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Silo's Steakhouse Merrimack, NH
I dined here with 3 other people, one of them a friend from Germany who knows his steaks. The restaurant is located in a big barn with a barn-type theme, meaning we got our drinks in Ball Mason jars, something I hate, but what the heck. There are lots of antiques on the walls and around the various nooks and crannies. I had a Pina Colada in a Mason jar which was OK, but just OK. My friends had wine or beer. We ordered a mussels marinara appetizer which was cool to slightly warm, and a big disappointment. My garlic steak was truly awesome, and I'm probably still stinking from it. My German friend ordered something with a Southwest flavor and said he wished he had ordered a garlic steak. Salad and mashed potato on the side were standard yet acceptable. The brownie dessert was HUGE and I had to have it packed up to eat at home. All in all, a nice evening, but I thought the cost (almost $200 for 4 of us) was a little steep. I might come here again with a guest, but not alone.
Elisha's Restaurant Milford, NH
I've now eaten here twice and have been very pleased both times. The portions are generous and the service is very friendly. This place isn't too far from my house, either, which is great. One can get the usual American fare here, with fish and steaks being big favorites. When I came here with a friend from Germany, he and I ordered different menu items so as to be able to taste each other's meals. He had steak and I did a big salad with everything but the kitchen sink. Both were very good. The coffee was OK, but just OK. The prices are fairly reasonable, too. The smokers were in the bar, but I detected no smoke. Now that I live in NH, I'll be back here often.
Texas Road Nashua, NH
In all the months I'd been coming to the Nashua area to house-hunt, I was never able to get in the Texas Roadhouse because it's so wildly popular. As coincidence would have it, I hadn't eaten all day and was starving when this place opened its doors at 4PM. I thought, it's now or never and went to have a meal. I know I always say "no chain restaurants" when I'm travelling, I made yet another exception for the Roadhouse. Even early in their serving day, when it's relatively quiet, there are many people coming in to eat early and go shopping afterwards; the Roadhouse is located in a big shopping center. I had an excellent filet mignon with a baked potato, but had to have much put in a to-go container since I had eaten the bread while waiting for dinner. Warning: don't eat the bread if you want to have room for the rest of it. The coffee was forgettable, but service was fast and friendly and everyone was having a good time. I could detect cigarette smoke coming from the bar, but I was in & out of there before it got too bad. I'll probably never be hungry that early again, so I may never get to visit The Roadhouse again. I listed the "Average Entree Price" sort of low only because I noticed several people sitting at a table, doing the "happy hour" thing and ordered drinks and a couple of appetizers. The average buffalo wings, or potato skins cost less than $10. People filled up on beer and appetizers and went home. I'd like to come back if I can ever get a parking space!
Firehouse Harrisburg, PA
When I was visiting Harrisburg, my host, who lives farther down on N. 2nd Street, invited me to dinner here. I suspected he wanted to go here because we could walk and not search for a parking space, but no, he really enjoyed the Firehouse. He explained the whole history of it being a converted firehouse while I sucked down a pina colada (it had been one of those days). I was pretending to do low-calorie fare, so I ordered something not really on the menu. I asked the server to beg the chef to make an "everything but the kitchen sink" type salad with hard boiled eggs, a little bacon, and lots of dressing. I was in luck; the chef let me have my way. The salad was very large and the dressing (which I couldn't identify) had been made on the premises. I don't recall what my friend ate, because by that time, the pina colada had hit me. I was too full for dessert, but did have some coffee and it was OK (but just OK). As I was a guest, I didn't pay that much attention to the prices, but the evening didn't seem to break the bank for my host. The atmosphere was different, and we had a very good time.
