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Recent reviews by Megan L.
Restaurant Name City
Old Street Pub Smithtown, NY
It's Suffolk County's best kept secret!!!! The food here is GENEROUSLY portioned, DELICIOUS!!! And... you don't have to deal with overpricing and snobbery. Laid back, pub atmosphere, staff is friendly and upbeat. Marinated Porterhouses to die for(all steaks are good) Best burgers ever, with suggestive toppings you probably wouldn't even think of....AMAZING!!!! Marinated steak sandwich, all steaks(especially Porterhouse), Burgers, porkchops and all Chicken dishes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! and the complimentery Cheese&crackers... forget about it!!!!!
Tupelo Honey Sea Cliff, NY
The most beautiful atmosphere I've ever been in... mosaics, stained glass, all wonderfully mixed with colors & florals...move over Martha Stewart.... inventive menu...seems NewOrleans style, and Sea Cliff is the best local for this place