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Hunan Gourmet Sunnyvale, CA
The food, atmosphere, and service are excellent. We especially enjoy their Honey Pecan Prawns, with delicately battered prawns tossed with toasted candied pecans, but we've never been disappointed no matter what we've ordered.
Hobee's Sunnyvale, CA
This Hobee's has become our favorite place for brunch after church on Sunday afternoons. Right now it's open only for breakfast and lunch, but I've heard rumors that it may start serving dinner sometime in mid-2000. We're looking forward to that.
Don't forget to try their signature blueberry coffeecake (or their cranberry coffeecake during the holidays).
Hobee's Restaurant Cupertino, CA
This is a great place for breakfast or brunch. Don't forget to try their signature blueberry coffeecake. This is one of the Hobee's Restaurants that is open for dinner too.
Max's San Jose, CA
We were in the area, and since we enjoy eating at Max's Opera Cafe (Palo Alto) and Max's (Redwood City), we stopped in for lunch. They had just started serving breakfast/brunch items at this particular Max's. The food was great, and there was plenty of it. The waiter seemed a bit unfamiliar with the new menu, but time will fix that.
Chelo Kababi Sunnyvale, CA
I can't comment on their authenticity, but the food is good.
Taj India Cuisine Sunnyvale, CA
I can't comment on their authenticity, but the food was delicious. The service was okay, but not great.
Denny's Restaurant Sunnyvale, CA
There aren't many surprises on a Denny's menu. This is one of the nicer Denny's (there's a fireplace at one end), but the service used to be better here.
Denny's Mountain View, CA
I agree with Kevin. There are no surprises on the menu, but the service is lackluster at best.
Fresh Choice Mountain View, CA
This is one of the better all-you-can-eat salad bar restaurants. They have do-it-yourself salad ingredients, prepared salads, soups, pasta, muffins/breads, and desserts.
Fontana's Cupertino, CA
Wonderful food, service, and atmosphere. I loved the lamb risotto. Perhaps it was because I was with a large group (and they moved several tables together for us), but it didn't seem crowded to me.
Sweet Tomatoes Sunnyvale, CA
A very good salad bar restaurant. I like their prepared salads better than those at Fresh Choice, but overall they're pretty similar.
Pollo Rey's Sunnyvale, CA
I'm not sure what the difference between Pollo's and Pollo Rey's is supposed to be. They are part of the same chain, offering the same menu, and using the same deliberately mismatched decor. The decor is tacky, the service is self-service, but the food is inexpensive, high quality, and great tasting. The chain has recently expanded their menu to include beef, in addition to chicken and vegetarian offerings.
J T Mc Hart's Pizza & Grill Cupertino, CA
When I come with co-workers, it seems to work out to about $4-5 per person, including drinks (they offer free refills on pitchers of soft drinks). Their pizzas are good, with lots of fresh ingredients and enough cheese to hold it together (lovers of cheesey pizzas may want extra cheese). Their seating is somewhat limited, but if the weather is good you can sit out on the patio and they'll bring your pizza out when it's ready.
Black Angus Sunnyvale, CA
The prime rib is very good, and the service varies between competent and very good. Coupons and specials abound, but we don't come here very often because the food is so rich (with the possible exception of the dinner salad, depending on one's choice of dressing).
Frankie Johnnie & Luigi Too Mountain View, CA
I've never been disappointed at FJ&L. Whether we've dropped in for a pizza, or gone out to celebrate with a full dinner, the food, service, and atmosphere have been great.
Ken's House Of Pancakes Mountain View, CA
This is the only place I've found that serves real German pancakes (the kind that take 25 minutes to bake in the oven, not the crepes-with-lemon-butter imitation offered by IHOP). Others at my weekly breakfast meeting enjoy the fruit waffles, and their sourdough pancakes are good too. Don't look for "House of Pancakes" anywhere on the sign out front, although it prominently displays the fact that they're open 24 hours.
Carrows Hickory Chip Restaurant Sunnyvale, CA
Carrow's and Lyon's are similar--good chains with basic "American" food, better than Denny's but still pretty generic.
Lyons Restaurant Sunnyvale, CA
Carrow's and Lyon's are similar--good chains with basic "American" food, better than Denny's but still pretty generic.
The Country Gourmet Mountain View, CA
Good food, minimal service, reasonable prices. They tend towards a "California eclectic" menu. The patio can get a bit noisy (it faces the intersection at El Camino and Rengstorf). Overall, I prefer Hobee's for breakfast, and The Country Gourmet for lunch.
International House Of Pancake Redwood City, CA
All the IHOPs I've eaten at are similar--good chain diners with a huge assortment of pancake breakfasts and mild delusions of grandeur. They have the standard "American" diner selections for lunch and dinner.