Chef Charles' Elk Rapids, MI
I almost missed Chef Charles' place as I was driving down the main drag in Elk Rapids. It's not a flashy place, and not all that big. In summer, one can eat outside, but this was in November, and all I wanted to do was get in out of the chill. The Chef makes all his pizzas by hand, none of this frozen dough stuff, and everything's fresh and tasty. I had a lunch special consisting of a small salad, soft drink, and the pizza slice of my choice. I was hungry and didn't want to wait 'til something came out of the oven, so I opted for a plain cheese slice. The Chef told me the kinds of cheese he mixes in with the regular mozarella, but I've forgotten what he said. No matter, the pizza was very good. I took a portion of pasta salad home for later, and wished I'd gotten a bigger portion! This restaurant has been written up in the local "Traverse" magazine and is always winning awards for good food, something that always makes me wary up here. Not this time. Chef Charles has earned every good review. I'm going to try to come back here before I move to New England.
Nanny's Old Place-Motel Rstrnt Charlevoix, MI
What a difference a new owner makes! In this case, the guy didn't listen to the old saw about "If it ain't broke, don't fix it, " and went about unloading old employees (including kitchen staff) and hiring new people, change the decor, etc. The food is remarkably bland now, and not always hot when ordered as such. The ladies at the hairdressing salon downstairs from this place used to order carryout all the time, and now they get food from elsewhere. What a shame. This used to be a nice place. Perhaps someone else will buy it and turn it around again.
Scovies Gourmet Charlevoix, MI
Incredibly mediocre, overpriced, and with a rude owner to boot, that's Scovies. I only came in here because the sign in the window said "Dunkin' Donuts, " and I wanted some of those, but the owner's wife was so off-putting and downright nasty, I left, never to return. The so-called homemade baked goods are frozen and obtained from Gordon Food Service or Cisco's, and as for the donuts, well, they're imported from the Dunkin' Donuts place in Traverse City. This place makes money during the summer off the unsuspecting tourists, but I live here, and will not spend a dime here. I'm not the only one to complain about the rude owners, either.
Giorgio's Ristorante & Martini Bar Merrimack, NH
Trying not to visit a chain restaurant (like TGI Friday's or the like), I tried out Giorgio's, located on Route 101A and fairly easy to find. The greeter was a little frosty, but the very efficient waiter made up for that. This place is very popular and gets crowded early, and it's a narrow joint, so be prepared for a wait if you don't have reservations! I was lucky, as I got there on a Saturday night right before "rush hour." I was pleased that Giorgio's serves San Pellegrino and that my waiter knew NOT to put ice in the glass. I had a wonderful broiled scallops salad to start and it was heavenly. My main course consisted of grilled steak tips in a blue cheese Alfredo-type sauce with sundried tomatoes on a bed of pasta. An incredibly generous portion, one I was not able to finish but had to take with me. The desserts looked very good, but I was just too full. I didn't even have room for my usual after-dinner caffeine fix. Maybe next time. I found the prices to be reasonable for what is offered. Giorgio's features all their food on their website: www.giorgios.com, so check it out first. A very nice evening.
Telly's Pizzeria & Restaurant Epping, NH
Telly's seems to be the kind of place that locals and regulars go to, versus the oddball tourist. It's located on Route 125 near Exit 7, past the Wal-Mart plaza. I found it by accident, sitting in a little strip mall type of area. I think it has a large local clientele only because many people stopped talking when I walked in and stared at me. This can't be good, I thought, as I was being escorted to my table after quite a little wait to be seated. There were two waitresses there that day: the young, perky and attentive girl and the war-weary, grumpy veteran of many dining rooms. Guess which one waited on me? You got it -- the grumpy one. I ordered San Pellegrino and was horrified when she brought it to me, poured, in a glass with ice. Sensing I shouldn't say anything, I ordered what looked good: an ordered of stuffed shells on a bed of pasta with a side salad. The salad arrived pretty quickly and was the most unattractive looking thing I've seen in a while. Iceburg lettuce piled high with cucumber slices and a couple of tomatoes. The blue cheese dressing was OK, but that was about it. I polished that off pretty quickly and waited for the Main Course. And waited, and waited. Finally it came, incredibly hot (and perhaps just out of the microwave?) and steaming. The shells were stuffed with ricotta cheese, and this particular one was dry and tasteless. I ate the shells and the pasta but left a lot. When asked if I wished a carry-out box, I almost said, "Heavens, no!" but mentioned I was in a hotel and that would be difficult. I hate wasting food, but this was an emergency. The perky waitress had brewed fresh coffee for some patrons, but I never saw my server throughout my meal, so by the time she came with the check, I was more than ready to leave. Telly's has a large and varied menu and the dishes look very appealing, but I never need to order shells again, and next time -- if there is a next time -- I want the perky waitress and not the battleaxe.
