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Pasta Loft Restaurant & Pub Milford, NH
I had heard good things about this place since I moved to NH, and had time to check it out in early April. It's OK, but just OK, I'm sorry to say. Service was very disinterested and slow, my chicken quesadilla was so-so, and cost $6.95, which, considering what I got, wasn't worth it. The place is all a smoke-free zone, which is nice, but parking is difficult, which isn't. I don't need to come back here again.
Weathervane Bedford, NH
I have lived in NH for 2 years, and drive by this restaurant in Bedford quite often, but have never been inside. On the way home yesterday, I was starving and decided I should try it as I had time to kill. It was quite OK, but nothing special. The personnel were extremely friendly and efficient. I ordered a cup of clam chowder and a special portion of broiled scallops with cole slaw & rice. I had barely finished the chowder (which was good) when there came the entree! I am not complaining. The portions were so generous that I ate the scallops, a little cole slaw, a tad of rice, and that was all. The value for money was quite good, I thought. I am not a huge fish fan (goes back to the Catholic school days of fish every Friday), but might come back here again.
Long Trail Brewing Company Bridgewater Corners, VT
I visited here with my German friend who's a Brewmaster in his hometown of Heidelberg. While he got a private tour of this lovely private brewery, I killed time eating. There are specials every day, and this time there was a cheddar cheese soup made with beer! Very hearty, very tasty, and I couldn't taste the beer, which, for me, was a good thing. I dawdled over soup, waiting for my friend to conclude his tour so we could eat together. There is a menu, of course, and there are specials, but I guess the brewmaster there had told the chef to treat my friend like a VIP, because the guy came out of the kitchen, told us what he had back there, and made suggestions, many of which weren't on the menu. I did an appetizer platter with mild and hot wings, potato salad and excellent French fries. My friend had a hamburger that he raved about for hours. There is beer on tap, naturally, but there are soft drinks available as well. I had a diet drink, since one of us had to drive the 90 minutes back to NH! My food was very nice, my friend drank some stellar beer (so he said), and a good time was had by all. On nice days, one can sit outside just like in Germany, but the weather didn't permit the day we visited. I'd like to come back again so I can speak German with the brewmaster and chow down on some very good food! A must-visit when in this area!!
Wok Wok Milford, NH
Wok Wok is squeezed in between a Brooks Drug Store and a dry cleaner, I think, and I almost missed it. The people here are very nice, and food preparation is fast. Unlike other Chinese restaurants I've encountered, this place doesn't have a buffet; instead one goes to the counter, places the order (to-go or eat-in) and waits until it's done. Wok Wok has Lunch and Dinner specials, and the prices are decent. I ordered a lunch portion of General Tso's chicken. Even though I was staying to eat there, I received my meal in a take-out container, with divisions, which was very off-putting. As part of the lunch special, I had a choice of egg roll or other things, and I took the egg roll, which had previously been frozen, and tasted like nothing. The Gen. Tso's chicken was very good, with white rice, but the divisions in the to-go container made it difficult to eat. This restaurant offers Coke products, so I had a diet Coke. I had just missed the lunch rush, so I was alone in the dining room. I think the next time I go there, I'll just order my meal for carry-out, so that I can put it on a real place at home. Not bad for what one pays.
Chiangmai Thai Restaurant Amherst, NH
I love the food here, but find the opening hours erratic. The rice dishes are nice, but I wish they could be hotter (temperature, not spice). The waitstaff is very friendly, and they have a full bar. This place serves lunch and dinner when it's open.
Blake's Ice Cream Restaurant Milford, NH
Blake's just won the 2006 "Best Hard Ice Cream" award given by New Hampshire magazine, as voted on by readers. I never got to try to ice cream, so will have to go back. I had a quick lunch there, which was OK, but just OK. The coffee was good - imagine my surprise! The waitress was totally spaced and didn't get my order right, nor did she add up the check correctly. I had a plain grilled cheese sandwich with bacon & tomato added and the chef did a great job. Blake's make their own cole slaw, which was also terrific. Unfortunately, the portion was so generous (sandwich/slaw/chips!) that I was just too full to try the ice cream. Blake's has a lot of flavors, some specials and some seasonal-only. My only complaint, other than the silly waitress, was the smoking section. The restaurant's not that large, and even though I was at the other end of the place, I could smell it. This is an ice cream place, with breakfast and lunch items, a place for families. Why is there smoking allowed? There were little children in the building when I was there. Granted, they were with their parents in the so-called "non-smoking section, " but that was a joke. If you are allergic to cigarette smoke, as I am, be forewarned.
