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Recent reviews by Amy L.
Restaurant Name City
Viognier San Mateo, CA
Food is good but not great. A reasonable place for a not-so-fancy quiet night out. Service is great though.
Siam Garden Menlo Park, CA
I used to like this place. But a recent revisit shows the food to lack the quality it used to have and the service is definitely slipping as well. I ordered the Thai fried rice and was very annoyed when it only contained three pieces of pineapple. Who have heard of a good Thai restaurant served Thai Fried Rice with only three pieces of pineapple in it. When I got the check, I found that the waitress has overcharged me in couple of the items. She ensured me that she only overcharged me for the couple items I found and she will gladly fix it for me. Of course, no apology whatsoever. I insisted in checking the prices against the menu and found that she has overcharged me on 3 other items, that made 5 out of 7. Again, I got annoyance instead of any apology from the waitress. I have never been treated so badly by a restaurant who overcharged me. So folks, make sure to check your bill against the listed price in the menu. Don't let them cheat you.
Palo Alto Baking Co. Palo Alto, CA
Very good cakes. Call a day ahead to make sure you get your favorite cake. You can also get a selection of Petits fours; good for party.
Nina's Cafe Menlo Park, CA
Excellent well-prepared French food. Good service and very friendly people.
Flea St. Cafe Menlo Park, CA
Nice cozy atmosphere. Innovative use of ingredients and spices creates simple dish with an intricate and delicious taste.
Beppo Palo Alto, CA
Entrees are hugh, so make sure you go with a group of people with big appetite. Food is good but not excellent. Just for the kick of the bizarre atmosphere and music, try it once.
Sushi Ya Restaurant Palo Alto, CA
This is a good place for fresh sushi. I recommend sitting at the bar and order whatever appeals to you. You can even have the chef to make sushi which is not on the menu. See something you don't know what it is, just ask the chef. People who work there are quite friendly.
Higashi-West Palo Alto, CA
The freshness of fish can make all the difference in sushi. At Higashi-West, the fish is incredibly fresh. Though slightly pricy, the taste is worth it. When the restaurant is crowded, try to get a tray of sushi to go. Good for parties or dinner for two at home.
Fuki-Sushi Palo Alto, CA
A nice Japanese restaurant to have a sit-down meal. Lot of varieties and combinations. Food is good but pricy. It is also a good place for lunch.