Don's Drive-In Traverse City, MI
My late husband went here to re-live his youth, I guess, as this place is straight out of the 1950's. Think "Happy Days" without as much lighting. After I landed at the local airport and was on the way back to my house, I discovered I was seriously hungry, so I stopped here after thinking what my husband had said. Was greeted, if one can say that, by an incredibly disinterested waitress dressed in the diner garb of the period. There were only a couple of people in the place, and I interrupted her newspaper reading. The entire menu looked appealing (looks are deceiving), but I thought I'd get a burger since this is primarily a burger joint. Ordered a quarter-pound burger basket with fries and coleslaw with a small Coke. The alleged 10-oz. size was absolutely miniscule and they weren't offering free refills (a bad sign). The burger arrived looking like it had been around in the 50's: very tough and greasy. It was alright, but incredibly well done, almost like shoe leather. The fries were the huge kind that never really get cooked through, and I didn't eat all of them. The cole slaw was excellent, however. When I went to pay, I got a glimpse of the kitchen. I wondered when the grease trap had been cleaned last, or the french fry oil changed? For that matter, does the Health Department know about this place? Ugh. This place made me glad the fifties are over, and that I was a child of the sixties. I never need come here again.
Joy's Restaurant Ludlow, MA
Located at an exit off the Mass Pike, I discovered Joy's when I was starving and had to eat and this exit was as good as all the rest. At first, I was going to go to Friendly's --- a chain, but one I know --- when I saw Joy's sign right next door. The restaurant closed at 3PM and it was almost 2.30, so I hoped the cook would still make me something. I was in luck. This places offers breakfast and lunch. It bills itself as an Italian and American restaurant, but I decided to do a plain grilled cheese sandwich because I was in a hurry and didn't want to upset the chef with something hard to do. The food was quite good; yes, I know it's almost impossible to wreck a grilled cheese sandwich but it's happened to me. This was nice, and the fries were fresh. The coffee was the usual bland brown water, but it was hot. Service was fast and very friendly. I think this is more of a local hang-out with not too terribly many tourists because the nice waitress was very interested in my foreign-language magazine and where I was travelling, etc. We had a nice conversation. She talked me into some honey barbecue chicken wings that had been ordered for pick-up but never actually picked up. I got a huge discount and I'm glad I got them. The grilled cheese was nice, but the sauce on the wings was very good, extremely sweet and tangy, and the restaurant's own recipe. I was too full for dessert, but promised to return. I have to drive back in October, so will stop in Ludlow again and say hello. Very nice people, very good food.
Ya Mamma's Merrimack, NH
My realtor took me to lunch here (read: expense account) while I was house-hunting. She said it's difficult to get in for dinner without a reservation, and it was pretty crowded when we got there for an early lunch! Compared to the slop that passes for "Italian food" where I live (altho' not much longer) in Michigan, this restaurant is "da real deal." Since I was in New England, I had a special scallop and pasta dish which was so big, I almost couldn't finish it (but did). The bread was homemade and delicious and I was able to get San Pellegrino, though the nice lady put ice in the glass (a faux pas in Italy). My (and my realtor's) only quibble was with the after dinner caffe latte. Small cup, revolting tasting coffee! I expected something much more authentic from a place like this, but that's a small quibble. This restaurant offers catering and one can buy many of their products which are for sale up front in refrigerated containers. The desserts looked too good to pass up, but I was full of pasta, so will have to check them out next time. A very nice place!
