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Restaurant Name City
Olde Silver Tavern Englishtown, NJ
Nosiey and a bit run down, but dont that let you fool ya. THis is a nice tavern with great food. their steaks are fantastic and they always prepare a great soupe of the day, no matter what it is.
Harumi's Ichiban Japanese Ocean City, NJ
Decent food, out of the way bad location. Service is good. Better chinese food for the area.
Atlantic City Sub Shops Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Averarge sub shop. nothning much to right home about. Bt quick service. NOthing special on the menue. SO gerat cloeswa though
Shore Diner Egg Harbor Township, NJ
kids love the stealth gimick, but lets get down to it the food. THey follow the standards of jersey diners. 1)big portions 2)fast service 3)good food 4)large menue %) good prices
what more do you want
J's Hamburger & Taco Zamorano Oakland, CA
Laid back , and fun. good cheap mex food. THey have excellent fresh toppings on their burgers as well. good for the burger lover, decent for the conasurer
Mr Dee's Hot Dogs Parlin, NJ
Its a hot dog place. food served in plastic baskets if that says enough.
HOt dogs are not kosher. So a medium grade meat is assumed. low prices, good for a quick bite.
Point Diner Somers Point, NJ
Locals love it, but if your reading reviwes as you are now., Its nothinng better than the next dinner. A bit of a meeting ground for locals of all ages. They each have there areas. Food is decent. nothing is very fresh, except the homefries
Jensen's Galley South River, NJ
Plesently surprising experiance. The food is good and fresh, which is contratry to the atmosphere. Expect to wait if your coming for dinner. this place is popular Great service and decent size menu
Johnny's Hot Dog Buttzville, NJ
very simple but very good four items on the menuu so its not for your picky eater. fast service and good food. People come from miles around. the atmosphere isn't much but the hot dogs are great
Ota Ya Japanese Restaurant Lambertville, NJ
Great freah japanise food. The sushi was fanstastic. Wonderful decore. WOuld go again and agian if it was in my budget. classy jappanese food. Dont try it as your first japanese experiance, you wont appreciate it if you do.
Passage To India Trenton, NJ
Excellent indian food. Kuma chicken was delicous. We aalso got a very spicey curr that was divine. Good service. And great indian food. Explinations in the menue if you donmt know your dishes.
California Grill Flemington, NJ
From the west coast and miss it. This resterant is for you. Fresh and healthy menue. But unlike cali thre is a smoking section. Upper class tho, so cant engange in nostolgia too often
Big John's Steaks Deli & Pizza Cherry Hill, NJ
Decent food. Poor service. Only stop by if its on your way and your can afford to wait a bit.
Rib It Cherry Hill, NJ
Used to work in a rib place and hese are good. If you want to dig into the meat then this is your place.
, Large protions and flavorfull dishes make it one of my favorite rib joints in jersey
Pub Merchantville, NJ
Its a high price but they stuff you. Everything is deliicious . Walk out not thinking of the large bill. Great service and excellent atmosphere.
Ponzio's Restaurant & Bakeshop Cherry Hill, NJ
Depeneds on which cook iis working. Never consistant. Big portions. BUt lousy servive. Gone a few times but wouldn't reccomen it. in the price rane there are much better options.
The Palm Atlanta, GA
Went here on vaction and loved it . Highlight of the trip.
UNbelivable food and the steak is the best. The servive was inpecable.
the price was a little too high. BUt a fun evening aside
Casa Bella Restaurant Denville, NJ
Have had functions here in vite the matradie over to our house, love the food. best in the area by far
excellent fried calimari
Rattlesnake Ranch Cafe Denville, NJ
dinner starts with the best homemade salsa and chips and gets better after that. Always walk out full sometimes a little nosiy and good not great service
Reservoir Tavern Parsippany, NJ
looks like a dump, no a little harsh, lokks like a taversn , grear food, tri the zoner, there own type of calzon and the pizza is unsupassed. nosiy and loud, expect to wait, but great food.