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Yorgos Family Restaurant Clinton Township, MI
In business since 1979, this place is a true family restaurant which specializes in American favorites with about 5 Greek dishes thrown in for good measure. It's a typical diner-type set-up with a counter, items "to go, " pie, and a varied group of middle-class Americans chowing down. We were some of the youngest in the joint; we found out that the restaurant offers a Senior Citizen Discount. Nothing fancy about the food. My husband and I decided to "eat Greek:" he ordered the spinach pie in filo dough and I had a gyros pita wrap. While they didn't look like the Greek food we ate in Europe, each meal was filling and generously portioned. My gyros even came with my choice of soup. If Lemon Rice soup is offered, get it! I got a big bowl and it was obviously homemade. Lovely! Coffee was alright, no more. My husband was very pleased with his spinach pie, too. This is a no-frills place, but a reasonably priced establishment with friendly personnel and nice food. I'm glad we came here.
Rivers Edge Restaurant Indian River, MI
My husband took me here for pie, and I'm happy he did. The River's Edge offers a large choice of breakast foods, lunch specials, and dinner. My husband raved about the burgers, so we ordered a burger first, then pie. My choice was Dad's Choice, consisting of a large meat patty topped off with sauerkraut and onions. I made fun of it when I first ordered it, but once it arrived at the table, I was too busy inhaling it to say anything else. It was one of the best hamburgers I've ever had. The sauerkraut/onion combo was the perfect touch. I get hungry just thinking about it. The pies are all homemade, and the crust is light and flaky; I had blueberry. The coffee was average, but good enough to wash down pie. This is a fairly large place with friendly staff. One can dine outside in good weather, but it was about 20 degrees when we were there, so... my only complaint is that there is poor separation of the smokers and non-smokers. This made us hurry through the meal so we could leave before I started sneezing. Be that as it may, I'd stop by here (if it's not crowded) again.
Travis Hamburgers Roseville, MI
This place is now called Travis Country Grill, and they have apparently broadened their scope to make more money. One can order breakfast, luncha and dinner, and aside from burgers, fish, ribs, steaks, and salads are on the menu. I had a late breakfast here before the lunch rush showed up. Not being too hungry, I ordered the vegetable omlette, and I was very surprised at its size. Talk about generous portions! I wasn't even able to finish it! Toast and hash browns came with it. Very light and fluffy, I was sorry to fill up so quickly. Coffee was only fair (in my opinion). My only complaint would be that, as big as this place is, the smokers aren't segregated from the other diners. Two booths away, some woman was puffing away on something akin to a French "Gauloise" cigarette, it stank that much. It was too late to relocate, so I just ate and left. Perhaps if I come here again, I'll try a hamburger, which is this restaurant's original claim to fame.
Texas Roadhouse Roseville, MI
Someone at our hotel recommended this to us, so we checked it out and were very glad we did. The steaks here are absolutely top notch, as are the salads and (so I'm told) the cocktails. I wish the coffee were better, but that's, yet again, my problem. I had a filet which was grilled to perfection along with an excellent Caesar (side) salad and a baked potato. While others made fools of themselves drinking HUGE Margaritas, I enjoyed Diet Coke. The waitress was very friendly and efficient and we never had to wait long for anything, even though the joint was packed. Unfortunately, we were seated too near the bar, so we could notice cigarette smoke the entire time. The music was often too loud to make conversation, which didn't matter after the friends plowed through those cocktails. Last but not least, the Roadhouse has a little tradition which can be fun or tedious, depending upon ones mood. If a diner has a birthday and tell his/her server, there's an announcement made throughout the entire restaurant and the other diners are invited to yell "Yee-Ha" upon cue. It was cute the first 3 times, then I started wishing the servers would lose their voices. But then again, I wasn't having any Margaritas. Bottom line: we had a very good meal, a decent time, and everyone still has a driver's license, even though I was the only one without a hangover the next morning.