Magee Country Diner Waterloo, NY
I stumbled upon the diner on my way to and from New Hampshire in the car. The one time I went for breakfast, mine was the only out-of-state license plate in the parking lot, so I figured a lot of locals eat here (which is a good thing). I could have eaten at my hotel, the Holiday Inn, but decided to come here instead. Nothing fancy about this place, but the portions are generous, and the food tastes good. It's hard to ruin scrambled eggs, after all. The service is fast and friendly. This is a very family-oriented restaurant, and I saw a family of at least 3 generations sitting at a big table. The entire place is decorated with cows of all kinds. On my trip back from New Hampshire to Michigan, I stopped by here for coffee (OK, but just OK) and gave the owners some cow figure I had found in New England. They seemed very pleased to receive it. The diner is open for dinner, too, but closes at 9PM (at least in summer), and I have yet to make it here for that. Hope to do so in future.
China Wok Ashland, WI
On the way back to Michigan from The Dakotas, we stopped the Trusty Winnebago at this place in a somewhat small town along Lake Superior. I was absolutely starving and an all-you-can-eat buffet sounded good. The China Wok serves the buffet lunch from 11AM until 3PM for $4.99; dinner buffet costs $6.99 and is served from 4 until 9PM. There are children's prices available. There were also other items available on the menu such as veggie lo mein or Gen. Tso's chicken as a main course, but I wanted to sample many things, so I did the buffet, as did my late husband. The buffet area is very large and spread out and contains everything from soup to dessert. I tried many spicy dishes, all of which were good. The broccoli with garlic was my favorite. It was fresh versus frozen and was delicious. There were various varieties of dessert (pudding, cake, Chinese specialties), but I chose some fresh fruit slices. The service was very friendly, and one Chinese lady from Shanghai even spoke German as she had been an exchange student many years before. This place is very reasonably priced and the buffet is just grand. I don't think I could find Ashland again, but if I do, I'll definitely come back here.
Original Pancake House Petoskey, MI
There are four Original Pancake House restaurants in Michigan: Grosse Pointe Woods, Southfield, Birmingham and Bay Harbor. The locations in southern Michigan are quite well known, and the resort guests from that area like to frequent the branch up by Petoskey. I decided to visit in the off-season when it wasn't so crowded. Even though the place was absolutely empty except for one other party of 3, service was absolutely, painfully slow. The somewhat lousy coffee arrived quickly enough, but the potato pancakes I wanted took absolutely forever because the chef had forgotten that I wanted bacon, so he kept the pancakes heating (and burning to a crisp) while he fried up bacon. The portion was generous enough, but the bacon was not worth the wait. Finding the waitress when I wanted to pay was also a chore. The Original Pancake House is open daily from 7AM until 3PM and is crowded in the summer, not so much in the winter. Nothing was really bad, but I've had better times in less expensive places.
