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Restaurant Name City
Evvia Palo Alto, CA
This place tends to get pretty crowded so be sure the get reservations in advance. The tables are close together so the noise can be loud. The food is good, but not the best place for a intimate dinner.
Maddalena's Palo Alto, CA
The food was okay, but it should have been much better based on the price. The service was also just okay....really, I expected more for the price. The decor is a bit dated. The portions were pretty good size.
Straits Cafe Palo Alto, CA
The food is good and the menu is large. I have a hard time trying to decide since everything looks so good. I've never had a bad meal here. The restaurant can be very noisy so much that it may be hard to hear the person right next to you.
The Spice Islands Cafe Mountain View, CA
Not bad and reasonably priced. The service is not really good. It's close to where I work so we go there once in a while for lunch, but be sure to allocate longer than normal for lunch. They don't seem to have enough wait people so after being seated, it can take 15 minutes till they even get to your table.
Manka's Inverness Lodge Inverness, CA
I visited for New Year's eve in 2005/2006. They had 2 dinner seatings and I went to the quieter 1st seating. The 2nd seating had dancing and the band was just getting setup when we were leaving. This is the place for meat lovers. The menu for New Year's eve was different than their regular menu. It was a 7 course fixe prix and every course was excellent. The service was good too. I'd like to go back and try their regular menu sometime.
Garden Fresh Mountain View, CA
Maybe I didn't order the right dishes, but I just thought the dishes were okay. I had the eaggpland and the cabbage rolls. Both had a lot of flavor, but they were nothing special. The service was good and it was not crowded on a Saturday for lunch.
Dana Street Roasting Company Mountain View, CA
I love the coffee here. It has a deep, rich flavor, not burnt like Peet's can be. The place has a nice coffee house ambiance with free wireless available. It gets crowded on weekends.
Farallon San Francisco, CA
The restaurant is uniquely decorated with some spectacular light fixtures. Overall, the food is good, but a bit pricy. I had the sole with the braised beef shanks, which really were too meaty for the delicate sole. There was a pea odd combination.
E & O Trading Company San Jose, CA
This is a nice place to eat prior to going to a show in downtown San Jose. I was able to get last minute reservations. The tables are spread out a bit so even though the acoustics are not that great, it wasn't so noisy that you couldn't talk in a normal voice. The food is good and you get a decent amount for the price.
Goldilocks Mountain View, CA
This place is close to my house and it is a nice change from fast food. I usually get the pork adobo with rice. One improvement that I'd like to see is a description of the items since I am not familiar with Filipino language. I have to keep asking what each item is and it slows the whole line down.
Cafe Baklava Mediterranean Grill Mountain View, CA
I thought this place was just okay. I had the 'burger' kabob and though it was tasty, the rest of the plate was mediocre. It was very busy, so it seems to be a place people enjoy. Service was okay.
Cascal Restaurant Mountain View, CA
I have eaten here 4-5 times...the first time was when the place was fairly new. It was very crowded and it can get noisy. We had tapas, which were okay...not remarkable. The other times I've eaten lunch for business meetings. Most of these times, I had just the lunch menu...which is also not remarkable and frankly a bit pricy for what you get. The service was okay.
The Cantankerous Fish Mountain View, CA
To me, this seems like a chain type of seafood place with the standard seafood dishes. The food is good, but nothing to write home about. I generally eat here for business lunches. It can be crowded and the service is pretty quick.
Rose International Market Mountain View, CA
A Persian market with to go food. It's kind of a strange place and not very easy to order here. If you want kabobs, you have to order at the checkout, then they give you a ticket. You have to go outside around the corner and wait for your kabobs to cook. If you want other food, you order inside and pay at the register. The kabobs are excellent and inexpensive...very tasty.
The Armenian Gourmet Sunnyvale, CA
This place has been here for a long time! So they must be doing something right. My work moved close to this place and I've been here a few times recently. The food is good and plentiful...actually too much for me to eat for lunch, so I can get a dinner out of it too. The kabobs are good.
EOS Restaurant/Wine Bar San Francisco, CA
This is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. I like the small plates especially the Shitake Mushroom Dumplings. They have a flavor you can't imagine...yummy. The prices are a bit on the high side and the service can be off and one, but over all the food is what makes it for me. Save room for dessert.
The Canlis Restaurant Seattle, WA
I don't often eat at a restaurant as expensive as this, but everything was very good. They have valet parking and when I arrived, they did not give me a ticket for my car. When I left, my car just pulled in front of the door...what service. The food was good and they have a huge wine list. Also, the waiters were very attentive and personable.
Wild Ginger Asian Restaurant Seattle, WA
Very close to the symphony, the crowd were dressed in black the evening I ate here. The food was good, although the crab was a bit over cooked and dry, the curry sauce was tasty. For dessert, I had the mango and sticky rice with some sort of caramelized topping...not sort of looked like a topping that usually goes on ice cream. The service was good...even though the waiter was 'in training'...she seemed to be picking up things quickly. Nice atmosphere.
Zucca Ristorante Mountain View, CA
I had dinner here for the 2nd time...I had forgotten that I had eaten here probably about a year I guess it wasn't that memorable. The food is good...I think a bit pricey for the service and atmosphere. It can get a bit noisy during the busy times.
Crustacean San Francisco, CA
Everyone around me had the roasted garlic crab, so that's what I decided to, I get's really good, but you have to like garlic. Also good is the garlic noodles...after eating here, I was ready to go out to the woods and fend off mosquitos. I had heard that the service could be sporatic, but the service was good when I was there...the waiter seemed very attentive.
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