Riverhouse Cafe Milford, NH
I've been coming here since 2004 when I was house-hunting and didn't want breakfast or lunch @ a Burger King. My realtor at the time brought me here, and I'm now a repeat offender. This pleasant establishment is run by a husband-and-wife team (if I understood it right). I believe the guy cooks, because his wife, the owner, is out front, greeting, seating and serving, depending upon what's going on. There are homemade soups and pies, daily specials, hearty breakfasts, big lunches, you name it! The coffee, to me, is horrendous, and I've learned not to drink it. I'm a sucker for a serious grilled cheese sandwich, and the chef is a master at this. I tell him how burned I want my bread, and he complies. One can pay cash, credit card or personal check, for which I was grateful when I only had my checkbook with me, everything having been left back in the hotel. The lady in charge remembers people, which is amazing, considering how crowded it gets in here. She greets me like a long-lost friend when I come in, and remembers stuff I told her from the last time. I highly recommend the Riverhouse Cafe, but only 'til 2PM, after which time it's closed.
Cafe On the Oval Milford, NH
This place is a hit with locals and passers-through. Sunday is tremendously crowded, when families gather for breakfast/brunch/you name it. Portions are large, and the coffee is OK. I took a German friend with me to the Oval, and he still raves about it. He had a do-it-yourself omlette that he put together himself, and it was done to perfection. I had blueberry pancakes with real blueberries. Heavenly. The bread is homemade, so the toast pieces are huge. I did not sit and linger the time we were here, because there were people in line to get in(!). Nevertheless, I not once felt rushed to get out, no matter how crowded it was. High recommended!
The Dream Diner Tyngsboro, MA
I really wanted to like this place, truly, but my first visit there wasn't that good, so I'm on the fence until I go back again. I took a German friend with me because he likes the American Diner culture. Although the place wasn't crowded, we waited forever for someone to come bring us menus. Then we waited for our order to be taken. Then we waited some more for the food. We waited another long time to pay, and then the order and the check came up wrong. Our waitress was very disinterested, and since we weren't locals, we sort of felt ignored. Not a good thing. I had a wonderful chocolate malt, and some weak and boring coffee. My German pal had a homemade root beer, which is said was alright, nothing more. He and I both ordered different sorts of burgers, and when they came, they were excellent. The fries were good, too, but a little cool. This place has a website that one can check out, and it's open only for breakfast and lunch, from something like 6AM-2PM. We arrived at about 12.30 PM, but got out of there shortly before they closed. I thought some of their prices were a little high, too, but I was pretty annoyed by the time I thought about writing a review. I plan to go back and see if I can't get better service in less time!
Big a Pizza Milford, NH
The "Big A" is run by a very nice guy from Morocco and his other associates, and you'd never know the guy ain't Italian, because he sure can cook! One can buy a whole pizza or by-the-slice. There are also hot and cold sandwiches, pasta dishes, and salads. Everything is available for takeout, and they deliver, too! I've had various types of slice pizzas, all good, and ordered a "personal pizza" for me with lots of garlic. Oh, yes, you can get garlic bread, too, with or without cheese on top. They take cash or credit cards, but no checks, and are open late (for Milford). Look for the Cumberland Farms gas station, and the "Big A" is right next door. Very friendly people, decent prices, and quick service. I love this place!
Pine Garden Exeter, NH
Not the cheapest place around, but quite satisfactory. My German friend wanted to eat Chinese one day, and we were coincidentally in Exeter, so we found a parking space, and there we were. My friend speaks Chinese, so he ordered for both of us, and I'm not sure it was on the menu. Basically, it was a big sampling of appetizers and main courses, with soup and rice and some dessert thrown in for good measure. My friend had beer and green tea; I had Perrier and coffee (not too good). I'm glad my friend spoke Chinese with the personnel because I found the one guy's English very difficult to understand. I was particularly fond of a sweet/sour chicken offering, and some very spicy ribs. We arrived right after the lunch rush, so the staff wasn't as hurried and the dining was leisurely. Exeter is about an hour from my house, so I won't come back often, but if I were in the area again, I'd make the effort.
Twelve Pine Peterborough, NH
Expensive, but heavenly! Across the street from the Toadstool Bookstore, this gem serves everything from soup to nuts - literally. They offer sandwiches and soups, coffee, ice cream, beer and wine, sweets, cakes and pies, you name it. All sorts of gourmet treats await the gourmand in you. There's seating outside in fine weather, if one wishes to eat on the premises, or an informal dining section in the back of the store that looks out onto the main street. Serious, pricey beer and wine is available for sale, too. I had a chicken Caesar wrap with coffee and cake the day I was there, and it was not cheap, but out-of-this-world good. The personnel are very friendly and whip up creations as fast as they can. Often incredibly crowded, it's often best to go out of the tourist season, when everyone wants ice cream and iced coffee. They make their own bread, too! Sigh. I'm hooked, even though it takes me about 45 minutes to get here.
The Bagel Place & Deli of Amherst Amherst, NH
Very unpretentious and modest in appearance, but grand in taste and service. The Bagel Place is located next to the Amherst Post Office, in a plaza housing a bank and shops, and diagonally across from the Black Forest Cafe. It's a medium-sized joint, open for breakfast and lunch only. My favorite dish there is the blueberry pancake platter, never the same way twice depending upon who's cooking. There is a small selection of deli items, but mostly there is good coffee and plain-but-filling meals. The personnel are extremely friendly and the prices don't break the bank. The seats are very clever, old school benches, which would be comfortable if I were thinner. Whenever I have time, and can get a seat, I come here after visiting the post office.