Charly's Restaurant Charlevoix, MI
I lived in this town for 3 years before I went to visit Charly's. I could never get my late husband to go, as he always said, "small portions, big prices, " and that was that. On a whim lately, I decided to go. Charly's is located in the Edgewater Inn and provides breakfast to the local hotel guests, but anyone can eat there for dinner. Be forewarned, though, that Charly's is a small, narrow joint, and one sits -- like in Europe -- very close to ones neighbor. As a friend of mine said, that's all well and good in Paris, but not in Charlevoix, and he might be right. The night I went, there was no one there when I arrived, but it got crowded and noisy as I was eating my salad. The server was having a bad night because she got most of my order wrong, poor girl. I had a regular garden-type salad with the house dressing (the only one available) which I can still not identify as having any sort of taste. There is a lot of local fish offered here and the odd seafood, as well as steak. The rib eye looked good on the menu, but wasn't that good on the plate. My "just above rare" came as "just about shoeleather" and my side order of potatoes arrived baked instead of mashed. Guests (tourists, I think) started crowding the room and I had to hear assorted conversations that interested me not at all. I was able to get San Pellegrino in a big (expensive) bottle, and that was fine, but the server forgot the bread that comes before dinner, and that was not so fine. The coffee was absolute swill, and I sent it away after two sips. I was reading a German-language magazine and discovered how close the other diners were to me when some kid, who had apparently been reading along with me, told her parents that I must "be some foreigner or something" since she couldn't understand what I was reading. I replied, "... or something" to the kid and got the check. The entire meal cost me $19.60 which won't break the bank, but it was annoying that I still felt hungry afterwards. I guess my husband was right after all.
Old Spaghetti Factory Toronto, ON
I first ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory in 1980 when I first visited Toronto. I had a tremendous time back then, so I thought I'd check it out 24 years later. Very little has changed, except perhaps the personnel. This is a veritable institution in Toronto, a real family and friends restaurant. The food isn't just spaghetti and pasta, however, but there's chicken on the menu and steak as well, and a nice salad or two. Having no imagination, I ordered a spaghetti dish and tried not to fill up on bread or breadsticks. Friends ordered wine and I had that with some sparkling water (no Pellegrino). The coffee was alright. The portions were very generous and no one had room for dessert. The Old Spaghetti Factory is an awful lot of fun, and I've had better, more gracious dining, but not as much laugh-out-loud fun as I've experienced here. A "must see" when visiting Toronto!
Audie's Restaurant Mackinaw City, MI
During the Trek West in the trusty Winnebago, this was the first place my late husband and I stopped on our way to Wisconsin and, later, the Dakotas. Turned out to be so good, it was our last stop on our way home! On the way out of Michigan, we had lunch. He had a homemade soup, and I had a big kitchen-sink-type salad, both of which we enjoyed. I allowed myself some pie for dessert and had to share with my husband, which didn't please me too much, but he was paying. The coffee was nothing to write home about, but it was hot. On the trip back, we were the first in for dinner. The dinner portions are incredibly generous and I ordered some turkey platter (a special) with the salad bar thrown in. What a mistake. I should have just had the salad bar. I've not seen such a lovely selection of greens and veggies in a very long time. Needless to say, I stuffed myself there and ended up picking at my "real" dinner, only to have to take it home. My husband had some fish which didn't interest me, so I didn't pay attention. The people were very friendly and helpful to my husband, who was having trouble walking at the time. I was even able to park the Winnebago without problems! What more does one want? I don't think I'd go here during tourist season, but once October comes, I'll go back just to visit the salad bar!
Boston Museum Of Fine Arts Restaurant Boston, MA
I have to agree with the other guy who ate here: the place is pricey and just OK, but if hunger overwhelms you whilst you're strolling through the art, what is one to do? I had some sort of silly BLT-type sandwich and a club soda, but it was quiet and no one rushed me. I talked at length with a lady who worked there, and she was about as interesting as the art exhibition I'd come to visit. One could do worse to stop and have a snack here, and I've definitely had worse! The coffee was not tremendous, but I was able to drink it.
Durgin-Park Boston, MA
I never eat fish in Michigan because it's all local, freshwater, and boring (just like where I live for now). I like real seafood, such as mussels or clams or scallops, you name it, and I hit this place hard to taste some serious saltwater fish. I was not disappointed. I had broiled scallops with garlic and butter, along with a big salad with more garlic (in the dressing) and shrimp. Lucky for me, the coffee was quite good, and I was offered a distant cousin of San Pellegrino. The service was very good, and no one was rude (though I had heard it was once a different story). When I move to New Hampshire, I plan to come back here, and next time, I hope to have room for dessert!
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