Dunkin' Donuts Minneapolis, MN
I grew up with Dunkin' Donuts in New York City and New England, and I was amazed to find that there's one located in Minneapolis! So when I blew into town in October 2002, I went searching for it. There is only one "DD" in the greater Twin Cities area, and it ain't downtown! In fact, it's waaaaay out there in the suburbs of Brooklyn Park! It was a 30 minute drive from my hotel near the Mall of America! However, it was all worth it in the end. I adore DD coffee, which is the next best thing to German due to how it is brewed and stored. I was there fairly early and just had a coffee and breakfast croissant with egg and bacon (oink). There was a large array of donuts and, as this was a Sunday, people going to -- or coming from -- church were standing in line, all dolled up, ordering donuts. This particular franchise shares its space with Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors, whose sign I saw outside before I saw the DD logo. I am probably the only person nutty enough to go looking for this chain of donuts stores, but I still had a good time there; it was clean, the service was friendly and the coffee is outstanding. Plus, there was no one sitting inside to eat or drink, so I had the place to myself while I eyed all the folks in their finery. Stop by! You could do worse!
Village Inn Pizza Charlevoix, MI
This place is a local institution and is full in summer with all the tourists, then the locals crowd it when all the tourists are away. My husband, a native, comes here when I'm not around. I've visited this place twice and I swear I will never return. There's nothing really wrong with the food, I guess, but I find it overpriced and unimaginative. The pizza is thrown together well enough, but no special orders are taken. The appetizers I last ate (stuffed mushrooms) were obviously frozen then deep-fat fried and cool in the middle. I was unimpressed with the service, too. I fear that business is good enough at The Villager so that a few complaints are simply ignored. Whereas other restaurants might be concerned about losing business, not this one. It will easily make up any slow revenue when summer comes, so if I never visit again, no one cares. And -- how could it be any other way? -- the coffee is below par. There are other tourist locales to visit in this dippy little resort town where I, so to speak, live, so visitors should perhaps try somewhere else first.
Wailana Coffee House Honolulu, HI
This place is open 24 hours a day for those of us mainlanders who are suffering jet-lag and want a quick bite to eat. I stayed at the Armed Forces resort down the street from the Wailana, and only stopped by on my last day in town, just because it looked interesting. I noticed tourists and locals alike in this spacious dining area, which is smoke-free -- as are all Hawaiian eateries, I've been told. My husband ordered a huge "local" breakfast complete with Spam and Portugese sausage along with eggs and grilled pineapple. There was also something else included which I didn't recognize and therefore didn't ask about. I had a plain egg-toast-coffee breakfast with a fresh pineapple side order. Very down-to-earth, nothing fancy, but good and filling. The coffee was strong and sweet; love that Kona! The service was quick and efficient and very friendly. We were low on cash, but never fear!-- the Wailana accepts credit cards. It even gives a "Senior Discount" to those over 55 or 60 (I'm neither, so I didn't pay attention). The Wailana does a big Christmas Day buffet and has a New Year's celebration planned. This place buys advertising space in the big Honolulu paper, so it's worthwhile checking out what specials are being offered when. Next time I come back, I'll visit the Wailana more often since it's only 5 minutes from my usual hotel. A very nice place to go.
Ed's Steak House Bedford, PA
After picking up the car in the Port of Baltimore, MD, I ended up in Bedford, exhausted, hot and fairly hungry. After locating my hotel for the night, I found I was near Ed's and decided this was better than nothing, so I tried it out. I'm very glad I did. I was first put off by the crowd, but was seated immediately in the non-smoking section --- and I never detected smoke the entire time I was there. Since I was travelling alone, I tried the garlic steak with a baked potato and a plain no-frills salad. Wow. I'm sure I still stink from that garlic! I just about inhaled my portion and would have had dessert, but I was too full. The service was friendly and fast, and had to be, judging by the crowd. The public consisted of locals and those passing through this otherwise kind of crummy PA town. Judging by the numbers of kids, it's a pretty family-friendly restaurant, too. If I'm ever back in this area (though I can't imagine why I'd be!), I will definitely check out Ed's again.
