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Restaurant Name City
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant Lincoln, NE
This is another good restaurant.
The Entrees are always good. Make sure you go for anything with pasta. There pasta is always great.
However everything else seems just average.
When you need a change, go to the Olive Garden, you won't be disappointed.
La Paz Mexican Restaurant Lincoln, NE
Have been here a few times, and there is no taste in the food.
I have always went away disappointed. The bar is the only thing that keeps me going back.
If you want average taste, and nothing special go here!
Mazatian Mexican Restaurant Lincoln, NE
I always enjoy my meal. I still think they are a little expensive, that is why I only gave it a three. The atmosphere is also a draw back. It needs a little bit more hispanic fan fare.
Enjoy the Mariaci's Fridays, and have a great meal.
Lazlo's Brewery & Grill Lincoln, NE
The sandwiches are fine but the rest of your choices are average.
I have never enjoyed my meal, but the service and atmosphere is the only reason I keep coming back. The beer choices are always good, from pale to dark, you will enjoy your choice.
For beer and sandwiches stop and enjoy, everything else is below par.
Chances R Restaurant & Lounge York, NE
Easily one of the best places to eat in Nebraska. Everytime I go through York, I make sure we stop.
The food is excellent. You can choose anything on the menu and I am sure you will enjoy it. You won't go away hungry. The price is very reasonable.
Definitely a place to take the family for great food!
Jabrisco Lincoln, NE
The first few time I was here I didn't like it. Choices were small, meals seemed to lack flavor, and it service was o.k.
However, in the last couple of years they have made changes. The menu is better, more diversified, and delicious. The meals are excellent, and the service better.
Take a date, you won't be dissappointed.
Hooters Restaurant Lincoln, NE
The wings are the best! The rest of the menu is not that great. Burgers, and sandwiches are average. The bad thing is everything is extra. Fries, dips, etc. which pushes the cost of dining up.
The atmosphere is full of scantly clad waitress', and mostly sports related topics. The place is fun, but some may not like it.
Have the Wings and a pitcher of beer!!
Garden Cafe Lincoln, NE
This restaurant has the best soups, and bakery products. The rest is average. I had a catered affair at this restaurant and everything was excellent. From the food to the service to the price. The prices and the portions are sometimes inconsistant. If you want a good meat with a decent price feel free to go to the Garden.
Hereford House Kansas City, MO
Everytime I go to KC I eat here. This is great steaks. I would recommend this restaurant to all who enjoy steak and potato's. The price can actually be around $20. It is well worth it.
Tasty Inn Lincoln, NE
Loose meat sandwiches, have been this Inn's specialty for years.
For fast food, greasy and good go here. Cheap, and good food, what else would you want!
Renaissance Lincoln, NE
It doesn't get much better than this. Be ready to spend money, for great food does not come cheap. Excellent choice of wines for any, and every mood. From appetizers to desert, everything is excellent. Service has always been wonderful, and for a purely enjoyable dinner experience you must go. Going often can cause a strain on your pocket book, but it is worth it!
M & N Sandwich Shop Lincoln, NE
I've always said, it is hard to screw up a sandwich. This place will not prove me wrong by making great sandwiches. The food is great! The meat is the reason to go. A little spicey, but dang good. The only reason for this not being a Five is atmosphere. Looks a little dirty, so get by that and have a great sandwich!
Fat Pat's Pizza & Subs Lincoln, NE
Hated it. This place can mess up a sandwich. For some reason everytime I have been here I have a bad experience. With so many sandwich places to chose from in Lincoln, I will not go here for a long time. The sandwiches aren't that big, and it seems they are spending to much time on there pizza, which is O.k.
I will avoid this place until I here things have changed.
French Cafe Omaha, NE
An excellent upscale restaurant in Omaha. If you like different this is your restaurant. The menu has award winning fare, and a nice choice of wines. Expensive, you could easily reach $75! If you can afford it, or save up for that special occasion and be pampered!
Bum Steer Steaks Lincoln, NE
The atmosphere is nice, but the peanut shells on the floor take a little getting used to. The appetizers are excellent, especially the Wings. These wings are breaded, which I enjoy, more than the non-breaded. The prices are average for a Steak place, but sometimes the food is not prepared properly. That is why I couldn't give it a better review!
Tam O'Shanter Steakhouse Lincoln, NE
I always go for lunch, for the price, the amount of food is great. I have never had a bad meal! The service is what takes it down to a 4. Unless you are a regular, which I am not, your service may be a little less personal, but once the servers get to know you the service seems to get better. Go for lunch, definitely!!
Dusters Columbus, NE
Every year me and the Team eat here. The food is excellent in the dining area. Have eaten in the bar a couple times, there all you get is sandwiches. The food is excellent, the service great. I have tried something different most of the time. You will not go away unsatisfied. Don't forget to try the beer. Brewed right in Dusters. An excellent choice in Columbus Nebraska!
Planet Pizza Minot, ND
Great place for kids, and still entertaining for adults. The Pizza is pretty darn good too. They have robots that go around and entertain the customers. Games for kids and adults, and don't forget to hit the Lasertag right next door. Pizza, pop, games and more. What else could you want for your kids, and yourself.
Homesteaders Restaurant Minot, ND
Have only been here for breakfast. Everytime had been good. It is hard to mess up an egg though! They have a large selection of breakfast items. You will easily find something you will enjoy. I recommend Homesteaders for breakfast!
Famous Daves Lincoln, NE
Easily the best BBQ restauant in Lincoln. The Price and the portion are excellent. You will not go away hungry. The only downfall is the wait may be longer than an hour. So have some time to wait.