places. got a homely atmosphere and you feel quite welcome here
Szechuan Cuisine San Mateo, CA
wouldnt recommend this place to anyone. very average kind of food and ambience, didnt live up to expectations.
Amanecer Restaurant San Carlos, CA
if you want variety then this is the palce to go to. good choice and nice ambience too.
Three Amigos San Mateo, CA
good burritos. and its quite a cheap place to dine in san mateo. must go here, it fares well when compared to other places.
Los Metates Taqueria Belmont, CA
only thing good about this place - the price. else food has nothing to write home about.
Mama Lupe Taqueria San Mateo, CA
guess my rating says it all. stay away from this place. and if u wanna be adventurous, then remember - u asked for it.
Taco Loco San Mateo, CA
nice atmosphere here, and the service is good. food lacks in taste but the others make up for it.
El Torito San Mateo, CA
great food, very mexican. and the pricing is not bad either. close to quite a few companies so can expect a good crowd here.
Chevys Mexican Restaurant San Mateo, CA
if you want good food and service then stay away. only thing about this place is the view by the lagoon.
Baskin Robbins San Mateo, CA
yet another of those ice cream parlors, but foster city could do with more of them. good ambience
Squire's Ice Cream San Carlos, CA
nice and decent place for an ice cream. the guy at the counter was quite friendly too.
Fast Freddie San Carlos, CA
nothing fast about this place, had to wait for some time. but its worth a wait though, pizza was nice
Jack's Brick Fournos Pizza San Mateo, CA
pizza is good but there's absolutely no place to park your car closeby. can go here for a change