Curran's Family Restaurant Minneapolis, MN
If you go to Curran's on a Sunday after 10AM, be prepared to wait for a table. It is well worth the wait, however. This place has been around forever, starting as a drive-in complete with car hops. Still run by the same family, Curran's has been expanded and renovated and hums along efficiently like the institution it is. The smokers are very well segregated from the non-smokers, and I got nary a whiff of tobacco while dining there. I sat in a little two person boothette which was functional and comfortable. As I was there at 11 AM, I did the generous breakfast special consisting of eggs, hash browns (yum!), bacon, toast and coffee. The waitress was kind of flightly and I didn't see her much once I'd ordered, but then, the place was really busy. I did get a coffee refill from one of the Curran family in the flesh, though, and he was very personable and friendly. When I'm back in the Twin Cities, I will definitely go back here. I wanted to stay longer, but there were people waiting for a table, and I didn't want to hold them up. This is a great place to meet the locals. I had a lot of fun and a good meal.
Ground Round Restaurants Minneapolis, MN
The Ground Round was located just down the street from my hotel, and I had some time to kill at lunch before having to go to the airport, so I gave it a try. This is a place where businessmen have lunch alone or with clients, and it's spacious and efficient. Personnel were also were friendly and efficient. Lunch consisted of a Chicken Caesar wrap (warm and tasty) with a small salad and French Fries. The salad was as tasty as the wrap, but the fries were sadly lacking: lukewarm and very hard. I almost brought it to my server's attention, but I wasn't very interested in doing so. I'm sure I would have received a fresh portion, however. Coffee was alright, but only alright. Dessert was very amusing. I had little deep-fat fried doughy triangle wedges which sound revolting but were quite good. One can dip these into sauces of all kinds. I was barely able to finish the portion! I came to the restaurant around 1 PM, so most of the businessmen were on their way out. The server was genuinely friendly and helpful, and the entire meal came to about $20! Considering how much I consumed, this was a good deal. I'm looking forward to coming here for dinner some other time. All in all, a very satisfying experience.
Santorini St. Louis Park, MN
To set the record straight, this Taverna is not in Minneapolis, but rather in St. Louis Park, a good 25 minute drive from my hotel near the Mall of America. Santorini is run by the Nicklow family of Christos fame. It is also located near the General Mills HQ; I know this because I got lost and first drove in the wrong direction. For an out-of-towner, it's not the easiest place to find, but once one locates it, one never forgets. Santorini serves a huge breakfast/brunch buffet on Sundays, and I arrived during that time. Wanting Greek food, I came back in the evening. The place is very spacious albeit a little dark in the evening -- so-called "atmosphere" lighting, and there was the obligatory Greek music on the stereo throughout the restaurant. It was actually quite pleasant. Smokers were well separated from the non-smokers. I used to eat a lot of Greek food when I lived in Europe, and I was looking for something authentic. I got it -- to a certain degree. That Santorini featured a real Greek wine called "Naoussa" was a treat, as was the heavenly Skordalia (a potato paste loaded with garlic). The main course, the Gyros dinner plate, was a disappointment, but it's not the fault of the restaurant. They cook and serve the meat as they get it, which I don't care for. Strips of what I assume were pork were loaded on the plate with a little seasoning and garlic mashed potatoes. This is not the Gyros I know from Europe (and Greece, for that matter), and I didn't enjoy it very much. The garlic potatoes were wonderful, as were the steamed and grilled vegetables. I couldn't get over the unappealing appearance of the Gyros meat. But if this is what Americans are used to, then by all means, order this! It tasted alright, but I wished I were back in Europe. The very nice waiter bragged that the coffee was "especially good, " so I tried some, but it was just OK. All in all, the wine and the appetizer were the best, followed by the garlic potatoes. It was by no means a bad experience, but I checked the menu and some of the other items were pretty up there in price and I wonder how authentic Greek they were. Other diners were very happy, however, and the joint was full on a Sunday night, so by all means, try it. However, if you've eaten Greek abroad, reign in your expectations.
