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Recent reviews by Laura W.
Restaurant Name City
Frenchy's Saltwater Cafe Clearwater Beach, FL
Fun place to go if you're at the beach -- yummy sandwiches and your typical fried appetizers!
Dinner Bell Restaurant Deliver Clearwater, FL
This is a restaurant delivery service that publishes a catalog of various places that normally don't deliver. The full menus are listed and you order through Dinner Bell. It is a good service with a reasonable delivery charge (3.75 I think?), however beware that they stop taking orders around 9:30, even if the restaurant itself serves food later than that!
Beach Diner Clearwater Beach, FL
Fun 50s style place near the beach with outdoor tables available. Delicious blackened grouper sandwiches and bloomin' onion appetizers.
India Grill Baltimore, MD
Is this the former Ackbar? If so, it is an excellent restaurant, with delicious Indian food and a nice atmosphere.
Golden Arm Restaurant Towson, MD
Nice, cozy restaurant in a shopping center in the Govans area (York Rd Plaza, I think?). Memorializes Johnny Unitas (former Colt quarterback) and his "golden arm". Good seafood dishes, and yummy desserts. Plush and comfortable chairs.
Jeerry's Belvedere Tavern Baltimore, MD
The front half of this place is a bar, complete with peanut shells on the floor. The back half is a sit-down restaurant with bar-type food, such as sandwiches and appetizers. The front part gets pretty rowdy sometimes with the TVs a-blarin'. Also a packaged-goods store. I have great memories of this place when I was younger (and still lived in the area!). I lived within walking distance (which helped).
Murphy's Govans Bar & Grill Baltimore, MD
Fun bar with great memories for me -- never ordered much food here, but did plenty of drinking. Good cheese platter.
Michele's Italian Restaurant Palm Harbor, FL
My husband and I love to go to Michele's. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is wonderful. It is close to the Muvico theaters too!
Mama's Pizza & Italian Dinners Palm Harbor, FL
The pizza is okay, and it is a fun place to take the kids, or just to go for lunch. There are better places for dinner though.
Country Pizza Inn Clearwater, FL
Good pizza, and fun family dining. I went to a birthday party here and it was very comfortable. I like the cozy booths.
Sea Sea Riders Restaurant Dunedin, FL
I love this restaurant -- the food is good, the waitresses friendly and knowledgable. It is fun to sit outside on the porch and watch the sunset over Clearwater Bay.
Crabby Bills Seafood Palm Harbor, FL
Fun, casual atmosphere -- order a pitcher of beer and your favorite plate of seafood. I recommend the coconut shrimp!
Molly Goodheads Ozona, FL
Fun, yet cramped, atmosphere. The tables are squeezed really tight into this transformed house. The waitresses wear shirts that say "Best tail in town" referring to their gator tail. Bar-type food, and fresh seafood.
Sea Grill Palm Harbor, FL
I got the Italian fish dish (don't remember the exact name) -- a fish filet smothered in marinara sauce and melted cheese. It was very good.
Kally-K's Steakery Fishery Dunedin, FL
This restaurant needs some updating. They don't have much on their menu for vegetarians. When ordering pasta with a supposedly meat-free marinara sauce, it arrived with bits of ground beef in it! The waitress was still confused about what it means to have NO meat in it. Their salad bar is relatively good -- I've always enjoyed the tomato/feta cheese selection, as well as garbanzo beans -- items not often found on salad bars. The waitresses are friendly and mean well, they just need some educating. And the restaurant overall needs to be a bit more progressive.
Aunt Chilada's Cantina Palm Harbor, FL
Typical Mexican food overall, but try the cheese dip appetizer! It is a white cheese sauce, served with chunks of melted cheddar and diced tomato on top. Fun casual atmosphere.
ABC Pizza House & Restaurant Tarpon Springs, FL
Nice pizza/salad buffet. Relatively good pizza. Casual, family atmosphere. Absolutely YUMMY Greek-style potato salad to order with the Greek salad. Pretty good calzones. And a couple of TV sets to watch The Simpsons on when you're there for dinner.
Bill's Lighthouse Restaurant Tarpon Springs, FL
Pretty decent place, but not very progressive. But a nice meal during a day at the Sponge Docks. Not worth a special trip there, though, only if I happened to be at the Sponge Docks anyway.