New World Cafe Charlevoix, MI
The New World Cafe closed in August 2005. The landlord raised the rent so much that Dave couldn't afford to stay. The same landlord also refused to make necessary repairs that the Michigan Department of Health had ordered, so Dave had to close. Maybe he'll open something elsewhere.
Bedford Village Inn Bedford, NH
Ever since I moved here, I've heard this place praised and hyped ad nauseum. When I was invited for Sunday brunch here by a friend on New Year's Day, I was happy to go. Well, far be it from me to knock an institution, but ... big deal. The decorations were spectacular, as were the prices. San Pellegrino is available, but the server made the faux pas of offering it to me in a glass with ice cubes. I had a cheddar cheese soup as a starter, and it could have been a lot warmer. My main course was a marinated steak-and-salad combo, which was OK, but nothing to get excited about. The coffee was absolute swill. I thought a swanky joint like this would have some sort of dress code, but I erred. Whereas my friends and I had dressed very nicely, other patrons were sporting that hunting-lodge-meets-outlet-mall sort of look. Swell. The company was good, but the food was nothing special. Not worth my friend's money, I think. I'll never go back, nor will I recommend the place to others.
Chelsea Royal Diner Brattleboro, VT
While convoying 2 cars from Michigan to my new home in New Hampshire, my friend and I came down the mountain out of the Green Mountains (an incredibly tedious drive) and there was the Chelsea Diner. I had to play license-plate switch on one vehicle (don't ask!), so here was as good a place to stop as any. I wasn't expecting much, but wow, was I impressed. The joint was PACKED since it was getting to be dinner time, but the nice waitress was able to find room for my friend and me. The parking lot boasted 99% Vermont-plated cars, so I think we were among locals, who were as friendly as the nice waitress. My German friend had a gigantic burger (he talks about it to this day to his pals in Europe), and I had soup and salad. Everything was excellent, even the coffee (and I'm so picky). We had homemade pie a la mode for dessert and I was in heaven. The nice people even let us charge our walkie-talkies using their electricity (for which we were grateful). I was so jazzed about this place, I bought some souvenir coffee mugs and T-Shirts for myself and to give as gifts. We wanted to linger over coffee, but there was a line forming to be seated, and we didn't want to hold anyone up, so we paid and drove the remaining hour to my place in New Hampshire. I really want to come back here, and when my pal re-visits me in February, we're going to make a road trip! Highly recommended, for the food as well as the nice people there.
The Hatch Eastport, MI
This restaurant has been closed since Labor Day 2005, another victim of a greedy landlord. Carl has moved his act to Bellaire, a couple of towns over.
Yankee Chef Milford, NH
I've eaten here twice, and so far, so good. Prices are reasonable for the portion sizes! For lunch I had a custom grilled cheese sandwich was great, and a homemade cream of tomate soup that was absolutely heavenly. As a breakfast special, I tried the Prime Rib & Egg platter, a huge portion of meat, eggs, hash browns and toast. Wow. The coffee is stunningly mediocre, sorry to say, but the service is fast and friendly and the customers are nice. Open every day from 6AM - 2PM, on Friday evenings, the Yankee Chef offers dinner from 5-8PM. Get there early, a local warned me, because it gets crowded. I'm going back soon.
The Hatch Eastport, MI
New to this area since June 2005. Carl, the guy who used to have "Charly's" in Charlevoix, packed up and came to this establishment, which is larger with more seating and better parking. The menu has stayed about the same since his Charly's days --- fresh water fish, grand sandwiches, big steaks --- but the prices are lower since his overhead isn't staggering. The nice thing about knowing the chef/owner is that one can ask for weird things and one occasionally gets those things. I got a regular half-pound burger cooked medium-rare and it was terrific. I told him exactly what wanted (and didn't want) on my burger, and I got what I ordered. Very reasonably priced, too. Carl just got his liquor license cranked up, so there will be a full bar starting in August 2005. After that time, I can get San Pellegrino by the bottle. I had to have club soda this time. People who remember Carl's talents as a chef have been flocking in droves to this new joint, located right at the corner of US-31 and M-88. I'm in Charlevoix for the summer and will be coming back with several of my friends. Very friendly service, reasonable prices, and the chef's not bad looking either. Worth a visit.
Okenny's Express Valatie, NY
I visited OKenny's on an awful, cold, rainy April day during my trip from Michigan to New Hampshire. My German friend and I were starved, so we got off at the exit that led to Valatie. Couldn't find anything open, then we saw the OKenny's sign. What a nice place! They have a simple yet varied menu with lots of hot and cold sandwiches and wraps, excellent burgers, and very tasty desserts. Everything here can be made for carry-out, too. Generous portions, fresh food, and very friendly people. They cater as well! And there's a gift shop, where I spent many happy dollars. Definitely worth a visit if you're in this area!
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