Flapjack Family Restaurant Charlevoix, MI
I gladly lived in Europe and ate all sorts of European cuisine, but I secretly longed for the all-American breakfast or lunch, which the Europeans cannot duplicate, no matter how they try. When I moved to this town, my husband took me to Flapjack for breakfast, and I've been coming back ever since. This is not a fancy place by any means, and I've heard complaints from the jaded locals, but this is a true family restaurant that won't disappoint. Flapjack shares parking with a car parts store and a school, so parking is often at a premium. It is extremely crowded here during tourist season, and can also be crowded with locals (who avoid the tourists) during the off-season. It appears that Flapjack's specialty is breakfast, and they do a great job. I think I've tried every variation except for the one featuring corned beef hash or anything Mexican. In fall, they trot out the PUMPKIN PANCAKES. I'll eat nothing else until the season for them is over, then I go back to the regular breakfast. The coffee here took some getting used to, as I found it bland, but I'll drink it with lots of milk and sugar. Flapjack does very good lunch dishes, too, my favorite being the plain BLT. They also feature a Club House Sandwich which is just a BLT with turkey and cheese added, but it's fun, too. The cole slaw is homemade and tastes different depending upon who's making it that day. It's ALWAYS good, though. Flapjack is also open for dinner/supper, but I've not done that. I have come by for coffee and pie just to get away from the house, and I've found more often than not, there's homemade pie! The cherry pie is also good, made from local cherries. Flapjack offers a Breakfast and Lunch special each day, the lunch special featuring soup. Sunday is breakfast/brunch only, and the restaurant closes at 3 PM. I go here so often that the personnel ask my husband where I am if he goes without me. My only complaint is the separation of the smokers and non-smokers. The smokers sit at the other side of the restaurant, but if there are more than 5 at a time, one can smell it. Flapjack will also do carry-out orders if one is in a hurry. All in all, a not-too-expensive place to eat in an otherwise overly expensive resort town.
Elk River Inn Elk Rapids, MI
I had driven by this place since I came to live about 35 miles north of Elk Rapids. Located on US 31S, the Inn is the on the way to Traverse City from where I live. It's open from 7AM-8PM and serves down-to-earth homestyle American food. Breakfast is served until 11AM, but can be ordered afterwards for an extra 75 cents. Smokers and non-smokers are placed in separate rooms and it works well. The 100-year-old building is very spacious and filled with local decor. I sat in a booth next to a photo of the Elk Rapids HS graduating class of 1898! The waitress that day was very friendly and efficient and gave good recommendations as to portion size and preparation time. The Inn serves lunch and dinner specials; those portions are HUGE. I had a very good Club sandwich which really hit the spot while my husband feasted on the liver & onion special. We were both very pleased. The piece de resistance here, however, is the homemade soup. I am NOT a soup lover by nature, but was tempted by the broccoli and cheese, offered in a cup or a bowl. WOW. It was tremendous. Just the right consistency, and very filling. My husband was pretty impressed, too. To my surprise, the coffee was Columbian and freshly brewed --- and pretty good! I had three cups! The meal for the two of us came to approximately $18 with tax (tip not included). Considering how much we inhaled that afternoon, it was money very well spent. The best time to come here is in the off-season when it's not crowded with tourists. We got to meet some very nice locals and had a pleasing little chat. A good time was enjoyed by all.
Cafe Fleuri Boston, MA
Cafe Fleuri is located inside the Le Meridien Boston hotel, as is its sister establishment, Julien. Aside from fine dining for the general public, it provides the room service for hotel guests. I was just there on a weekend and had a cold, so I had no desire to venture outside for my meal. Instead, I picked up the telephone and ordered to my heart's content. The service was absolutely stellar, as was the quality of the food. One lunch saw me wolfing down an excellent Caesar's Salad, then I consumed a carefully-grilled steak with the "Frites" that only the French can do. Breakfast was delicious, too, with freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice and heavenly whipped eggs. Always the coffee critic, I was in seventh heaven here... I even ordered a pot in the evening and drank it all! Best of all, on a Sunday evening, I was bored with the written menu, so I was invited by the staff to pick something I really craved. I desperately wanted pasta aglio & olio, and they prepared a tremendous meal for me. This place is not cheap, mind you, but worth every penny you spend, even the $9.75 for the liter bottle of San Pellegrino. If you're not on a budget, check this boite out! And bon appetit!
Big Buck Brewery Gaylord, MI
My husband raved about this place, so we went there and it was alright. As it was October, no problem with seating. Smokers & non-smokers are segregated, but I thought I could smell cigarette smoke while I was eating. They're not kidding about the Big Buck, and I saw lots of dead animals all over the walls. I had a Pina Colada which was excellent; my husband had a beer (whoopee). The service was fast and courteous (as I said, it was off-season) and the portions were generous. My husband had perch which was deep-fat fried (not healthful) and I chose steak with garlic mashed potatoes. Pretty good! The coffee was alright but we were too full to sample dessert. I wouldn't drive extra to visit here, but if I were coincidentally in Gaylord again, I would re-visit the Buck.
Schelde's Petoskey, MI
A very nice smoke-free restaurant. The lemonade was made fresh and was very refreshing. Service was quick and courteous. We like to dine here at least once a month as there are specials which change with the season. My husband likes their fish dishes and the steaks are very good. I've never had overcooked meat at this place. We've only had big lunches here, never dinner, but I'm told dinner is equally as good. Ample parking, although being on The Big Road is exciting when trying to turn left into or out of the parking lot -- especially in tourist season!
Alan's Northside Restaurant Petoskey, MI
Very unpretentious family restaurant that used to house A&W Root Beer, hence the interesting shape and layout. We were served by Alan himself, a very friendly, courteous man. Breakfasts are serious there and the portions are very generous. My meal reminded me of what the English call the "great grease-out, " with bacon, hash browns to die for, and serious eggs. We had fun at this place and wouldn't hesitate to go back again. My only whine is that the coffee was a little bland, but I used to live in Europe for many years and am still used to German, French & Italian coffee, so don't go by me on that one!
City Park Grill Petoskey, MI
My husband, a native of the area, loves coming here. I, the New York transplant, only went with him once and once was enough. The locals rave about this place, but I don't see why. It's pretty noisy and hectic with little elbow-room in the dining area, and it was often hard to get the attention of the server. The food was okay, but just okay. It was so middle-of-the-road, I don't recall what I had. My husband now comes here without me. I'm sorry I find it overrated, but that's how it is.
Mitchell Street Pub Petoskey, MI
The locals -- including my husband -- rave about the place ad nauseum, and I've accompanied him two or three times, but it's not for me. I find this place another overrated institution, but that's just one girl's opinion. The front is a typical bar, with lots of beer and spirits, and the back features smoking and no smoking sections. It's good for burgers and American favorites. I found the French Fries to be mediocre but the Onion Rings were palatible. The decor is also typical US bar: lots of stuff on the walls, incredibly POOR lighting, and it has a narrow feel (probably due to all the junk on the walls). By all means, try it out, but my husband now comes here without me. Been there, tried it, don't need to go back.
Villa Ristorante Italiano Petoskey, MI
Things must have changed since the first review, because we had a lovely dining experience here. After recently returning to the US after 30 years in Europe, we know our European food. So-called "Italian restaurants" in the N. Michigan area are just awful. We were very pleasantly surprised to dine at Il Villa. The owner/chef trained in Italy and he knows his stuff! The veal dish I ate was every bit as good as one I had in Trentino, Italy. My husband's gnocchi portion was too big for him, so I had to help. The garlic bread was made with real, baked garlic and I'm still stinking of it! The restaurant has an extensive wine list, some of which I recognized from my days in Europe, and some of which are almost impossible to get in this country. And here they are in Northern Michigan! Wow! The place also boasts about 120 different Grappa! It's pricey here, but I can understand why. The only thing I did not care for was dessert, the Tiramisu. It was prepared the way Americans want it to taste, not in the traditional Italian way. I'm too fat anyway, so I don't need dessert. The espresso and cappuccino were the real thing, and I was glad. Not for people on a serious budget, but a truly European dining experience! The service was also above average. Try it at least once, you'll like it! Molto buono!
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